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Cover Song Identification using Music Harmony Features, Model and Complexity Analysis
Maršík, Ladislav ; Pokorný, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Ge, Mouzhi (referee) ; Łukasik, Ewa (referee)
Title: Cover Song Identification using Music Harmony Features, Model and Complexity Analysis Author: Ladislav Maršík Department: Department of Software Engineering Supervisor: Prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Pokorný, CSc., Department of Software Engineering Abstract: Analysis of digital music and its retrieval based on the audio fe- atures is one of the popular topics within the music information retrieval (MIR) field. Every musical piece has its characteristic harmony structure, but harmony analysis is seldom used for retrieval. Retrieval systems that do not focus on similarities in harmony progressions may consider two versions of the same song different, even though they differ only in instrumentation or a singing voice. This thesis takes various paths in exploring, how music harmony can be used in MIR, and in particular, the cover song identification (CSI) task. We first create a music harmony model based on the knowledge of music theory. We define novel concepts: a harmonic complexity of a mu- sical piece, as well as the chord and chroma distance features. We show how these concepts can be used for retrieval, complexity analysis, and how they compare with the state-of-the-art of music harmony modeling. An extensive comparison of harmony features is then performed, using both the novel fe- atures and the...
Comparison of Approaches for Querying of Chemical Compounds
Šípek, Vojtěch ; Holubová, Irena (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jaroslav (referee)
The purpose of this thesis is to perform an analysis of approaches to querying chemical databases and to validate or invalidate its results. Currently, there exists no work which would compare the performance and memory usage of the best performing approaches on the same data set. In this thesis, we address this lack of information and we create an un-biased benchmark of the most popular index building methods for subgraph querying of chemical databases. Also, we compare the results of such benchmark with the performance results of an SQL and a graph database. 1
Experimental Study of Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration in Different Conditions
Purkartová, Zdeňka ; Vožeh, František (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jaroslav (referee) ; Mareš, Jan (referee)
EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF MECHANISMS OF NEURODEGENERATION IN DIFFERENT CONDITIONS - SUMMARY MUDr. Zdeňka Purkartová The cerebellum is an important structure involved in motor coordination and many other functions including cognitive and emotional processes. Severe cerebellar diseases include a wide group of cerebellar hereditary degenerations with different types of heredity, different pathogenesis and diverse phenotypic manifestation. Many types of mouse models can be used to investigate these diseases and their therapy. These mice carry spontaneous mutations or are genetically modified. The aim of this work was to analyse the dynamics of morphological changes of cerebellar degeneration in Lurcher mice using fluorescent double staining. We also performed transplantation of embryonic cerebellar tissue suspension in adult Lurcher B6CBA mice, B6.BR mice and wild-type mice of both strains with two-month survival after surgery and transplantation of identical suspension in adult Lurcher B6CBA mice and C3H mice and wild- type mice of both these strains with six-month survival after surgery. We have confirmed these main characteristics of the degenerating Purkinje cells in Lurcher mutants: the disrupted continuity of the Purkinje cell layer, the presence of dark spots in the cell nuclei, the fragmentation of nuclei...
Syllable-Based Compression
Lánský, Jan ; Pokorný, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Dvorský, Jiří (referee) ; Grabowski, Szymon (referee)
Classic textual compression methods work over the alphabet of characters or alphabet of words. For languages with rich morphology as well as for compression of smaller files it can be advantageous to use an alphabet of syllables. For some compression methods like the ones based on Burrows-Wheeler transformation the syllable is a reasonable solution also for large files - even for languages having quite simple morphology. Although the main goal of our research is the compression over the alphabet of syllables, all implemented methods can compress also over the alphabet of words. For small files we use the LZW method and Huffman coding. These methods were improved by the use of initialized dictionary containing characteristic syllables specific for given language. For the compression of very large files we implemented the project XBW allowing combination of compression methods BWT, MTF, RLE, PPM, LZC, and LZSS. We have also tried to compress XML files that are not well-formed. When compressing over a large alphabet, it is necessary to compress also the used alphabet. We have proposed two solutions. The first one works well especially for small documents. We initialize the compression method with a set of characteristic syllables whereas other syllables are coded when necessary character by character. The...
Cognitive and emotional abnormalities in cerebellar mutant mice
Tůma, Jan ; Vožeh, František (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jaroslav (referee) ; Delgado García, José María (referee)
3 SUMMARY Hereditary cerebellar ataxias represent a heterogeneous group of neurodegenerative disorders. Variability of human hereditary ataxias is also reflected in animal models of cerebellar disorders. The most frequently used animal models are Lurcher and Purkinje cell degeneration (pcd) mutant mice. The main aim of this thesis was to analyze and compare the spatial and emotional behavior of these cerebellar mutants. Additional aims were to study the impact of abnormal behavior on breeding capacity in Lurcher mice and to assess the applicability of cerebellar mutants as models for experimental therapy of cerebellar degeneration. We have confirmed several behavioral impairments in both Lurcher and pcd mutant mice. Nevertheless, we have found that the manifestation of spatial behavior deficit is different in these two cerebellar mutants. Based on our findings, we propose that the deficit of spatial performance in cerebellar mutants may potentially arise from a combination of 1) cognitive disturbances, 2) sensory deficits, 3) motor impairments, and finally, 4) affective disorder. Moreover, resulting spatial behavior could also be modified by the specific effect of mutation, genetic background, and sex. We have also shown that abnormal behavior, e.g. maternal infanticide leads to decreased breeding...
