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Pathofysiology of a tumour microenvironment of salivary glands cancer
Kuchař, Martin ; Skřivan, Jiří (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jaroslav (referee) ; Lohynská, Radka (referee)
Treatment options for salivary gland carcinomas (SGC), especially advanced ones, are limited. Immunotherapy, particularly therapy with immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI), has brought significant progress and change in the treatment of malignant tumors. The effect and response to immunotherapy using ICI are largely driven by the characteristics of immune cells in the tumor tissue and, as it turns out, also in the peritumoral tissue. We conducted an immunohistochemical analysis of the expression of the immune checkpoint protein PD-1 and its ligand PD-L1 on the surface of tumor cells as well as tumor-infiltrating immune cells (TIIC) in samples of salivary carcinomas, separately in their centre and at their periphery. In addition to the above, an increasing amount of evidence suggests that resistance to ICI therapy is modulated by the interaction of the Fas receptor (CD95) and Fas ligand (FasL, CD178) between tumor cells and immune cells. We therefore decided to explore the expression and interaction of Fas-FasL between tumor cells and tumor-infiltrating immune cells in the centre of the tumor and in the peritumoral area of salivary carcinoma samples. Differential evaluation of the tumor centre and tumor periphery across various histological subtypes of SGC revealed the role of peripheral TIICs and...
Unified Querying of Multi-Model Data
Crha, Daniel ; Holubová, Irena (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jaroslav (referee)
The vast majority of current multi-model querying solutions require the user to have intimate knowledge of the specific models involved. There exists a single approach for truly unified multi-model querying, but this approach is not practically usable for most users due to its complexity. In this thesis we present MMQL, a multi-model query lan- guage based on category theory, which was designed using SPARQL as a basis. Using MMQL, users can formulate multi-model, multi-database queries without needing to know about the way the data is stored. We also present our proposal for the implemen- tation of MMQL, including the required supporting algorithms. To verify the validity of our proposal, we built the proof-of-concept tool MM-quecat, an implementation of basic MMQL concepts. We then evaluated MM-quecat in a scenario involving PostgreSQL and MongoDB, querying both databases with a single MMQL query. As we present one of the first ever approaches for unified multi-model querying, we also analyze the weak- nesses and limitations of the proposed approach, opening the door for future iterations and improvements. 1
Consequences of perinatal insult on brain excitability in immature and adult rats
Fábera, Petr ; Mareš, Pavel (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jaroslav (referee) ; Ošlejšková, Hana (referee)
Perinatal insult may lead to a permanent impairment of brain function resulting in the development of epilepsy. Status epilepticus (SE) in immature rats leads to hippocampal hyperexcitability. The functional and morphological changes of the hippocampus are similar to those seen in human temporal lobe epilepsy. The excitability may be influenced by adenosine. Adenosine acts its anticonvulsant effect by activation of A1 receptors (A1R). The concentration of adenosine is regulated by adenosine kinase (ADK) present in two isoforms - ADK-L and -S. The main goal of the thesis is to elucidate the changes in A1R and ADK isoforms expression during intact brain development and after SE. A1R agonist 2-chloro-N6- cyclopentyladenosine (CCPA), as well as inhibition of ADK by 5-iodotubercidin (5-ITU), may bolster the anticonvulsant effect, but their action may correspond with the level of A1R and ADK. Hippocampal excitability in immature rats after LiCl-pilocarpine SE was studied by the model of hippocampal afterdischarges (ADs) and correlated with changes of A1R and ADK in the hippocampus. ADs demonstrated significantly decreased hippocampal excitability shortly after SE induction, whereas significant hyperexcitability accompanied by spontaneous seizures in older rats was shown. Increasing ADK-S expression...
