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Residential Building - Lesná
Michna, Adam ; Drobníček, Ladislav (referee) ; Menšíková, Naděžda (advisor) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
Bachelors thesis „Residential building Brno – Lesná“ is processed in form of project documentation. This thesis investigates the apartment building with four apartments and an underground garage with stacking parking system. The plot is situated near housing estate Lesná, close with Diviš district, which is made up of small family houses. On the plot are situated five dimensionally similar houses, this work deals with one of them in detail. This is a building with two underground floors, two floors above and a residential attic. The underground part in which there is a parking space, use of reinforced concrete structure, above-ground part is made up of a brick wall system. The house is covered with wooden gable roof truss purlin system. The house has two two-room apartments and two maisonettes three-room apartments.
Residential Building - Lesná
Řeháková, Karolína ; Drobníček, Ladislav (referee) ; Menšíková, Naděžda (advisor) ; Krupicová, Jana (advisor)
The residential building is located in Brno,local part Lesná. The building is designed on a corner place between the streets Dřínová and Tomečkova. The proposal consists of two buildings. Their height arrangement is designed so as to cast a shadow each other or the surrounding buildings. North object exceeds the southern. Mass is based on the efforts to achieve the greatest sunlit room. It is also designed so as to obtain the greatest intimacy on balconies. Balconies also highlight the horizontal breakdown of volume. Residential complex contains thirty different flats floor space and type. The flats are arranged on the axis of north - south, with all habitable rooms are located to the south. In this solution, care was taken and the sunscreening system. It is an outdoor blinds, whose appearance gives the shape of a house. When the proposal was based on the objective of linking objects with the nature of what was to maximize greening space. This helps the inner block, which is used for rest and relaxation. There is also a small cafe designed with outdoor seating. At the same time the grass roof of the smaller objects, when viewed from the upper floors blend into their environment.
Multifunctional Building Brno
Lacinová, Michaela ; Drobníček, Ladislav (referee) ; Menšíková, Naděžda (advisor) ; Šuhajda, Karel (advisor)
The main aim of this work is the solution of a new multifunctional building in Brno-Líšeň. Terraced building is designed on the hillside between the Novolíšeňská street and the street of Josefa Faimonova. Transportation is connected to the Novolíšeňská street. Very sloping terrain was decisive in terms of view on the city part Brno-Líšeň. Another key element which influenced the design is construction of the residential area – attic containers of INTECON company. These attic containers form 8 dwelling units of different sizes. Multifunctional building is a three storey building with two storeys of apartments and a ground floor with polyfunctional space. This space is formed by two stores, café, rental area, underground car park, cellarage for the residential part and technical facilities for the whole property. An important element of the facade of residential and polyfunctional part is significant glazing. In the residential part it is formed by large windows with French doors that lead to the terraces of particular apartments. In the polyfunctional part it is formed by stores glassed shop windows and the cafés glazing. Multifunctional building is designed like a connection of traditional material and new technologies that together represents the essence of modern architecture.
Apartment House Zidenice
Kratochvilová, Jana ; Drobníček, Ladislav (referee) ; Menšíková, Naděžda (advisor) ; Sobotka, Jindřich (advisor)
Thesis, following the studio project subject AG32 is a development study of this subject to the level of documentation for building permits and documentation for the execution of the project. The subject matter is the subject of a residential building with a business on the ground floor. The building is situated in the city of Brno Židenice place in a corner vacant lot a block of houses and apartment buildings. In the immediate vicinity of the proposed building is an industrial zone and a very busy road move, which follows the D1 motorway. It is these negative influences around a significant lack of greenery formed the basis of my main idea of the concept and overall construction. The aim of my work was to create a design that respects the unwritten regulation in their surroundings and also excels in terms of processing. Designed building offers a lucrative living with a piece of nature inside the house and helps to increase the attractiveness of this district. The associated functions of the apartment building I chose the pediatrician's office. In terms of architectural design respects the existing street line, the height level and simple vocabulary surroundings. Artistic intention was to achieve a minimalist design using the system facing glass-fiber-concrete boards Polycon. One component of this material is a photocatalytic cement TioCem technology TX Active. This component is referred to as "active" building material via photocatalysis decomposes harmful substances in the air and contributes to the quality of air in your neighborhood. The proposal is also an emphasis on economic built-up areas, rational available both in use and in terms of construction and maximum illumination of the interior.
Multifunctional Building Brno
Prchal, Václav ; Drobníček, Ladislav (referee) ; Menšíková, Naděžda (advisor) ; Šuhajda, Karel (advisor)
Building concept is based on many factors which determine such a small plot of land. The building symbolizes the tendency to intensify the development, but as the first of its kind must also adapt to a low area in which it is planted so far. To reduce the size of the contrast of adjacent materials are brand new roof slanted towards low buildings, creating a line that from the perspective of a street in perspective seemingly follows the curve formed ridges houses in the block. Localizing the edge industrial zones to buildings not only traced angular features, but also the chosen material, which is most surfaces aluminum and glass. High population how busy traveling and working in the expanded urban area, which becomes a new landmark building and gives overall charge.
