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Modern methods for intersection signaling control
Bartoš, Pavel ; Lacko, Branislav (referee) ; Kůdela, Jakub (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the optimal control of traffic lights at intersections. In the introduction, concepts are introduced and control methods are presented. Subsequently, Eclipse's SUMO software is chosen to create the model. Following the model of a real intersection, both layout and logic and traffic flows are created. The traffic flows itself are partially randomized. The control is performed using three green queue lengths and the evaluation is done by comparing the average and maximum waiting times. Pareto optimal points are thus selected. The first algorithm to obtain the optimal setting is a grid search. The second algorithm has been implemented by NSGA-II. The settings are compared with each other as well as with respect to the settings and the time window.
Rebranding of the Prague Congress Centre in context with the history of the company
Bartoš, Pavel ; Klabíková Rábová, Tereza (advisor) ; Halada, Jan (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to describe the rebranding process of Prague Congress Centre in 2017 and to consequently analyze and review this process and communication activities during and after the rebranding. The first part of the thesis interprets the theories of branding and rebranding and other theories associated with them. The next part explains various reasons behind the change of corporate identity, related to the history of the company and its use in the field of congress tourism. Furthermore, the new brand is introduced, as well as brand equity and new brand elements. The thesis also describes the tools of the marketing communication that were used by the company to support the rebranding process and have been used since then. In relation to the marketing communication tools, specific marketing activities of the company are described. The thesis ends with an analysis and evaluation of the whole rebranding process.
Turtlebot in ROS framework
Bartoš, Pavel ; Šoustek, Petr (referee) ; Hůlka, Tomáš (advisor)
The aim of this work is to create a model of Turtlebot and to test it in the Gazebo environment. The paper presents a series of algorithms that simulate the movement of the robot and its ways of orientation in a selected space. The created solution provides the robot with the ability to create a collision-free course based on the sensor data. The benefit of this work is to introduce the ROS framework and bring an undestandment of its features.
Telematic Shell for K-2002 Signalbox
Kandrik, Ján ; Šimek, Václav (referee) ; Bartoš, Pavel (advisor)
Optimization and plannig have become an immense part of railway traffic control. This work comprises creation of a telematic shell for a signalbox, that is dedicated to collecting, visualizing and evalutaing data from the whole interlocking system for purpose of traffic flow management support.
Data Collection and Communication via Protokol 89
Köhler, Martin ; Bartoš, Pavel (referee) ; Košař, Vlastimil (advisor)
This Bachelor degree thesis deals with Edimax BR-6104KP router modifications developed for purposes of Condata s.r.o. The first two chapters describe the companys wireless modules and their communication protocol. The third chapter deals first with Condatas curerent  communications set up and subsequently with possible alternatives. The following section describes software and hardware modifications of the router under investigation. The last section describes inovative applications and their implementaion. The thesis is concluded with a real life operation evaluation.
Large-Scale Travelling Salesman Problem
Kukula, Lukáš ; Žaloudek, Luděk (referee) ; Bartoš, Pavel (advisor)
Thesis deals with solving large-scale traveling salesman problem. The aim is to find the best possible solution within a short time. Most widely used heuristics was compared and most efficient proved to be Lin-Kernighan. This heuristic combined with the stochastic algorithm brings even better results than the Lin-Kernighan heuristic itself.
Methodology of diagnostics and control of stem base diseases of wheat
Dumalasová, Veronika ; Palicová, Jana ; Hanzalová, Alena ; Bartoš, Pavel
The methodology presents optimized techniques for a detection of the species of fungi causing stem base diseases and suggests the control measures.
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The possibilities of automatized operation in medium-sized clinical biochemistry laboratory
Bartoš, Pavel ; Novotná, Eva (advisor) ; Dršata, Jaroslav (referee)
Pavel Bartoš The possibilities of automatized operation in medium-sized clinical biochemistry laboratory Bachelor thesis Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Laboratory Technician Abstract Automation in clinical laboratories is a process that has begun in the second half of the twentieth century thanks to the progress of the instrumental techniques and information system development. Nowadays, there is a pressure on high quality in laboratories. Therefore, without automatic analyzers, information systems and their communication would not be possible to meet these requirements. The higher quality of the laboratory results leads to the higher effectivity of the whole health system because of the better and faster diagnosis and setting the proper patient therapy due to the early knowledge of the precise and true laboratory results. The aim of this work is a brief mapping of the automatic analyzers and laboratory instruments supply on the market and suggest an instrumental solving for specific middle-size biochemical laboratory. There is an urgent need to take account of the space limits, claims to the number of analysed samples and methods. Moreover, the choice of the instrument is influenced by the fact if the laboratory analysis is aimed for the hospital, mostly the statim...
Yellow rust protection on the wheat
Hanzalová, Alena ; Bartoš, Pavel
Heavy incidence of yellow rust in the years 2014 and 2015 has proved high deleterious effects of this rust. For this reason this publication deals with yellow rust on wheat. Rusts on wheat cause losses every year. In the years of an epidemic yield can be decreased by more than a half. Epidemics of stem rust and yellow rust occur in irregular intervals. Leaf rust causes damage every year particularly in central and southern part of Moravia. Chemical control limits yield losses, however in the case of heavy rust incidence this control particularly on susceptible cultivars is not sufficient. Repeated chemical treatments increase the costs and are limited by phytosanitary regulations. Economic and ecologic rust control consists in resistance breeding and growing resistant cultivars. Knowledge of virulence in the rust poppulation and suitable sources of resistance are prerequisites for successful resistance breeding. This publication presents a summary of data from literature on the yellow rust on wheat. Data on resistance of the grown cultivars and possibilities of the chemical control are included.
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Catalog of Common Measures, Additions, Updates in Selected Cadastral Units in District Benešov and District Kladno
Bartoš, Pavel ; Vlasák, Josef (advisor) ; Kottová, Blanka (referee)
Comprehensive land adaptation work through common mechanisms which are realized at the given areas we can understand as the most viable instrumentation for change of the countryside. Comprehensive land adaptation work should have as a result to improve the state of the landscape in different factors. Making land accessible for easier farming is the most common aspect for use nowadays. Other instruments of Comprehensive land adaptation work are used for anti erosion, watermanagement and enviromentally stabilizing purposes. The Catalogue of common mechanisms should unite all information about common mechanisms which are already specified. In addition map their position and characteristic layout within the particular regions. The principal aim of this work is getting information about specified common mechanisms in the district of Benešov, which was still not entered in the Catalogue and updating for the district of Kladno, which was only entered into the database to a limited extent. The general part of the work is devoted to the problem of landed adaptations and the type of common mechanisms. The practical part interprets informations gained from branches of Regional Land Cadastral Office and evaluates arrangements of common mechanism to a particular category. A questionaire sent to organisations which cultivate neighbouring lands with given common mechanisms in monitored areas belongs to the practical part. The questionaire also evaluates their approach and attitude to comprehensive land adaptation work.

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