Backing-track generator for music improvization
Martišek, Petr ; Yaghob, Jakub (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jaroslav (referee)
Backing-track is a simple musical accompaniment which allows musicians to practise improvisation skills even at home, without fellow human musicians. Existing programs for automated generation of such backing-tracks usually offer only a limited number of predefined accompaniments (although some of them allow the user to edit the score). In this thesis we discuss the potential of using more sophisticated methods of algorithmic composition, and we implement a solution which uses automated inference of context-free grammars from an unannotated corpora of musical compositions. This leads to a great diversity of the resulting backing-tracks. Powered by TCPDF (
Neuromodulation-the importance ofpostoperativeepiduralfibrosis
Masopust, Václav ; Pokorný, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Suchomel, Petr (referee) ; Hakl, Marek (referee)
Background Epidural fibrosis (EF) is defined as nonphysiological scar formation, usually at the site of neurosurgical access into the spinal canal, in intimate vicinity to and around the origin of the radicular sheath. From the very onset, EF behaves as a reparative inflammation causing, as a rule, symptoms of characteristic nature and clinical course (pain). Treatment of epidural fibrosis causing failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) by neuromadulation technique is very expensive. Finding of suitable parameters for the indication of treatment is therefore very important. Aims The study is based on evidence of the importance of epidural fibrosis for the development of chronic pain. Research is also focused on the comparison of the range fibrosis and the effect of stimulation (spinal cord stimulation - SCS). The goal is to find a suitable selection factor for the indication of neuromodulation. Methods I. A double-blind prospective study was conducted to investigate a cohort of 200 patients requiring surgical treatment for intervertebral disc hernia (hernia disci intervertebralis). The patients were randomly and blindly divided into 2 groups, one on peroperatively applied local doses of a mixture containing corticosteroids, the other without such medication. All the requirements of a double-blind...
Analysis and Experimental Comparison of Graph Databases
Kolomičenko, Vojtěch ; Holubová, Irena (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jaroslav (referee)
In the recent years a new type of NoSQL databases, called Graph databases (GDBs), has gained significant popularity due to the increasing need of processing and storing data in the form of a graph. The objective of this thesis is a research on possibilities and limitations of GDBs and conducting an experimental comparison of selected GDB implementations. For this purpose the requirements of a universal GDB benchmark have been formulated and an extensible benchmarking tool, named BlueBench, has been developed.
Preference Top-k Search Based on Multidimensional B-tree
Ondreička, Matúš ; Pokorný, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Theobald, Martin (referee) ; Gurský, Peter (referee)
Title: Preference Top-k Search Based on Multidimensional B-Tree Author: RNDr. Matúš Ondreička Department: Department of Software Engineering Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Charles University in Prague Supervisor: Prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Pokorný, CSc. Author's e-mail address: Supervisor's e-mail address: Abstract: In this thesis, we focus on the top-k search according to user pref- erences by using B+ -trees and the multidimensional B-tree (MDB-tree). We use model of user preferences based on fuzzy functions, which enable us to search according to a non-monotone ranking function. We propose model of sorted list based on the B+ -tree, which enables Fagin's algorithms to search for the top-k objects according to a non-monotone ranking function. We apply this model in the Internet environment with data on different remote servers. Furthermore, we designed novel dynamic tree-based data structures, namely, MDB-tree composed of B+ -trees, MDB-tree with lists, MDB-tree with groups of B+ -trees and multiple-ordered MDB-tree. Concurrently, we have developed novel top-k algorithms, namely, the MD algorithm, the MXT algorithm and their variants which are able search for the top-k objects ac- cording to a non-monotone ranking function. These top-k algorithms are efficient...
.NET library for the MediaWiki API
Onderka, Petr ; Petříček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jaroslav (referee)
.NET library for the MediaWiki API Abstract: MediaWiki wikis provide their users an API, that can used to programmatically access the wiki. This API is large, changes frequently and can be different from wiki to wiki, so it can be a challenge to write a library for accessing the API. This thesis describes LinqToWiki, a library that can be used to access the Me- diaWiki API from C# or other .NET languages. Thanks to the use of LINQ and code generation through Roslyn, code written using this library is readable, discoverable, strongly-typed and flexible.

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