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Corrosion resistance of cast duplex stainless steels
Müller, Peter ; Záděra, Antonín (referee) ; Pernica, Vítězslav (advisor)
The master’s thesis deals with corrosion resistance of cast duplex steels. In the first part the corrosion mechanisms and their individual types are described, the second part characterizes the types of stainless steels in terms of their properties, use, structural components, and their impact on mechanical and corrosion properties of steels. Individual chapter is dedicated to duplex steels. In the experimental part the resistance of 1.4517 steel against pitting corrosion depending on the alloy contents and the PREN value was investigated. Four specimens graded according to PREN were cast. Supplemented with sample stirrer blade which was affected by corrosion during service they were subjected to corrosion test according to ASTM G48-11 standard in 6% FeCl3 solution. Cast specimens were subjected to tensile test and impact test.
Java Collections Performance Testing on Multicore Systems
Husar, Martin ; Müller, Petr (referee) ; Letko, Zdeněk (advisor)
This thesis deals with Java collections performance testing on multicore systems. The aim of the work is studying of core collections contained in Java Collection Framework and studying also some other collections from package java.util.concurrent and third-party project known as Javolution. The task was to suggest appropirate performance test for these collections and create based on its results a comparison. Afterwards the basic solution is an implementation of suggested tests in Java programming language and evaluation of achieved results.
Variations and other changes to public contracts under FIDIC standard forms
Müller, Petr ; Klee, Lukáš (advisor) ; Brodec, Jan (referee)
Variations and other changes to public contracts under FIDIC standard forms Abstract This thesis deals with variations and other change institutes according to the FIDIC Red Book (hereinafter referred to as "CONS") enforced under the Act No. 134/2016 Coll., On Public Procurement, as amended. The main aim of this thesis is to analyze the possibility to effectively implement complex construction projects in the Czech legal environment, especially with regard to the fact that individual complex construction projects deal with, in their implementation phase, the necessity to change the work, the price for the work, but also the time of completion and handover of a work due to unforeseeable or unforeseen circumstances. The law of public procurement, with reference to the principles of free competition and, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the management of public funds, limits the possibility of the public contract modifications by means of the doctrine of the substantial and non-substantial modification. Large construction projects often exceed the estimated value of the public contract by more than 100 %, which puts a great deal of pressure on the correct and lawful subsumption of changes under the legal grounds of modifications of the contract according to section 222 of the Act on Public Procurement....
Machining of titanium alloys
Müller, Peter ; Sliwková, Petra (referee) ; Píška, Miroslav (advisor)
The bachelor thesis specifies the most important properties and production processes of titanium, categorizes titanium alloys and their properties. In the experimental part, titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V blank was machined and cutting forces were measured, depending on selected feeds per revolution. Subsequently specific cutting force was calculated and compared with values given by the tool manufacturers.
Methodology of implementing a recommender system using the Soyka tool
Müller, Petr ; Gála, Libor (advisor) ; Fanta, Michal (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on content personalization and specifically on recommender systems. The aim of the thesis is to propose a methodology of recommender system implementation in e-commerce using the IT tool Soyka. Functions of personalization tools which directly support recommender systems are identified on the basis of a theoretical description of recommender systems and their technological approaches. Based on these identified functions the tool Soyka is classified. The main contribution of the thesis is the created and published methodology which is ready to be used on real implementation projects by anyone involved.
Birth and formation of South Sudan
Müller, Petr ; Romancov, Michael (advisor) ; Daniel, Jan (referee)
This thesis deals with the formation and creation of the Republic of South Sudan. The general part of this thesis is focused on describing of basic institutes of internetational public law which are connected with the creation of sovereign state. These institutes described in the perspective of international law are the theoretical basis for the special part of this thesis which deals with factors that led to the creation, such as the matter of history, conception of state boarders in Africa and diversity of population of united Sudan. The main chapter is the chapter that deals with the will and motivation of international community, more accurately the will and motivation of the members of the United Nations Security Council or the will of the African union. On the basis of aforementioned factors the Republic of South Sudan was created. This creation however caused a lot of economical problems for Sudan and led to the birth of the state that has poor infrastructure, poor rate of literacy and poor level of health care etc. The aim of this thesis is to precisely define the motivation and will of actors in this area that led to the creation of the Republic of South Sudan and its early adoption to the UN and the African union.
