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The Expression of Identity and Emotions in the Life and Work of Anne Lister
This bachelor thesis is focused on capturing the expression of identity and emotions in the life and work of Anne Lister. Her opinions, building of self-perception and identity are illustrated in relation to most influential topics in her life, mainly her masculinity, sexuality and relationships. The aim of the thesis is to capture Anne Lister's conception of identity and establish the differences between her inner world and the outside one, contrasting her emotions to her actions.
Comparision of weight gain among fully breast-fed infants and those artificially fed
The objective of the present Bachelor thesis titled "Comparison between weight gain in fully breastfed infants and weight gain in bottle fed infants" is to explore mothers' approach to breastfeeding and complementary food regarding their children from birth until completed six months of age. Specifically, this Bachelor thesis consists in comparison of children, who were divided into three groups: Infants who were exclusively breastfed until completed six months of age, without any complementary food or liquids. The second group is made up of children who were breastfed and administered complementary food for health or similar reasons. Finally, the third group comprises children who were given complementary food from birth and were not breastfed. The aforesaid theme was selected by the authoress for the reason that she herself is a mother to a one and a half year old daughter and associates with mothers among whom the above theme is frequently discussed. Most often, mothers focus on advantages of breastfeeding and draw a great distinction with respect to those children who are given complementary food. The theoretical part of the Bachelor thesis delves into the main differences between breast milk, cow's milk and formula milk. In addition, complementary food is studied, in particular as regards the timing when non-milk complementary food should be introduced, what types of vegetables should be chosen, or how complementary food should be prepared and served to infants. The research-based part focused on whether mothers breastfeed. If the answer was in the negative, mothers were asked to provide a reason, whether they were unable or did not want to breastfeed. Mothers were also asked what types of milk formulas they administer to their babies. A great selection of children's milk formulas is available on the market to satisfy everyone. Every child has different needs and there are also differences in prices of artificial milk products. Mothers were asked about the age of their children when complementary food is introduced to their diet and what type of complementary food is most often chosen at the beginning. In the past, carrot was exclusively the first complementary food to be administered to children; however, since it is thought today that carrot is too sweet, mothers prefer pumpkin puree.
Characteristics of the theatrical type of braggart soldier in Sebastián Fernándezes' Tragedia Policiana
The main aim of this thesis is to analyze the characters appearing in Tragedia Policiana, which fits best the description of the theatrical type called the braggart soldier. First of all is presented the character's development from the ancient Greek and Roman drama until the 16th century. The goal is to highlight the personal traits which will be universally applied in further research. The second part of the thesis is based on the theory that was summarized in the theoretical part proceed from academic literature. Its purpose is to substantiate defined traits with specific characters. Not only is this done with the traits which resemble the braggart soldier, but also with those which do not.
The fate of phosphorus in root wastewater treatment plants
Veselá, Klára ; Sobotníková, Jana (advisor) ; Nováková, Eliška (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the determination of phosphorus in constructed wetlands. Phosphorus in wastewater must be eliminated effectively because there is a government regulation that permits maximal permissible concentration of phosphorus on the exit of wastewater treatment plants. Increased concentration in water leads to eutrophication, which causes the death of aquatic animals and plants. The aim of this bachelor's thesis is the validation of an easy and functional method for the determination of phosphorus in the water matrix. This method uses a complex with malachite green. The next aim was the determination of phosphate in the samples from model constructed wetlands. It's possible to make conclusions about the efficiency of model constructed wetlands out of this. For the determination UV-VIS spectrophotometry was used. The measured absorbance was recalculated to a concentration of phosphorus and after that to the concentration of phosphate. During the validation calibration, accuracy measurement, repeatability measurement, and measurement of absorbance dependence on time were performed. Sensitivity (by comparing the malachite green method with the normed method using phosphomolybdate blue), linearity, trueness, robustness, the limit of detection, and the limit of quantification were...
Determination of cesium in aqueous extracts of cement samples
Straka, Marek ; Hraníček, Jakub (advisor) ; Nováková, Eliška (referee)
Cement is widely used as a solidification material of low and intermediate level radioactive waste containing caesium before shallow land burial. The aim of this thesis was to extract caesium out of seventeen cement samples with six different cement binder compositions, by extraction with deionized water, then determine the amount of caesium in the extracts and look for trends in the extract Cs concentrations with various extraction duration. Cement samples, with stable caesium nuclide, were used to simulate retention of caesium in immobilized radioactive waste. Ten extractions from each sample in total were made with time ranging from 2 to 1032 hours. Atomic absorption spectrometry with flame atomization, using acetylene as fuel and air as oxidant, was used for caesium determination. This method was optimized and the addition of KCl serving as ionization buffer for better results was explored and compared. Keywords Atomic absorption spectrometry, flame atomization, caesium, extraction,
Application of a commercial multimode sample introduction system as a generator of volatile compounds
Hadbavníková, Alexandra ; Nováková, Eliška (advisor) ; Červený, Václav (referee)
EN The main goal of this thesis was the determination of zinc using a commercial multimode sample introduction system (MSIS) as a generator of volatile compounds with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer as detector. The generation of volatile compounds took place using sodium borohydride in an acid environment. In the first step of the experiment, the following parameters affecting the generation of volatile compounds were optimized: acid selection, acid concentration, sodium hydroxide concentration, mass concentration of sodium borohydride, mass concentration of 8-hydroxyquinoline, volume of the injection loop and flow rates of sample, carrier gas and hydrogen. Subsequently, figures of merit of the method were determined under optimal conditions. The limit of detection was 2.8 μg·dm-3 and the limit of quantification was 9.3 μg·dm-3 . Generation efficiency of the volatile zinc compound was determined as 3.7 %, which is the highest efficiency yet achieved for this element and generation system in this laboratory. Interference studies did not demonstrate the ability of any of the tested hydride-forming or transition elements to act as a modifier increasing the generation efficiency, but at the same time, none of the investigated elements proved to be a significant interferent. Key words...
Determination of lead and zinc in great tits blood
Greguš, Viktor ; Hraníček, Jakub (advisor) ; Nováková, Eliška (referee)
EN Determination of heavy metals in urban living passerine birds organism has been considered as suitable method for monitoring pollution of human enviroment which these elements can cause. This study deals with determination of zinc and lead in dried great tits blood samples using inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry technique. Dried blood samples were weighed, solubilized in nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide and microwavelly digested. Calibration standards for determined elements were prepared and basic analytical characteristics of the measurement were determined. Matrix interference was examined by measuring the recovery of element determination presented as a ratio of the slope of standard addition to the certified reference material of whole blood sample and the slope of external calibration.
Botanical garden of Czech Republic selected for teaching process
Nováková, Eliška ; Rajsiglová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Mourek, Jan (referee)
Presented thesis is focused on selected botanical gardens in the Czech Republic and their benefits for schools and school teaching. Today, botanical gardens are frequently visited for educational purposes and also for relaxation of people. It is important that teachers know that teaching is not possible to realize only in the school environment. Botanical gardens are an ideal place to make practical biological excursions. According to FEP, it is necessary to teach botany in school. It is important that students know how the plant looks, in which community plant lives and which benefits it has for humans. The expected outcomes mentioned above are important and botanical gardens help with their fulfilling. In my thesis I describe the possibilities that are offered and realized by botanical gardens for school excursions.

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