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The system of care for youth at-risk
Ratajová, Irena ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Witz, Petr (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the care system for at-risk youth in the Czech Republic. He examines it through the lens of youth curators who coordinate individual cases. As Street level bureaucracy, they implement the care policy for at-risk youth. I set myself the main goal of the work. To find out how the current system of protection of children's rights works, focusing on the clients of the youth curator and to identify key problems in the field of implementation of the current policy of protection of children's rights from the perspective of youth curators, as line workers. I elaborated the main goal into sub-research questions that deal with tools, strengths of the system, barriers, opportunities for curators to participate in policy making, the identification of curators with the current direction of the system, and I further find out whether curators have sufficient conditions for the performance of their profession. I also set two sub- goals. The first deals with the possibilities of innovation and improvement of the entire system, for example through examples of good practice or inspiration abroad. The second one investigates how the problems of recent times have been reflected in the performance of the curator's activities. The theoretical starting points of the work are the theory of...
Legitimation of regional airports in the Czech Republic - case study of Pardubice Airport
Valečka, Filip ; Witz, Petr (advisor) ; Vejchodská, Eliška (referee)
This thesis focuses on Czech regional airports and its problematics in relations to public finances. Despite the small country which Czech Republic is, regional airports are common in our regional cities. Mostly are these airports operated by regions and managed by their councils. That means financing from public budgets. First part of my thesis confirms that running these big infrastructure projects is very expensive. Moreover, none of them is profitable. And it is not caused by passing Covid pandemic in the last years. Regional airports are long term loss-making projects. The analytical part discusses about one case study of Pardubice Airport located in the east of Bohemia. Research evaluates a new project of Jan Kašpar Terminal in relation to its legitimacy. But the question is, how to observe legitimacy of public projects? This thesis builds the research on three dimensions of legitimacy inspired by analysis of authors Witz et al. These dimensions are majority, morality and thrust. Outputs are based on content and media analysis. The output is undefended legitimacy as a whole and the project remains questionable, especially because of missing strategy of development, hidden political controversies or inaccurate study which was used for public political decision-making.
Finding suitable institutional arrangements for governing policy of science and research from the perspective of stakeholders involved
Barták, Tomáš ; Witz, Petr (advisor) ; Potůček, Martin (referee)
The thesis focuses on discussing the appropriate institutional arrangements for science and research policy at the national level from the perspective of stakeholders and experts in the governance of this field. The aim is to find out what model of institutional arrangement and governance of this public policy is considered appropriate by the addressed representatives of actors and experts and what arguments they use to legitimise this view and the chosen governance model. In terms of theoretical anchoring, the thesis relies on the theory of legitimacy focusing on the public policy environment and the concept of institutional field defining in the field of public policy governance the relations and interactions of a higher number of actors involved in decision-making on a certain issue. The analytical part of the thesis is based mainly on the implementation of an expert investigation using the Delphi method, preceded by an expert double interview to identify the main issues to be addressed in the current system of science and research policy in the Czech Republic. From the conducted research, it is possible to identify the main advantages and disadvantages of the Czech system of management of this policy, the diversity of opinions on the position of some actors (the Government Council for Research,...
Inadequate legitimization of public tenders: The case of PID uniform vehicle paint design
Barta, David ; Witz, Petr (advisor) ; Plaček, Michal (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with insufficient legitimization of public tenders. As the main case, the design competition for the new coloring of vehicles falling under the Prague Integrated Transport is analyzed here. In the theoretical part, the general theory about public policies as public processes will be presented with the help of professional literature. Specific theories will concern the theory of legitimation. The main interest will also be the presentation of the ideal model of public competition from the point of view of public administration theory. In the practical part, primarily qualitative methods will be used, which should bring the opinions of all interested parties. This would be a single case study. One tool will be interviews with actors. Others will be media analysis, especially articles that relate to this topic. An analysis of official documents related to this topic, which were issued by the authorities for the competition, will also be carried out. Keywords: PID, public competition, public contracts, legitimization, project preparation, rules for approval. Number of characters: 74,291
Social policy aspects in Just Transition Plan from the perspective of Multiple Streams Framework
Ziegler, Tomáš ; Novotný, Vilém (advisor) ; Witz, Petr (referee)
The bachelor's thesis is devoted to the analysis of the process of creation of social policy in the Just Transition Plan (JTP). JTP is the leading document of the Just Transition Fund, which is part of the Operational Programme Just Transition Fund. This program helps the three most affected regions with the transformation of the coal industry. Primary goal of the Just Transition is the end of coal mining and coal energy. However, the fund can also be used for other purposes, and one of them is the involvement of social policy in the form of aiding those who lost their job as a result of the transformation, as well as the long-term unemployed. It is a support from the European Union, however the EU gives the recipients of the subsidy quite a lot of freedom in the creation of Just Transition Plan. The analysis is based on the based on the theoretical concept of the Multiple Streams Framework. The main goal is the identification of factors, which influenced the creation of social policy in the JTP, and the sub-questions are based on the theoretical framework and ask about the state of the three streams, window of opportunity, relevant actors, framing of problems and their solutions. These sub-questions are answered in the work mainly on the basis of data from semi-structured interviews and public...