On the Power of Weak Extensions of V0
Müller, Sebastian Peter ; Krajíček, Jan (advisor) ; Thapen, Neil (referee) ; Kolodziejczyk, Leszek (referee)
Název práce: O síle slabých rozšírení teorie V0 Autor: Sebastian Müller Katedra: Katedra Algebry Vedoucí disertační práce: Prof. RNDr. Jan Krajíček, DrSc., Katedra Algebry. Abstrakt: V predložené disertacní práci zkoumáme sílu slabých fragmentu arit- metiky. Činíme tak jak z modelově-teoretického pohledu, tak z pohledu důkazové složitosti. Pohled skrze teorii modelu naznačuje, že malý iniciální segment libo- volného modelu omezené aritmetiky bude modelem silnější teorie. Jako příklad ukážeme, že každý polylogaritmický řez modelu V0 je modelem VNC. Užitím známé souvislosti mezi fragmenty omezené aritmetiky a dokazatelností v ro- zličných důkazových systémech dokážeme separaci mezi rezolucí a TC0 -Frege systémem na náhodných 3CNF-formulích s jistým poměrem počtu klauzulí vůci počtu proměnných. Zkombinováním obou výsledků dostaneme slabší separační výsledek pro rezoluci a Fregeho důkazové systémy omezené hloubky. Klíčová slova: omezená aritmetika, důkazová složitost, Fregeho důkazový systém, Fregeho důkazový systém omezené hloubky, rezoluce Title: On the Power of Weak Extensions of V0 Author: Sebastian Müller Department: Department of Algebra Supervisor: Prof. RNDr. Jan Krajíček, DrSc., Department of Algebra....
Multistage pump with counter - rotating runners
Müller, Patrik ; Pochylý, František (referee) ; Haluza, Miloslav (advisor)
The main objective of this thesis is to design blades for the axial pump with two counter-rotating rotors for design point. Then compare results with the standard concept with one runner and guide blades.
The Right to a Fair Trial
Müller, Pavel ; Reschová, Jana (advisor) ; Antoš, Marek (referee)
The aim of this theses is "The Right to a Fair Trial." I approach this topic both as a juridicial institute, where I describe it's content, and a philosophical - moral principle which should, in my opinion, run through the whole legal proceedings. (Among other things), my personal experience in a civil legal proceeding drove me to write this theses. On account of this experience I started to ask myself whether everyone is really entitled to the right to a fair trial and if the principle is really functional and running through the whole legal process or it's just a theoretical concept, more or less executed in a legal process. Comparison as objective as possible of a fair trial concept to the real state of this right's protection is one of the main aims of the thesis. Not just a confrontation between vision and reality, but also a proposal of their converging. In the first part of the theses I present a brief description of material and formal sources of information regarding the right to a fair trial from both the Czech and European point of view. In the second part I present a summary of works dealing with this topic in the Czech Republic which have been published so far. In the third part I theoretically elaborate partial principles of this right. In the fourth, and the last part of this thesis...
Prostředí pro vytváření umělých hráčů Texas Hold'em pokru
Müller, Pavol ; Majerech, Vladan (advisor) ; Hric, Jan (referee)
Hold 'em poker, a card game with incomplete, sometimes even misleading information, is probably going to be mastered by computer programs within a few years. This might be a big issue for the on-line poker gaming industry. In some variations of the Texas hold 'em poker it is already happening. This thesis explores a possibility of creating an automated no-limit tournament player for the less explored and the hardest variation of Texas hold 'em poker from a computer player point of view. Tools and methodology which allows universal and simple automated data extraction from on-line casinos based on optical recognition are going to be created. Automated operations in these casinos and environment for poker intelligence implementation will be included as well. An artificial poker player capable of playing in two casinos will be implemented in this environment to demonstrate its strength and usability. Known poker strategies and ideas are going to be introduced from the point of view of poker robot implementation. At the end, the automated poker player will be confronted in real situations and questions regarding misuse of automated poker players in on-line casinos based on gained experiences and results are going to be answered.

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