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Comunication strategy of company
Pokorná, Martina ; Jánošík, Miroslav (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is to make profitable communication strategies in an economic way. This will increase publicity and take the best effect on people. It will also improve standing of a firm ARAVER CZ on a market.
Probiotics for children's nutrition
Pokorná, Martina ; Němcová, Andrea (referee) ; Skoumalová, Petra (advisor)
This Diploma thesis deals with probiotic bacterias for children nutrition. It proposes a probiotic food supplement with a probiotic blend composed of a strain of the genus Lactobacillus and of the genus Bifidobacterium, which would be most suitable for infant consumers. The theoretical part is focused on probiotics, constitution of the children´s ganstrointestinal tract and screening of probiotic and gelatine supplements which are already sold on the market. In the experimental part, probiotic bacteria were subjected to model digestion, whereby mixtures of strains having the lowest reduction in viability after digestion were blend based on the results. The blend of Bifidobacterium breve CCM 7825T, Bifidobacterium longum CCM 4990 and Lactobacillus casei CCM 4798 was chosen as the most suitable blend of the lowest viability reduction. PCR in real time was demonstrated the presence of all strains added to the blend after model digestion. Finally, from the data was suggested a more comprehensive probiotic food supplement in the form of an alginate-agar gummy-bear for children over three years of age. The probiotic food supplement was subjected to sensory analysis too. The proposed probiotic food supplement also contained Chlorella and Spirulina active compounds and higher content of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in hemp oil.
Steel Structure of a Shopping Centre
Pokorná, Martina ; Ing. Milan Šmak. Ph.D. (referee) ; Bajer, Miroslav (advisor)
The load-carrying steel structure of the shopping centre is proposed in two versions. The more advantageous version is elaborated in detail. The roof structure is designed using three-dimensional curved trusses with glass roofing and the structure rests on steel columns. The ground plan dimensions of the steel structure are 120 by 73 meters.
Viability of probiotic bacteria in some foods
Pokorná, Martina ; Bokrová, Jitka (referee) ; Márová, Ivana (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on viability od probiotic bacteria in some foods and looking for optimal food and beverages, that exhibited a minimal negative effect on the growth and viability of probiotic bacteria. Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium breve and commercially complex of probiotics were tested. In the practical part, probiotics were incubated in the environment of selected types of model and real foods. Further, incubation in model gastrointestinal juices to simulate human digestion was performed. Model foods with a moderate value of concentrations of sugar, protein and alcohol were shown the best alternative for growth of bacteria and their lowest mortality. For salt, the smallest concentration was shown as the most suitable. The chicken broth, chicken and beef meat were evaluated as the best environment for the capsule with complex probiotics. The vegetables and vegetable broth were stated like the best for Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium breve. According to the preliminary results we can conclude that the probiotics should be preferably consumed during meals and with the sufficient amount of liquids for the activation of all cells.
Proposal of the Implementation of the Project Management Methodology into the Company
Vojta, Lubomír ; Pokorná, Martina (referee) ; Smolíková, Lenka (advisor)
This diploma theses deals with the challenges of a project management in a particular construction company that handles projects on daily basis. I focused on the analysis of a particular project in this company, that has been successfully implemented. This analysis served as a starting point for the designing of the changes, as well as a devising a tool that simplifies the set up of the changes into practice. Selected problem was solved by comparing the project management methodology in the project with the project management practices officially proposed in the literature. Tool design was carried out in the environment of Microsoft Excel. I managed to design a tool in which the shortcomings are treated the way that facilitates their implementation into practice, especially by using an easy environment and outputs well-arranged for the user. This tool is therefore mainly used to eliminate the identified shortcomings and thus to facilitate and simplify project management in practice.
Alternative use of Szondi test as a diagnostic tool
Pokorná, Martina ; Bahbouh, Radvan (referee) ; Niederlová, Markéta (referee)
The rigorous thesis analyzes the Szondi test and its theory in the light of current knowledge. Its aim is to examine the potential of this diagnostic method and to consider the possibilities of its application. On the basis of the free-association research, the direction of interest has divided into three studies. The first of them verifies the relationship of Szondi's theory with personality characteristics, that are attributed to individual photos (stimulus material) on the scale of the semantic differential. In most cases, the results confirm significant differences between the factors. In the second study, the narrative approach is selected, it means "telling stories" method will be used for discover the projective potential. Qualitative analysis indicates, that stories have some similarities - in the context of given factors, however, they almost never follow Szondi's assumptions. The data does suggest, that Szondi test has a potencial to insight into the important topics of the respondent's life. The third study examines the relationship between the Szondi test and selected personality characteristics measured by Szondi test. The research confirmed the connection between a choice of photographs and some of detected personality qualities. KEY WORDS: Szondi test, projection, face perception,...
