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Inhibiting and facilitating fear in mathematics in grammar school students.
Kratochvílová, Aneta ; Pavelková, Isabella (advisor) ; High, Radka (referee)
In the school environment, students commonly encounter various forms of fear. In the literature, the fear experienced by students is thematized as test anxiety and fear of failure. School anxiety is associated both with the deterioration of pupils' performance and with its potential improvement. The aim of this work is to map the relationship between pupils' experienced fear in mathematics lessons, their performance and other motivational variables. We focused on differentiating the facilitating, for the performance beneficial fear, and the inhibiting, for the performance debilitating fear. The data collection took place in the form of a questionnaire survey, with the involvement of students of the second year of the four-year grammar school and the corresponding year of the six-year grammar school. We investigated the students' attitudes towards mathematics, the degree of experienced fear, the average grade in mathematics, learning motivation for the subject and BIS/BAS sensitivity, representing an indicator of facilitating and inhibiting fear. We used open questions to map the moment of fear. The results show a connection between the pupils' experience of fear, attitudes towards mathematics, partly also learning motivation and their average grade in this subject. Success in the subject of...
Personality-situational constellation of boredom
Boháčová, Aneta ; Pavelková, Isabella (advisor) ; Coufalová, Jana (referee) ; Chvál, Martin (referee)
The dissertation tries to capture the development of the concept of boredom from ancient times to the present. Historical concepts of boredom are grasped of the philosophical and literary concepts. We analyze modern scientific approaches to boredom, their definitions and understanding of the concept, differences between them and methods of measurement. The research is focused on the verification of psychometric properties of two foreign questionnaire sclales for measuring boredom and on the analysis of the concept of boredom in the Czech environment. The main goal of the research is to expose the levels of boredom in the Czech population of high school students, and to identify personality and situational factors affect their the concept and experience of boredom. The results of the research show the problem of using the Boredom Proneness Scale by Farmer & Sundberg (1986) for the Czech population. On the contrary, the outputs of confirmatory and exploratory factor analysis and comparative analysis confirm the suitability of using the Multidimensional State Boredom Scale by Fahlman et al. (2011) for the Czech population of high school students. The analysis of the concept of boredom points to some connections between its perception, its experience and personality characteristics of the individual...
Math self-efficacy of children at primary school
Vozková, Anna ; Smetáčková, Irena (advisor) ; Pavelková, Isabella (referee)
Self-efficacy significantly influences human functioning. It is not only individual's belief about his capabilities but also what he thinks he can achieve with them. This bachelor's theses is concerned with a specific domain of self-efficacy in mathematics and also with variables related to mathematics. The theoretical part summarizes a basic theoretical background of self-efficacy with an emphasis on the self- efficacy concept from Albert Bandura. Other parts involve topics such as academic self-efficacy, mathematical self-efficacy and gender differences in mathematical performance and attitude toward mathematics. The empirical part describes the realized research. Its goal was to find out the measure of self-efficacy of children in four grade of elementary school. The research was also focused on a relationship between self-efficacy and other variables (performance in mathematics, grades in mathematics, identification with mathematics) and concerned with a question whether there are any gender differences in math self-efficacy and in those other variables. Methods used in this research were two kinds of questionnaires and a mathematical test. Results of this research suggest that there are no gender differences in mathematical self-efficacy, neither in other variables. On the other hand, there were some...
