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The Current State of Research in State and Higher Education System Relationship
Arora, Arsh ; Plaček, Michal (advisor) ; Vlk, Aleš (referee)
The purpose of the study is to fill the existing gap in the field of systemic higher education governance which is a lack of systematic and structured literature review of peer-reviewed articles. The objective is to analyze the relationship between the state and the higher education system. In other words, what are the different types of systemic governance models, and what are the instruments used by the government to control the higher education sector? The method of Systematic Literature Review is used to review over forty research articles on systemic higher education governance. PRISMA protocol was adopted to conduct a Systematic Literature Review. Findings show that higher education governance is moving towards marketization. However, the trend is neither universal nor straightforward. The role of the state in the higher education system is dominant and will remain so because even marketization in countries is steered tightly by the state. Second, no model of higher education governance is implemented in its entirety, resulting in hybrid models of higher education governance. Third, even though the state is steering higher education systems in the same direction, public policy instruments adopted by the government in different countries varies. Mergers the are most used policy instruments in...
Influence of Civil Servants at the Local Level on Social Policy Design - The Case Study of Municipalities and Cities of the Karlovy Vary Region
Kortišová, Anna ; Hejzlarová, Eva (advisor) ; Plaček, Michal (referee)
The presented diploma thesis deals with line workers at the local level of social policy and the area of social exclusion. The thesis is primarily focused on the role and possible influence of officials on policy design. Two institutions are monitored - the Social Affairs Departments of the city authorities and the contact offices of the Labour Offices. Attention is focused on the activities of workers and their form, on target populations and their social construction and political power, also on factors that can influence the decision-making and behaviour of officials and, last but not least, on the role of officials in policy design. The thesis uses the theory of social construction of target populations and the theory of bureaucracy. In order to answer the research questions, secondary data related to both theories and public policy documents, analysis of Internet news, and primary data obtained through six conducted interviews have also been used. The results of the thesis have shown that line workers have an indispensable and irreplaceable role, because they solve complex and often ambiguous situations, in which they often apply their own solution strategies and initiatives, so it can then be indirectly reflected in the implementation of the given policy.
Social networks of highly skilled third country nationals in Prague
Peloušek, Filip ; Jelínková, Marie (advisor) ; Plaček, Michal (referee)
The diploma thesis is devoted to the social group of highly qualified migrants from third countries living and working in Prague. It deals with what social ties played a role in their migration process, what relationships they established after their arrival in the Czech Republic, and how these contacts helped them face possible problems associated with their relocation. To understand the structure of these social ties, the work uses theory of migration networks, which helps explain how different social ties help reduce the risks and costs associated with migration and how possible migration flows are maintained over time. This theory is complemented by the theory of social ties related to migration according to the work of Granovetter (1973), who is distinguishing between strong and weak social ties of migrating individuals. As part of the practical part of the research, 8 interviews were conducted with highly qualified foreigners in Prague, which were subsequently subjected to a thematic analysis. The research pointed out that migration networks occupy important positions in the lives of groups of highly qualified migrants living in Prague, when these networks significantly facilitate the process of migration itself and help them either completely eliminate or better solve problems arising from...
PPPs and Infrastrastructure Financing: Making Sense of Czechia's Experience
Adjei, Stephen ; Witz, Petr (advisor) ; Plaček, Michal (referee)
Although the literature on PPPs in Europe generally has mainly discussed issues around the frameworks that are required for PPP policies to strive there has not been any study that has sought to discuss the extent to which coalitions and their interactions within the policy subsystem are causing changes of beliefs of actors through policy-oriented learning. For this reason, this paper using the ACF as a theory tried to ascertain the extent to which policy-oriented learning is leading to changes in the beliefs of actors using the Czech Republic as its case study. The paper concluded that indeed in the case of the Czech Republic although there have not been many successful PPP policies at the national level, in recent times there are gradual changes that are happening which shows that there is policy-oriented learning in the transport subsystem which can be attributable to both external and internal factors. For this reason, there is optimism among actors that going forward PPPs will be welcomed as an alternative for financing critical infrastructure projects in the country. Keywords (Infrastructure, Financing, Transport, Public Private Partnership, Advocacy, and Coalition)
Poor age - Growing over-indebtedness of persons in advanced age
Jandová, Pavlína ; Ochrana, František (advisor) ; Plaček, Michal (referee)
Western countries are facing an increasing poverty among seniors related to the demographic revolution and lengthening of life span. The so-called over-indebtedness is one of the "modern" causes and also consequences of poverty. This thesis discusses the relationship between over-indebtedness and poverty with emphasis on senior population (65+). An empiric analysis is employed to explore causes and consequences of over-indebtedness. The increasing over-indebtedness is already being targeted by public policies, however their effectiveness is low. Sufficient material and personal resources are lacking as well as not being optimally utilized. There is only limited cooperation between civil and public-law sectors. Communication with the private sector in a way of common goal setting is also deficient. In a fierce market-driven economy, elderly people become a weak link and find themselves in situations conflicting with morals, human and civil rights, and adequate quality of life in a modern society. This state of affairs threatens social integrity and demands a solution. Three participating groups were surveyed: the elderly, the employees of advisory centers and the non- bank financial institutions. Various approaches to solving the problem are discussed. The result of the analysis consists of a wide...
