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Schema Inference for Multi-model Data
Hricko, Sebastián ; Holubová, Irena (advisor) ; Kopecký, Michal (referee)
In recent years, multi-model databases have become very popular as the individual models better suit the different domains, use cases or scenarios. NoSQL databases are an integral part of the multi-model world of big and variable datasets. While the usage of these databases is relatively simple and functional, in some cases, we lack insight into the structure of the data and the possible interconnection between the data in various databases and different models. This thesis presents a novel approach that generates a schema of the multi-model data concerning the undeclared relationships between the models. Firstly we analyse the existing single-model approaches and point out the main flaws. We then propose the universal multi-model approach and implement it as a proof of concept. 1
Information System for Retail Grocery Shops
Le, Marek ; Kopecký, Michal (advisor) ; Hauzar, David (referee)
This thesis discuss topic of Grocery shop management software. Primary function is Point of Sale software which is extended by back-office solution including inventory management, management reports, reports required by law etc. Poznámka: SIS píše chybu při nahrávání tohoto souboru, vyžaduje více slov, ale zároveň požaduje abstrakt, což chápu jako kopii abstraktu z odevzdané bakalářské práce. Proto nechávám abstrakt v přesné podobě, jak je uveden v bakalářské práci. Použil jsme doporučený konvertor. Detail chyby: Vybraný soubor BPBC_2010_1__0_229690_0_89245.pdf se nepodařilo uložit Soubor PDF není prohledávatelný. Soubor obsahuje málo slov anebo obsahuje pouze obrázky (problém vzniká nejčastěji při skenování dokumentu bez OCR konverze).
Index Suitable for Similar Search in High-dimensional Spaces
Krejčová, Martina ; Kopecký, Michal (advisor) ; Skopal, Tomáš (referee)
In this paper, we focus on indexing and searching in high-dimensional data. To achieve the target we implemented the Metric Index, a model of the similarity search based on the metric spaces, that employs many of known principles of partitioning and filtering. The metric space is a general model of similarity, which enables the usage of implemented index for various data. With this index, stored data could be searched effectively. The internal structure of data is hidden, we just require an implementation of the function for feature extraction, which produces a vector representing data, and the metric function applicable to the given data. The Metric Index was implemented as a data cartridge, the mechanism for extending the capabilities of the Oracle server. This data cartridge enables indexing of large unstructured data in the Oracle server known as LOBs.
Requirement management tool
Jelen, Martin ; Kopecký, Michal (advisor) ; Hoksza, David (referee)
Managing requirements for software projects is a key task throughout the whole lifetime of the project. Recognizing this, it is the goal of the bachelor thesis to design and implement a tool that simplifies and automates requirements management and provides a clear view of the current state of managed projects as well as their history. It is not intented as a single project management solution but rather to be used with other specialized software. Implemented is the ability to capture the managed project's structure and multiple types of requirements (e.g. functional, performance, usability) with clearly defined relationships. The project's representation can further evolve, all previous versions are stored and changes can be reviewed. Data presentation is accomplished with multiple views of requirements and allows to trace changes through the relationships. Finally, the gathered data may be exported in either structured form for further transformation or as user-readable reports. Requirements, their atributes and types, as well as views on the requirements are highly configurable to provide support to projects independent of development methodology used - from agile approaches with minimum administrative documents to more formalized processes such as RUP.