Multifunctional Building Brno
Haraštová, Nela ; Drobníček, Ladislav (referee) ; Menšíková, Naděžda (advisor) ; Šuhajda, Karel (advisor)
This thesis solves the problem of building a multifunctional building in Brno – Lišeň on the Novolišeňská street. The plot is surrounded by Novolišeňská street on the north and by Josefy Faimonové street from the south. The plot is situated in a steep terrain. The object was designed as a stepped apartment building. The complex consists of apartments as well as their hinterlands and multifunction. The whole building is facing east to west because of covering a whole angle of view and sunlight. This angle offers a panoramatic view of Brno to its inhabitants. The floors are cascaded to create terraces for each flat, which are nowdays very desired outside spaces. A part of the task was to work with residental modules of INTECOM spol. s.r.o. company. These are frame constructions with high possibility of construction flexibility. The design works with connecting the modules together to get bigger space for the flats. These moduls are regular turned. The foundation is made of base grid. In the 3rd underground floor, there are garages, 2nd undergound floor to 1st floor are the flats. All the floors are connected by elevator. In the second building, there are a pastry shop and a hairdresser’s. The inderground garage is made of system of ferroconcrete monolitic combined. The supporting structure of flats is made of steel modules. The supporting structure of residential facilities is made of ferroconcrete monolitic structures. The roofs are designed as a walkable terraces or green roofs.
City Apartment House Brno-Sadova
Okleštěk, Michal ; Drobníček, Ladislav (referee) ; Menšíková, Naděžda (advisor) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is based on the studio project of residential buildings. The project develops architectural study of city apartment house on the Kociánka street in Brno. The basis for processing is the urban study, which allows for the development of family and apartment buildings. The proposed building structure is connected to the existing buildings. The idea is based on the form of the building blocks that the procedure is divided into several parts. Blocks are rotated to obtain the best vision from the living space. The result is a unique geometric shape. Big windows on the south side provide enough light. Apartment house has three floors. Basement and two floor. Basement has garage and technical technical background. Above-ground has two main entrances leads to two residential units. Around the building is enough green space planted with trees for use in the summer months to relax.
Multifunktional Building Brno
Roleček, Jakub ; Drobníček, Ladislav (referee) ; Menšíková, Naděžda (advisor) ; Hradil, Dušan (advisor)
The subject of my bachelor’s thesis is a multifunctional building in the vacant site of Milady Horákové Street in the city of Brno-Zábrdovice. From the street view on the right it adjoins a secession four-storey block of flats by Josef Müller and on the left a contemporary seven-storey multi-purpose building designed by Dalibor Borák. Deliberately disharmonious proposal originates as a time-dependent impact of the two neighboring houses to align a significantly different character of their masses from both incoming angles. It forms a crystalline aggregate of basalt microscopic structures transferred to macroscopic nature of the building structure. The Semi-public space at the level of the ground floor connects the busy street with a quiet courtyard where there is a playground, vegetated cascade with a concrete stage and a café sitting. The podium "public socket" thus serves as an auditorium for various informal performances. In addition the house offers commercial, office and exclusive residential spaces, which are located on the top floors.
Multifunktional Building Brno
Míčová, Markéta ; Drobníček, Ladislav (referee) ; Menšíková, Naděžda (advisor) ; Krupicová, Jana (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is based on school studios project of residential buildings. It develops architectural study of multifunctional building on Milady Horakove street in Brno - Zabovresky. At present there is a single-storey building of city police with a gym, which are designed to be demolished for the new building. The building follows street terraced houses and its height of 22,3 metres does not affect the surroundings. It is situated on the northern propety line on the edge of the street line. The building has 7 above ground floors and 1 underground floor. On the ground floor there is a commercial space of business, cafe and a closeable pavement to the courtyard. In the southern part of the site there is designed a new garden with a playground and a terrace for cafe. The 2nd to 4th floors are designed for administrative part, the 5th to 7th floors for habitation – 3+1 and one-room flats. In the basement there are storage spaces and technical facilities of the house. Parking is provided by leaseable garage spaces in the underground of IBC department store in the courtyard. The building is a reinforced concrete monolith with single shell casting that has a monotube flat roof. This is a combined structural system with local loadings into reinforced concrete pillars with beams and two bearing perimeter walls. Fundamentals are based on two perimeter walls and strip foundations combined with waterproof concrete piles.
Multifunctional Building Křenová
Kejdová, Veronika ; Drobníček, Ladislav (referee) ; Menšíková, Naděžda (advisor) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
Multifunctional building is located in the center of Brno, in an older residential development, between the streets Křenová, Vlhká and Skořepka. It provides seven above-ground and two underground floors. The shape of each floor is created by a specific curve. Each floor mingles vertically with another ones so they create the irregular organic shape. From the exterior the building is characteristic by its glass facade in a green tone. Thanks to its shape and color the building will play very dominant role in the surrounding. It will also provide a relatively luxury apartments, offices, retail space and parking areas.

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