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Sacred Space Study
Němec, Lukáš ; Jáně, Miroslav (referee) ; Zdařil, Zdeněk (advisor)
Design of Road church, part of the rest area, near the National Historic Landmark Hospital Kuks, inspirated by baroque forms and principles.
Residential house in Čáslav, gross superstructure
Němec, Lukáš ; Hanzelková, Martina (referee) ; Šlanhof, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis investigates the solution of selected technological project of the construction of gross superstructure residential building in the former barracks Prokopa Holeho. Their work includes the technical report solved object, technological specification, bill of quantities, schedule and budget, addressing broader transport relations, organization development, design of mechanical assemblies, including drawings and technical news site facilities, safety, environmental protection, inspection and test plans.
PCM-based heat and cold storage
Němec, Lukáš ; Ostrý, Milan (referee) ; Šikula, Ondřej (advisor)
In the first part of the bachelor thesis I will deal with the accumulation of heat and cold using materials with phase change and also the design of a PCM storage tank. The aim of my effort is to design the most ideal spacing of tubes in a given tank, so as to achieve the greatest possible heat capacity. I performed simulation experiments in CalA 4.0. The second part is computational, where I focus on the design of heating in the pension. I solve heating with an air-to-water heat pump. I designed solar collectors for hot water heating. The last and third part is the project, which contains the project documentation together with the technical report.
Laboratory Centre UTB in Zlín - construction technology project
Němec, Lukáš ; Valenta, Michal (referee) ; Biely, Boris (advisor)
This diplome thesis is focused on the technological project of the gross building of the Laboratory Center UTB in Zlín. Among other subjects, the work consists of technical report, technical rule, inspection and test plans, mechanical assembly desing, financial comparison of various casting methods, health and safety plan, environmental protection issues, budget, timetable and building site situation.
The terrace house Omice - gross bottom construction
Němec, Lukáš ; Klempa, Lukáš (referee) ; Biely, Boris (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the technological stage of the lower gross building terraced house in Omice. Part of the thesis is technical report the work site facilities, technical regulations, inspection and test plans, reports the machine design, plan of safety and protection of health and environmental, budget and timetable.
Localisation of Mobile Robot in the Environment
Němec, Lukáš ; Hradiš, Michal (referee) ; Veľas, Martin (advisor)
This paper addresses the problem of mobile robot localization based on current 2D and 3D data and previous records. Focusing on practical loop detection in the trajectory of a robot. The objective of this work was to evaluate current methods of image processing and depth data for issues of localization in environment. This work uses Bag of Words for 2D data and environment of point cloud with Viewpoint Feature Histogram for 3D data. Designed system was implemented and evaluated. 
The analysis of financing options for executing new thermal insulation of an apartment building including the proposal of optimal amount of repairs fund
Němec, Lukáš ; Daňhel, Petr (referee) ; Hlavinková, Vítězslava (advisor)
The subject of the work is put forward and evaluate different financing options including thermal insulation of residential building list of essential criteria and generalization optimal procedure. Analysis of the individual components of long-term backup or repair fund, determining the optimum amount of funding inserted before insulation. Determine which folders and to what extent will be affected by thermal insulation of the house. Part of this work is to determine the normal price of a residential building as a whole and explanations of technical terms.
Object Detection Using Kinect
Němec, Lukáš ; Veľas, Martin (referee) ; Španěl, Michal (advisor)
This paper address the problem of object recognition using Microsoft Kinect in the fi eld of computer vision. The objective of this work was to evaluate current methods of detection of objects using depth map (RGB-D sensor). The work deals with the enviroment of point cloud and Viewpoint Feature method. It also describes the use of binary classifi er in the context of object recognition. Object detection was implemented and performed experiments with it.
Optimal Path Planning for Omnidirectional Robot
Němec, Lukáš ; Kapinus, Michal (referee) ; Rozman, Jaroslav (advisor)
The work is devoted to planning trips for robot, which is equipped with Mecanum omnidirectional wheels and a square carriage. The theoretical part is devoted omnidirectional wheels and various types of planners With a focus on informed planners, locating the position and movement of optimality. The practical part is devoted to the implementation of selected planners and comparing their results in terms of optimality of movement for omnidirectional robot, optimality check consists of comparing several properties of the proposed path.
Traffic crime and its prevention
Němec, Lukáš ; Říha, Jiří (advisor) ; Bohuslav, Lukáš (referee)
Traffic Crime is a phenomenon that practically everyone can encounter in everyday life. It is a severe society-wide issue that cannot be overlooked. This thesis explores various aspects of traffic crime with emphasis on road traffic, and all of that mostly from criminological and partly from criminal law perspective. This thesis is divided into four parts. The first part looks at traffic crime as a whole, on its definition, severity and its evolution in recent years. It further explores ways in which criminal law enforcement agencies decide crimes in this area and compares the evolution of traffic crime with the evolution of traffic density. In the second part this thesis analyses in detail the most often committed traffic crimes. This part also describes the typical perpetrator of traffic crime and mentions some reasons that lead to the commitment of traffic crime. The lack of societal condemnation of traffic regulations is described as the most important reason. The following part examines the most often committed traffic crimes and some conditions that are required for the fulfilment of their facts of criminal offences. Special emphasis is given to the crime of endangerment under the influence of addictive substances because it is the most often committed traffic crime. In particular this thesis...

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