The process of modernizing electronic marketing of recruiting the new military personnel for the Army of the Czech Republic
Misík, Michal ; Plaček, Michal (advisor) ; Ochrana, František (referee)
The theoretical part of the diploma thesis is focused on t he s election of research methods, a description of the process of modernization of electronic marketing both in general in the public s ector and especially in the r ecruitment of milita ry personnel t o t he C zech Army. Specifically, it is a description of modernization and the goals of recruitment to the AČR as such. The theoretical part concludes with a description of the relevant personnel aspects - the specifics and human limits of recruitment to the AČR. In t he m ethodological p art of t he di ploma t hesis, pa rtial r esearch segments are ana lyzed. Quantitative analyzes of the success of advertising campaigns and recruitment websites are complemented by observation of the attitudes of relevant officials in the issue, reflecting the atmosphere and preferences i n the r elevant representatives. T he s ub-research areas are: technical a nalysis of modernization of w ebsites a nd c onstruction of ne w w ebsites f or recruitment to the AČR; quantification of running results a fter m odernization a nd quantification of results after the start of running of the new website; analysis of preparations for advertising campaigns; quantitative specifics of the development and especially the results of advertising campaigns for recruitment to...
Online fundraising and social media
Popova, Anastasiia ; Vaceková, Gabriela (advisor) ; Plaček, Michal (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the topic of online fundraising and social media in charitable giving. The main goals of the presented bachelor's thesis are to describes the relationship between the NGO and the donor, discuss the resources that NGOs and the donors offer to or demand from each other and analyze how a person's willingness to donate online modifies after applying online fundraising strategies on social media by NGO. This bachelor's thesis investigates the case of the Czech Republic branch office of Amnesty International, specifically its Instagram account @amnesty_cz. The research sample consists of 5 employees of Amnesty International Česká republika. Based on the literature overview, 5 conducted semi-structures interviews, subsequent thematic analysis of collected data and analysis of social media campaign, it is possible to conclude that the relationship between NGO and the donor is poorly balanced, the NGO needs more support from the donor. Also, the research findings state that online fundraising increases donor's activity. The most successful online fundraising strategies that increase the donor's activity are included. The presented thesis also has discussion for future research and recommendations for charity staff and volunteers on how to raise more money on social media....
Rescue at altitude and above free depth at the Fire Rescue Department of the Central Czech Region
Plaček, Michal ; Fiala, Miloš (advisor) ; Vilášek, Josef (referee)
Title: Rescue at heights and above free depths at the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic of the Central Bohemian Region. Objectives: Describe the training and intervention activities of climbing groups and climbing squads of the Central Bohemian Region together with the intervention analysis of the past three years. Methods: Study of available sources and elaboration of research. Use of statistics provided by climbing instructor of Fire Rescue Service of the Czech republic of the Central Bohemian Region. Results: The results of the bachelor thesis are description of the current state of training for work and rescue at heights and above free depths at the Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic and an analysis of interventions at heights and above free depths at units of the Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic in 2018, 2019 and 2020 Key words: fireman, height, depth, rescue
Public procurement in systemic corruption environment
Langr, Ivan ; Ochrana, František (advisor) ; Nemec, Juraj (referee) ; Plaček, Michal (referee)
The dissertation aims to examine the phenomenon of systemic corruption in the Czech public procurement environment and to propose a theoretical concept that would help to identify the causes and risks of this phenomenon. In parallel, the dissertation elaborates on the basis for proposing an effective anti-corruption policy that would address the underlying systemic causes. Methodologically, the dissertation builds on the analysis of public procurement by the Office for the Protection of Competition and the Supreme Audit Office, on the court case analysis and media discourse and also on interviews with respondents from the Czech public administration, academia, non-profit sector, and investigative bodies.
Public procurement with focus on ICT
Seidl, Pavel ; Ochrana, František (advisor) ; Plaček, Michal (referee)
(angl.) The diploma thesis covers placing public orders, which represent a large amount of expenses of the public sector - approximately 14% GDP in the Czech Republic. In detail, it focuses on the area of ICT, which is often mentioned in context with overpriced orders. The goal of the thesis is to analyze processes of placing orders in public sector via comparison and qualitative interviews with adequate respondents. Based on the outcomes of the analysis, there are proposed possible new system solutions. The work also deals with applicability of the Agency theory in this particular area.

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