Studying the evolution of chromosome rearrangements in pipid frogs using in situ hybridization
Bergelová, Barbora ; Knytl, Martin (advisor) ; Johnson Pokorná, Martina (referee)
In African pipid frogs we can find at least eight polyploidization events in which a lot of levels of ploidy arose. This group includes diploid, tetraploid, octoploid, and/or dodecaploid species. Due to this great variability in ploidy levels, representatives of the genus Xenopus are excellent model organisms for studying the evolution of whole-genome duplications and chromosomal rearrangements. Currently, little information is known about chromosomal rearrangements within the Xenopus species, specifically, there are only two known cases of large-scale rearrangements. The first is a fusion of chromosomes 9 and 10 in the subgenus Xenopus and the other rearrangement is a non-reciprocal translocation occurring between chromosomes 2 and 9 in the subgenus Silurana. In this diploma thesis, we attempted to expand the knowledge about chromosomal rearrangements using the fluorescence in situ hybridization method. We confirmed the fusion of chromosomes 9 and 10 in other species of the Xenopus genus, such as X. pygmaeus, and proposed a hypothesis about the possibility that this fusion occurred in the common diploid ancestors of this subgenus. We also gained further insights into the origin of non-reciprocal translocation within the Silurana subgenus. This translocation was not detected in the species X....
Cytogenetics of bed bugs (Cimicidae) as a model representative of true bugs (Heteroptera)
Sadílek, David ; Vilímová, Jitka (advisor) ; Johnson Pokorná, Martina (referee)
Cytogenetics of bed bugs (Cimicidae) as a model true bugs (Insecta: Heteroptera) The thesis provides current opinions about a phylogeny of bed bugs, family Cimicidae, and their classification within the order Heteroptera. There are briefly summarized cytological data about the order Heteroptera, known karyotypes of the cimicid subfamilies and introduction to cytogenetics of species Cimex lectularius Linnaeus, 1758. Heteroptera species differ from other organisms by holokinetic chromosomes, a character, in which quite frequently take place chromosomal fragmentation and fusion. Several families posses smaller pair of m chromosomes, which behave during meiosis differently from the other chromosomes. Diploid chromosomal number is extremely variable, it ranges from four (family Belostomatidae) to 80 chromosomes (family Miridae). The behavior of chromosomes in the family Cimicidae is very specific. Sex-chromosomes univalents are connected by thread-like collochores and form so-called pseudobivalents during achiasmatic post-reductional meiosis. Rare polymorphism in a number of X chromosomes occurs in Cimex lectularius populations. The diploid karyotype always consists of 26 autosomal chromosomes and at least two but up to 15 X chromosomes and one Y chromosome. The number of X chromosomes can be variable...
Use of cytogenetical methods in taxonomy of Arachnida (Arachnida)
Alaverdyan, Argam ; Šťáhlavský, František (advisor) ; Johnson Pokorná, Martina (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the use of cytogenetic methods in taxonomy of Arachnida. To understand this matter, we need to analyse available information about inter and intraspecific karyotype variability of individual orders. At the beginning of the thesis there is a description of cytogenetic methods used with Arachnida.They are used to gather the karyotype's fundamental information, such as the diploid number of chromosomes, chromosome morfology and possible occurence of sex chromosomes. Main part of the thesis is focused on describing karyotypes of selected orders (Amblypygi, Palpigradi, Pseudoscorpiones, Scorpions, Opiliones and Araneae) and considering the convenience of use of cytogenetic methods for their taxonomy based on these information. The thesis includes current number of described genera (species) of the orders, as well as a number of cytogenetically analyzed genera (species) for comparison.
Karyotype analysis of selected groups of tetrapulmonate arachnids
Reyes Lerma, Azucena Claudia ; Sember, Alexandr (advisor) ; Johnson Pokorná, Martina (referee) ; de Bello Cioffi, Marcelo (referee)
Arachnids are a highly speciose group of arthropods with about 130 000 extant species from 12 orders. Some arachnid species are of economic and medical interest. They also offer various opportunities to study the link between genome and karyotype variability and morphological and ecological diversification, evolution and adaptation. The knowledge about arachnid karyotypes and genomes is, however, still limited. The available data show wide range of diploid chromosome numbers (2n), monocentric or holocentric chromosomal structure, variability in sex chromosome systems (especially in spiders) and modifications of meiosis. The main objective of this doctoral thesis was to study by conventional and molecular cytogenetic methods the mechanisms of karyotype evolution in haplogyne spiders (with monocentric and holocentric chromosomes), and further in two families (Charinidae and Phrynidae) from the closely related order Amblypygi. The selected groups offer unique insights into fundamental karyotype traits of the arachnid clade Tetrapulmonata, and they also enable to analyse the role of polyploidy in arachnid karyotype evolution and the evolutionary mechanisms behind the emergence of holocentric chromosomes. Our data suggest that holocentric chromosomes are an autoapomorphy for the haplogyne superfamily...

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