PPPs and Infrastrastructure Financing: Making Sense of Czechia's Experience
Adjei, Stephen ; Witz, Petr (advisor) ; Plaček, Michal (referee)
Although the literature on PPPs in Europe generally has mainly discussed issues around the frameworks that are required for PPP policies to strive there has not been any study that has sought to discuss the extent to which coalitions and their interactions within the policy subsystem are causing changes of beliefs of actors through policy-oriented learning. For this reason, this paper using the ACF as a theory tried to ascertain the extent to which policy-oriented learning is leading to changes in the beliefs of actors using the Czech Republic as its case study. The paper concluded that indeed in the case of the Czech Republic although there have not been many successful PPP policies at the national level, in recent times there are gradual changes that are happening which shows that there is policy-oriented learning in the transport subsystem which can be attributable to both external and internal factors. For this reason, there is optimism among actors that going forward PPPs will be welcomed as an alternative for financing critical infrastructure projects in the country. Keywords (Infrastructure, Financing, Transport, Public Private Partnership, Advocacy, and Coalition)
The controversial nature of a social enterprise as a commercialized organization of the civil sector
Hořínková, Monika ; Frič, Pavol (advisor) ; Witz, Petr (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis is the commercialization of civic organizations, which we understand as the process in which they take over some procedures, methods and strategies of the commercial sector in order to generate some profit. As the highest level of commercialization, this work considers the transformation of civil organization into a so called social enterprise.At the next potential level, this civic organization would become a pure market enterprise acting as socially responsible. Thus, a social enterprise is defined as a civic organization, for which profiting is just as important as an increase in public benefit by fulfilling of its own altruistic mission. However, it is said that this social mission may be threatened by the economic one. Whereas the social enterprise combines those two opposing attributes in the form of a social and economic mission, it is considered to be controversial. That's why the aim of this diploma thesis is to determine the importance of a transformation of civic organization into the social enterprise for its life and how this transformation affects its functioning and its essence. The diploma theses is based primarily on the theory of civil society, the civil sector, the social economy and the theory of social enterprise. It is a case study, which...
E-governemnt in the Czech Republic in comparison with the UK and Estonia
Schneider, Jiří ; Ochrana, František (advisor) ; Witz, Petr (referee)
E-government in the Czech Republic in comparison with the United Kingdom and Estonia Diploma thesis Jiří Schneider Abstract The present thesis examines the reasons the Czech Republic is not a leader in e- government. In a comparative analysis of public policies concerning e-government in the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, and Estonia it investigates the causes of the differences in development and possible ways of changing policies so that the Czech Republic could achieve better results. Following an extensive review of theories about the relationship between information and communications technologies and government, it looks at the development of institutional structures of e-government, the related strategies and legislation as well as measures taken, projects implemented, and results achieved. The key finding of the analysis is that by contrast with the countries compared the Czech Republic has experienced a long-term lack of political will to support e-government resulting in inconsistent strategic governance in this area. Unless this primary prerequisite for successful e-government is met, the search for other possibilities for improvement in the differences among the countries compared is pointless.
Czech political parties and their policy-related expertise in field of eGovernment
Ježek, Jaroslav ; Novotný, Vilém (advisor) ; Witz, Petr (referee)
E-government belongs to one of the fastest evolving part of public administration in the whole world. Political parties should have enough quantity of information and materials to make E-government enough efective and friendly for end users - citizens. These kind of informations parties have from expert committees, which are representing policy-related expertise. This paper is focused on czech political parties and their policy-related expertise in field of eGovernment. The paper is based on case study, which explore five political parties: ČSSD, KDU-ČSL, KSČM, ODS and TOP 09. The paper describes creation of expert committees, who are the members of committees, what kind of information they work with and how are the outputs of their work used.

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