MS SQL Application Development Framework
Hanes, Marek ; Kopecký, Michal (advisor) ; Hoksza, David (referee)
Title: MS SQL Application Development Framework Author: Bc. Marek Hanes Department: Department of Software Engineering Supervisor: RNDr. Michal Kopecký, Ph.D. Supervisor's e-mail address: Abstract: The thesis deals with a database application development and tries to find ways to optimize the most common problems encountered. The goal of this thesis is to design and develop a modular framework that simplifies the database application development and prevents inexperienced users from using unsafe SQL statements and/or expressions. The example of such a statement can be the insert statement without explicit column list, unsafe XPath expression, etc. The framework provides among others manipulation with history tables allowing versioning of data and reverting unwanted data changes asynchronous and parallel SQL execution support, error management and logging support, monitoring of schema changes as well as procedure and function debugging Together with means of data manipulation, the framework provides the simple way of publishing stored procedure as web service as well. The framework is accompanied by well-written programmers and users guide to allow its further development. Keywords: application development, framework, modular design, safe statements, constraints 1
Semantic annotation of domain dependent data
Fišer, Dominik ; Vojtáš, Peter (advisor) ; Kopecký, Michal (referee)
One of the problems of semantic web is automated getting annotated data - web pages. Therefore this work is engaged in manual annotation of web pages and try to simplify this process for users using proposed methods. First part contains analysis of annotated data, users and vocabularies used for annotation. Afterwards are proposed methods which simplify annotation creation for users, the possibility of usage similar annotations or possibility highlight interesting parts of web page suitable for annotation. The work includes proposal of annotation tool user interface also that verifies proposed methods in practice. On the basis of this proposal was created a prototype implementation of the annotation tool Semantic Annotator as an extension for Google Chrome browser, which was also used for experiment verifying user-friendliness especially.
Information filtering in XML documents
Pilátová, Michaela ; Pokorný, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kopecký, Michal (referee)
With a growing amount of information available on the Internet and by other technologies, there is a growing need to distribute data to individua/ users as fast as possible - and only to those who are interested. Publish-subscribe systems allow users to specify their interes/s using profi/es created with an appropriate query language, thus order receiving required information from all available sources contributing to the syslem. The XML language nowadays belongs to the most important standards used for data exchange. This thesis deals with publish-subscribe systems working with data in XML data forma!. Methods of effective filtration of XML data and general techniques used in publish-subscribe systems for delivery of pertinent data to users are discussed there. Also, a prototype of a simple publish-subscribe syslem working with XML - Xm/Part - is implemented. A couple of techniques connected to information delivery is implemented and tested using this syslem on real data. Powered by TCPDF (
Data Generator for Microsoft SQL Server
Drozen, Jan ; Hoksza, David (advisor) ; Kopecký, Michal (referee)
Testing of newly programmed components is an integral part of software development. Data Generator for Microsoft SQL Server is a tool for simple populating database tables with testing data which allows efficient database component testing for programmers, administrators and other database developers. Generated data can be structured using the parameters which are set in a simple user interface. Generated data correspond with database schema and constraints defined on columns. In following text we are going to describe the architecture and implementation details together with the necessary theoretical knowledge.
Template system for generating text documents
Vávro, Petr ; Kopecký, Michal (advisor) ; Kulič, Luboš (referee)
This thesis aims on design and implementation of a three-tier system for generating text documents from templates and supplied data. The system is going to be a part of the information system Munis developed by Triada. The thesis significantly extends the possibilities, provided by the component Aspose. Words by Aspose, Templates may contain expressions evaluated at time of data insertion, master-detail constructs of arbitrary level as well as conditionally shown text blocks.
Querying RDF graphs stored in a relational database using SPARQL and R2RML
Chaloupka, Miloš ; Nečaský, Martin (advisor) ; Kopecký, Michal (referee)
The RDF framework is becoming a popular framework for presenting data. It makes the data easily accessible and queryable. But the most common way how to store structured data is to use a relational database systems. The relational databases benefit from their long theoretical and practical history, however the relational database does not offer any convenient way how to publish the data. It is essential to create a mapping between these two worlds, to publish the data stored in a relational database in the RDF format. In the presented work we study the SPARQL algebra and create a transformation algorithm that enable us to create a virtual SPARQL endpoint over the relational data. We apply the acquired knowledge in implementation of a tool which uses the algorithm to proof the concept. Powered by TCPDF (

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