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Java Collections Performance Testing on Multicore Systems
Husar, Martin ; Müller, Petr (referee) ; Letko, Zdeněk (advisor)
This thesis deals with Java collections performance testing on multicore systems. The aim of the work is studying of core collections contained in Java Collection Framework and studying also some other collections from package java.util.concurrent and third-party project known as Javolution. The task was to suggest appropirate performance test for these collections and create based on its results a comparison. Afterwards the basic solution is an implementation of suggested tests in Java programming language and evaluation of achieved results.
Variations and other changes to public contracts under FIDIC standard forms
Müller, Petr ; Klee, Lukáš (advisor) ; Brodec, Jan (referee)
Variations and other changes to public contracts under FIDIC standard forms Abstract This thesis deals with variations and other change institutes according to the FIDIC Red Book (hereinafter referred to as "CONS") enforced under the Act No. 134/2016 Coll., On Public Procurement, as amended. The main aim of this thesis is to analyze the possibility to effectively implement complex construction projects in the Czech legal environment, especially with regard to the fact that individual complex construction projects deal with, in their implementation phase, the necessity to change the work, the price for the work, but also the time of completion and handover of a work due to unforeseeable or unforeseen circumstances. The law of public procurement, with reference to the principles of free competition and, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the management of public funds, limits the possibility of the public contract modifications by means of the doctrine of the substantial and non-substantial modification. Large construction projects often exceed the estimated value of the public contract by more than 100 %, which puts a great deal of pressure on the correct and lawful subsumption of changes under the legal grounds of modifications of the contract according to section 222 of the Act on Public Procurement....
Methodology of implementing a recommender system using the Soyka tool
Müller, Petr ; Gála, Libor (advisor) ; Fanta, Michal (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on content personalization and specifically on recommender systems. The aim of the thesis is to propose a methodology of recommender system implementation in e-commerce using the IT tool Soyka. Functions of personalization tools which directly support recommender systems are identified on the basis of a theoretical description of recommender systems and their technological approaches. Based on these identified functions the tool Soyka is classified. The main contribution of the thesis is the created and published methodology which is ready to be used on real implementation projects by anyone involved.
Birth and formation of South Sudan
Müller, Petr ; Romancov, Michael (advisor) ; Daniel, Jan (referee)
This thesis deals with the formation and creation of the Republic of South Sudan. The general part of this thesis is focused on describing of basic institutes of internetational public law which are connected with the creation of sovereign state. These institutes described in the perspective of international law are the theoretical basis for the special part of this thesis which deals with factors that led to the creation, such as the matter of history, conception of state boarders in Africa and diversity of population of united Sudan. The main chapter is the chapter that deals with the will and motivation of international community, more accurately the will and motivation of the members of the United Nations Security Council or the will of the African union. On the basis of aforementioned factors the Republic of South Sudan was created. This creation however caused a lot of economical problems for Sudan and led to the birth of the state that has poor infrastructure, poor rate of literacy and poor level of health care etc. The aim of this thesis is to precisely define the motivation and will of actors in this area that led to the creation of the Republic of South Sudan and its early adoption to the UN and the African union.
Tosks and Ghegs in Albania and their perception of Albanians in neighboring countries
Müller, Petr ; Kokaisl, Petr (advisor) ; Štolfová, Andrea (referee)
This thesis aims to examine ethnic identity of Albanians both inside and outside of Albania. This thesis is based on field research and qualitative research conducted in Albania and Kosovo. The thesis follows several basic ethnic differentiation characters and their relevance in the construction of ethnic identities selected groups living in Albania and Kosovo. The work is focused on the question of language, religion, historical memory, politics, ethnic stereotypes and perceptions of ethnic itself.
Hodnocení účinnosti separačního zařízení při separaci semen z matolin
Müller, Petr
This thesis was aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of the separation device for the separation of seeds from marc. The first chapter describes the characteristics of marc and how is obtained. In the second chapter, the work was focused on the possibility of using the marc in waste management and food industries. The next chapter deals with separation technology and its technical support, which describes the different technologies and processes for the separation. The work also highlights the technological capabilities of drying seeds vine after separation. The experimental part of the work is focused on the evaluation of the separation of selected varieties. This assessment is complemented by tables and graphs of the results of the experiment. In the last chapter of the thesis focuses on determining the cost of separation of seeds and draft technological lines for medium and large wine-growing operations. Technological operations are accompanied by model proposals mobile and fixed lines.
Use of Peltier Elements for Temperature Cycling
Müller, Petr ; Starý, Jiří (referee) ; Šandera, Josef (advisor)
This project deals with the use of Peltier frames for thermal cycling in the implementation of rapid testing in the workplace for thermo-mechanical stress solder joints. Its base is describing the various parts of the workplace. Peltier effect is shown and Peltier cells are described, which is the base of the workplace. They are analyzed possible ways to control workplace and summarized their advantages and disadvantages. It was constructed and described the system entering temperature cycles with electronics indicating fault frame.
A Tool for Evaluation of Quality of Contribution to Open-Source Projects
Špigel, Radim ; Müller, Petr (referee) ; Smrčka, Aleš (advisor)
The aim of this work is an examination of contributions quality in development of open-source projects written in programming language Pytho. Detection of this quality is being probed by static analysis tools and hypotethical algorithm which is based on duration of curent contribution changlessness. In this work there is a basic description of revision control systems and distributed system Git. There is also a mention about basic software metrics and D3 library.
Lombok Framework Study
Paštrnák, Ján ; Müller, Petr (referee) ; Letko, Zdeněk (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to analyze Lombok framework and its usage for the development of Java programs. Framework Lombok enables the generation of a primitive, often repetitive code during compilation of the annotated code. Using annotations, programmer specifies what and where the framework needs to generate during the compilation. This thesis explains the basic principles of the framework and design tests that demonstrate practical aspects of its use for creation of Java programs. Emphasis is placed on the estimation of the time saved through the development of Lombok, study its influence on the process of compilation and testing framework integrity with three development environments - NetBeans, Eclipse and IDEA InteliJ. The thesis summarizes the pros and cons of using this framework in real work.
Detection of Expressions with Undefined Behavior in C Language
Hellebrandt, Lukáš ; Vojnar, Tomáš (referee) ; Müller, Petr (advisor)
Práce se zabývá detekcí nedefinovaného chování v programech v jazyce C. Zaměřujemese na nedefinované chování vznikající nesprávnou prací se sekvenčními body a vedlejšími efekty. Provedeme teoretický rozbor a pojmy jako nedefinované chování nebo vedlejší efekt zasadíme do kontextu práce. Dále vysvětlíme nebezpečnost konstrukcí vedoucích k nedefinovanému chování. Navrhneme metodu pro automatickou detekci zmíněného druhu nedefinovaného chování. Nakonec navrhneme a implementujeme nástroj pro jeho automatizovanou statickou detekci a popíšeme principy funkce tohoto nástroje. Při jeho návrhu klademe, narozdíl od současných řešení, důraz na funkčnost i v případě přístupu k paměti přes ukazatel nebo z volané funkce. Práce obsahuje příklady nebezpečných konstrukcí, na některých z nich jsou demonstrovány funkce vytvořeného nástroje.

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