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Design and virtual commissioning of an educational robotic cell
Novák, Štěpán ; Bražina, Jakub (referee) ; Vetiška, Jan (advisor)
This master's thesis discusses the creation of a virtual commissioning of a machine vision demonstration program in an educational robot cell. The first section of this thesis deals with the theory in robotics, virtual commissioning and machine vision. Systemic analysis of the problem was addressed in the second section. The third section cotains the design of the cell. The fourth section describes the design of some individual parts of the cell, the process of creating the program and virtual commissioning itself.
Comparison of integrated circuits for management of single cell Li-ion battery
Novák, Štěpán ; Burian, František (referee) ; Kunz, Jan (advisor)
Lithium-ion batteries are now widely used as power sources for mobile devices, electric vehicles, consumer electronics and other applications. For proper operation and extended service life of Li-ion batteries, it is important that the parameters specified by the manufacturer are met. This is ensured by means of appropriate circuits, the accuracy of which is the focus of this paper. This work provides an overview and comparison of different types of circuits for Li-ion battery management and charging and explains the basic principles of their operation.
Peripheral settlements of the Jindřichův Hradec district and their human and demographic capital
NOVÁK, Štěpán
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to define peripheral settlements and peripheral areas of the Jindřichův Hradec district and to analyse their human and demographic capital. First, settlement centres are defined with a different hierarchy based on population size, representation of services, commuting to work and school, and the number of public transport connections on a working day. Micro-regional cities are the key settlement centres, because peripheral and ultra-peripheral settlements are defined in relation to them. The lower settlement centres are very small towns, townships, centre villages, significant and larger villages. Peripheral settlements are bounded by a half-hourly isochrone of public transport connections, ultra-peripheral settlements by an hourly isochrone. Suburban settlements have a high proportion of suburban houses, and semi-peripheral settlements lie between suburban and peripheral settlements. In addition, settlements without public transport connections are defined. Subsequently, peripheral areas consisting of peripheral and semi-peripheral settlements and settlements without public transport connections were delineated. The human and demographic capital of peripheral and other types of settlements, peripheral areas and their types was monitored using 12 indicators in the next step. The indicators analyse the population development of the settlements, their population balance, the age and education structure of the population in the settlements, and another characteristics of the settlements. The values found in the last quartiles are considered problematic. Jindřichův Hradec, Třeboň and Dačice became the micro-regional towns of the district. Within half an hour's commuting distance there are large areas with peripheral and ultra-peripheral settlements, or settlements with no connections (especially in the territory of Česká Kanada, Studensko, Dešensko, Staňkovsko and Českovelenicko), which form peripheral areas. České Velenice, Suchdol nad Lužnicí, Slavonice, Nová Včelnice, Nová Bystřice, Studená and Kardašova Řečice became very small towns. Suburban settlements around Jindřichův Hradec have the most favourable values of human and demographic capital. Peripheral settlements reach average values. The peripheral areas among the micro-regional towns of the district fared better. The peripheral areas along the Austria border fared the worst.
Powertrain of a modern hybrid vehicles
Novák, Štěpán ; Zajac, Roman (referee) ; Otipka, Václav (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis is about the drivetrain in modern hybrid vehicles. It describes the function of a hybrid drivetrain and divides it according to structure, degree of hybridization and placement of the electric motor. It characterizes the design solution of the main components of a hybrid drivetrain. It focuses on the powertrain of selected hybrid vehicles and describes the emissions issue. The conclusion consists of evaluation of the hybrid drivetrain and its vision for the future.
User interface of mobile application
Novák, Jakub Štěpán ; Šimek, Pavel (advisor) ; Stočes, Michal (referee)
Bachelor thesis is focused on issues regarding to mobile devices, specifically user interfaces of mobile devices. These devices are spread in such measure, that most people are using these devices to accomplish task from everyday life. Ease of use and overall experience depends strictly on user interface. Goal of theoretical part is to study universal conventions and methods used to create intuitive and good looking user experience, with focus on individual platform and use case. It also breaks down psychical side of development, which is hidden behind user interface. That means how the user think and behave within your application. In practical part, the theoretical knowledge is applied to real live scenarios and models. It contains analysis and real life problem solving, that are regarded to user interfaces and are specific for mobile platform. The result is clear and useful overview, that sums up how to effectively create quality and nice looking interfaces that are not just a pleasure to use, but also manage to deliver esthetical side, which results in fact, how likely the user will return to the applications.
Relationship between reading books, social group and social class
Novák, Štěpán ; Surynek, Alois (advisor) ; Kašparová, Eva (referee)
This Bachelor's Thesis deals with theory of social stratification and its usability for needs of marketing in realationship with book market. Two parts of marketing theory such as target marketing and market segmentation are described. The object of practical part is to create analysis and description of book market which includes enough informations for using as relevant document for making desicion of entering the book market or for using as basic informations for marketing needs. Free acces published empirical researchs were use for reaching the objective. Combination and analysis of data led to required results. The conclusion of this thesis is document that can be usefull for making decision of entering the book market or for choosing marketing startegy.
Google AdSense optimization
Klaučo, Jakub ; Žamberský, Martin (advisor) ; Novák, Štěpán (referee)
The goal of this Bachelor thesis is to describe possibilities of the internet advertising programs. Thesis is focused on monetizing web content for the owners of smaller web sites. It shows the solutions to the problems connected with the use of Google AdSense, and describes the ad formats and optimization. Thesis is divided into three main parts. Part one contains the current forms of internet advertisement and ad formats used in AdSense program. Second part deals with the possibilities of external and internal optimization. The practical part tests and evaluates optimization tips on the existing Slovak website.

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