Information filtering in XML documents
Pilátová, Michaela ; Pokorný, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kopecký, Michal (referee)
With a growing amount of information available on the Internet and by other technologies, there is a growing need to distribute data to individua/ users as fast as possible - and only to those who are interested. Publish-subscribe systems allow users to specify their interes/s using profi/es created with an appropriate query language, thus order receiving required information from all available sources contributing to the syslem. The XML language nowadays belongs to the most important standards used for data exchange. This thesis deals with publish-subscribe systems working with data in XML data forma!. Methods of effective filtration of XML data and general techniques used in publish-subscribe systems for delivery of pertinent data to users are discussed there. Also, a prototype of a simple publish-subscribe syslem working with XML - Xm/Part - is implemented. A couple of techniques connected to information delivery is implemented and tested using this syslem on real data. Powered by TCPDF (
The motor and cognitive consequences of inborn cerebellar degeneration and some possibilities how to influence it
Křížková, Alena ; Vožeh, František (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jaroslav (referee) ; Mareš, Jan (referee)
The motor and cognitive consequences of inborn cerebellar degeneration and some possibilities how to influence it The cerebellum is traditionally considered to be a coordinator of movements and equilibrium and a regulator of muscular tone. Participation of the cerebellum on the motor learning has been discovered later. Besides that, there is increasing experimental and clinical evidence supporting the idea of an important role of the cerebellum in common cognitive functions. Increasing number of experimental works - especially those on animals - demonstrate an effect of the the cerebellum on the memory and different types of learning. A suitable model to study the cerebellar degeneration are Lurcher mutant mice. During their lives, there is a progressive loss of Purkinje cells followed by a loss of granular cells and inferior oliva neurons. We concentrated on the following problems in this work: - development of motor learning and topical motor skills during the first month of life - positive and negative changes in NO synthesis and subsequent effect on discriminative learning - effect of administration of MK-801(non-competitive antagonist of NMDA receptors) on discriminative learning of Lurcher mutants and wild mice derived from two strains (C3H and C57B1/7). Lurcher mutants and wild mice were put in motor...
Updating XML data
Mikuš, Tomáš ; Pokorný, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Holubová, Irena (referee)
Updating XML data is very wide area, which must solve a number of difficult problems. From designing language with sufficient expressive power to the XML data repository able to apply the changes. Ways to deal with them are few. From this perspective, is this work very closely dedicated only to the language XQuery. Thus, its extension for updates, for which the candidate recommendation by the W3C were published only recently. Another specialization of this work is to focus only on the XML data stored in the object­relational database with that repository will enforce the validity of documents to the scheme described in XML Schema. This requirement, combined with the possibility of updating of data in the repository is on the contradictory requirements. In this thesis is designed language based on XQuery language, designed and implemented evaluating of the update queries of the language on the store and a description and implementation of the store in object­relational database.
Analytical Processing of XML documents
Melichárek, Petr ; Pokorný, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Toman, Kamil (referee)
In this diploma thesis we present XQuery analytic extension containing clauses well known from SQL language - group by, roll up and cube. In addition we introduce new clause, called topological roll up. The native XML database eXist is an environment for the extension implementation. We add a module, containing earlier mentioned clauses, to the eXist database. We can use implemented clauses as user de ned functions in XQuery language for querying database's documents. Tests have proved that functions are useful in practice. Even for large XML documents and complex queries.
Preference Top-k Search Based on Multidimensional B-tree
Ondreička, Matúš ; Pokorný, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Theobald, Martin (referee) ; Gurský, Peter (referee)
Title: Preference Top-k Search Based on Multidimensional B-Tree Author: RNDr. Matúš Ondreička Department: Department of Software Engineering Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Charles University in Prague Supervisor: Prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Pokorný, CSc. Author's e-mail address: Supervisor's e-mail address: Abstract: In this thesis, we focus on the top-k search according to user pref- erences by using B+ -trees and the multidimensional B-tree (MDB-tree). We use model of user preferences based on fuzzy functions, which enable us to search according to a non-monotone ranking function. We propose model of sorted list based on the B+ -tree, which enables Fagin's algorithms to search for the top-k objects according to a non-monotone ranking function. We apply this model in the Internet environment with data on different remote servers. Furthermore, we designed novel dynamic tree-based data structures, namely, MDB-tree composed of B+ -trees, MDB-tree with lists, MDB-tree with groups of B+ -trees and multiple-ordered MDB-tree. Concurrently, we have developed novel top-k algorithms, namely, the MD algorithm, the MXT algorithm and their variants which are able search for the top-k objects ac- cording to a non-monotone ranking function. These top-k algorithms are efficient...

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