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History of skiimg in the Krusne hory
Pfeiferová, Pavlína ; Kašpar, Ladislav (advisor) ; Přibyl, Ivan (referee)
The thesis is focused on the origin and history of ski societies, clubs and ski centres in the Ore Mountains. For finding those facts and the events I had used and studied chronicles, annual reports, literature, start lists and photographs that document skiing in the Ore Mountains. The relevant part of this thesis are visits to ski museums and especially conversations with contemporaries and participants of ski competitions. The dissertation deals with the history of skiing as a whole and subsequently focuses on the sphere of the Karlovy Vary part of Ore Mountains, especially the region of Abertamy and its vicinity.
Equipment for activites in unkempt winter terrain
Žegklitz, Martin ; Mojžíš, Otakar (advisor) ; Přibyl, Ivan (referee)
The topic of this study is an equipment used in unkempt terrain of winter mountains. The study is of a purely descriptive nature. It describes the whole scale of equipment used for skialpinism, freeride, backcountry, telemark and trekking. Its content is divided into several chapters according to purpose and utilization of a single types of this equipment. First part describes an equipment for the moving in winter terrain itself, second part deals with an equipment connected with a security and rescue operations. Third part is devoted to backpacks. Following chapter describes an outdoor wearing, next one is focused on an equipment needed for spending the nights in winter nature. A separate chapter then describes other supplementary equipment and finally the last part is devoted to the description and characteristics of an equipment for mountain climbing. Each chapter mentions a concrete examples of an equipment available today.
Methodics of basics in figure training sport training for children of primary school age
Halodová, Eva ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Přibyl, Ivan (referee)
Title of the thesis: Methodics of basics in figure skating sport training for children of primary school age Aim: The mapping of methodics of basic elements in figure skating training for children of primary school age from literature and it's verification in training. The mending of this methodics based on questionnaire, knowledge get during the consultations with coaches and from training. It includes basics of skating, turns, steps, piruets and jumps. Key words: figure skating, skating, methodics, skater, child, basic, element, jump, spin.
Development speed, explosiveness and footwork for floorball players during this period
Hruška, Michal ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Přibyl, Ivan (referee)
This text is intended as the general public, but particularly a narrow range of educational for teachers and trainers floorball. The chapters devoted to the history and rules of floorball, floorball and a description of modifications to general characteristics of floorball training camp.
Movement Games in the Countryside for Pre-School Children
Hančová, Marta ; Svobodová, Irena (advisor) ; Přibyl, Ivan (referee)
Využití pohybových her v přírodě jako součásti ozdravného programu. Pomocí dotazníku a osobního rozhovoru zjišťuji, jak jsou v praxi mateřských škol využívány Pohybové hry v přírodě, dále pak zda mají mateřské školy vypracován svůj ozdravný program a skrze jaké složky jej naplňují. Mé očekávání se potvrzuje, neboť se ukazuje, že většina mateřských škol svůj ozdravný program nemá, přesto však jednotlivé složky, jako je dodržování pitného režimu, pravidelný pobyt venku, preventivní cviky pro správné držení těla relaxační cvičení apod., do svého každodenního programu zařazují. Pohybové hry v přírodě Jsou dle možností využívány, ne však přímo v souvislosti s ozdravným programem.
Selection and training of football talents
Poslušný, Daniel ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Přibyl, Ivan (referee)
In my thesis I deal with issues of selection and training of talents in the youth football teams 1.FK Pribram. I play football from early childhood, so I can use my experiences in problematic selection and in training of football talents. Theoretical part I divided into eight chapters. The first chapter describes the history of football. The second chapter describes the history of football in our country. The third chapter deals with the characteristics of the current concept of football. Follows the fourth chapter, where are graphs of football competitions from the ages preparatory to adult men's category. In the fifth chapter is detailed content of the performance of an individual, game, goalie and the coach's personality and his work. Chapter six is devoted mainly characteristics of age periods from preparatory to older pupils. The penultimate chapter contains objectives, content and output of training groups from each age. Final eighth chapter describes talents and the selection of talents. Researching part is created by my own research in selecting and training talents. In my work I set hypotheses and results of research either confirm or refute them. Part of my job is also an empirical investigation, where I used the method of questionnaire and structured interview methods, including...
In-line skating of preschool children
Rácová, Šárka ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Přibyl, Ivan (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to find out, if preschool kid is able to pick up the in-line skating and to find out, if this activity is used among preschool kids in school or out of school form. The conditions for in-line skating in certain location is also researched. The methodology for teaching in-line skating of preschool kids is also made. The methodology is based on experiment. The main research issue of this thesis is to find out the realization of in- line skating with preschool kids. First chapter deals with general information about in-line skating, such as history of this sport, division into various branches and proper equipment. Second chapter informs about the connection between in-line skating and health. There are pros and cons which influence person's life, characterization of preschool age, motor development and what the appropriate age for children to start is. Third chapter is focused on technique and methodology of in-line skating. Practical part deals with the evaluation of the mastering level of in-line skating among preschool kids, which is researched with questionnaire and experiment. The questionnaire tells us if the in-line skating with preschool kids is provided by Kinder-gardens, parents or interest club in a certain location. All the research is done in town and on...
Possibility to develop preschool children by moving activities
Chadimová, Helena ; Dvořáková, Hana (advisor) ; Přibyl, Ivan (referee)
The thesis deals with possibilities and ways of child's development in their preschool age. The aim of this thesis is to prove a positive effect of controlled kinetic activities on the development of children's abilities, skills and knowledge at the age from two to four, namely in the frame of all five educational spheres RVP PV. There was used the method of an experiment consisting in a realization of a fourteen-day-search based on a schooling program using both kinetic and non- kinetic activities, on an input and output measuring the level of the same partial abilities, skills and knowledge for two eight-member-groups of children and also comparing acquired results. It was found out that kinetic activities of preschool children can be used within the educational process as one of its elements with comparable effect to using non-kinetic activities. Keywords Movement, ontogenetic evolution, child's development, preschool age, play

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