Achievement motivation of pupils
Svobodová, Veronika ; Pavelková, Isabella (advisor) ; Smetáčková, Irena (referee)
Title: Achievement motivation of pupils Author: Veronika Svobodová Supervisor: Doc. PhDr. Isabella Pavelková, CSc. The concern of this dissertation is the achievement motivation of pupils on the 2nd grade of primary schools. The aim of the theoretical part is the introduction to the theme of motivation of human behaviour with an accent on specifics of motivation for learning and especially the description of achievement motivation. In the practical part, there are set two research targets. The first target is to map achievement motivation of the pupils on the 2nd grade of one specific primary school. This mapping is done by the statistical processing of data from the questionnaire of achievement motivation MV-9, which was given to pupils. The second research target is a detailed analysis of achievement motivation of selected pupils from one class of the 2nd grade of the primary school. The aim is to identify significant demonstration of behaviour in relation to their achievement focus. Besides the filled questionnaire MV-9, the data are gathered from observations and interviews with pupils. Keywords: motivation, school achievement motivation, school achievement
Efficiency of working memory training
Milichovská, Petra ; Páchová, Anna (advisor) ; Pavelková, Isabella (referee)
This thesis concentrates on verification of efficiency of the program NBack Campaign, destined for working memory training, and continues the evaluation of the author of the program Anna Páchová. Our research has continued in the tradition of the evaluation of programs destined for training of cognitive functions. We have decided to use design pretest, training part and retest in our research. Based on the analyse of literature we concluded, that the research of working memory of children at the age between 10 and 18 years is peripheral issue and appears just in studies of the development of working memory. For this reason we decided to include 26 children from eight-year grammar school. We wanted to check, how they would respond on the programm and how the training would affect them. Our research was realized during three months and the research sample was reduced during that time. Following analysis of collected data has confirmed the statistically important shift in tasks children have trained in. Transfer into other tasks has not been shown. That is why we have decided to devote our time to individual pupils and their special characteristics. Keywords: Cognitive training, working memory, Nback Campaign, n-back task, spatial matrix, transfer
Achievement motivation and time perspective pupil
Stehlíková, Lenka ; Pavelková, Isabella (advisor) ; Škaloudová, Alena (referee)
The bachelor's thesis focuses on the concept of time perspective and partly on the concept of achievement motivation of primary school students. The entire text is structured into two parts - theoretical and practical one. The emphasis is mainly put on the practical part and related research. The first part aims at the theoretical concept of achievement motivation and time perspective. The description of the concept of achievement motivation defines the achievement motivation as such, reveals its sources, differentiates between its particular types, presents theoretical assumptions maily set by Atkinson, Heckhausen and shows the diagnostic methods by which it is assessed. The second phenomenon is the time perspective to which the major attention is paid. The description of the time perspective applies the knowledge of the time perception and of the impact of the time perspective on the behaviour and presents Gjemse's concept of the orientation to future. The crucial person for this thesis is the French specialist Joseph Nuttin who deeply analyses the personality-motivational concept of time perspective theory. Moreover we should not forget about the Czech author Isabella Pavelková who also comes with the concept of perspective orientation. The second part focuses on the research conducted in...
Time perspective and achievement motivation of high school students
Stehlíková, Lenka ; Pavelková, Isabella (advisor) ; Valentová, Lidmila (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with relation of students to the future, connections between time perspective and achievement motivation and possibilities of diagnostic strategies of researched areas. The diploma thesis is divided into two parts - practical and theoretical one. Emphasis is given on practical part. Theoretical part looks into scientific solutions of time perspective by way of cognitive and personality concepts of motivation (Nuttina, Zimbarda, Pavelková work). I minutely deal with relation between time perspective and achievement motivation which is presented within theoretical approaches of Atkinson, Raynor, Heckhasen. Theoretical part deals with theoretical conception of achievement motivation (in order to deep insight to these issues) as well as it deals with diagnostic approaches and methods of time perspective and achievement motivation. Practical part presents research which took place in period from March to May 2013 in Vysočina region and was focused on high school students. The research focuses on looking for student's relation to future with concentration on achievement fear aspects, relation between time perspective and achievement motivation, possibilities of diagnostic methods and restrictions of observed areas. Heart of the diploma thesis is elaborating of "Method of...
Anxiety in the School Task Situation in Mathematics
Neudörflová, Blanka ; Pavelková, Isabella (advisor) ; Škaloudová, Alena (referee)
Test anxiety is a phenomenon that can be commonly encountered at school. Test anxiety can be seen as a substantial non-intellectual factor affecting the quality of pupils' school work. In the literature we can find a form of fear and anxiety negatively related to school performance, however we can also find a form of anxiety that facilitates school work and results in improved performance. The thesis focuses on test anxiety and fear and examines its form among pupils in mathematics. Using the questionnaire survey in 8th grades of primary schools, we were mapping motivational situation with emphasis on test anxiety in the domain of mathematics and test anxiety before and after perfoming two mathematical tasks. We were interested in a form of test anxiety in mathematics and whether test anxiety in mathematics overlaps with the anxiety in the school task situation. We focused mainly on the evaluative situation itself. We examined the existence of several components of test anxiety (with the regard to basic distinction between emotional and cognitive dimension) with an emphasis on their links with school performance, the direction in which fear ad anxiety affect performance (facilitating, debilitating) and the links among test anxiety and other characteristics. We also pay attention to overlap of fear...

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