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Variability of spinopelvic alignment in human evolution
Mrázková, Karolína ; Rmoutilová, Rebeka (advisor) ; Hora, Martin (referee)
Spinopelvic alignment is caudal part of spine and pelvis, its sagittal geometry keeps stability of upright posture and bipedal locomotion. The aim of this bachelors thesis is to describe factors which influence spinopelvic parametres and to summarize main changes of spinopelvic alignment in the human evolution. Although during ontogenesis spinopelvic alignment is formed by acquisition of upright posture and bipedal locomotion, it is very variable in modern human and some parameters stay relatively plastic whole life. It enables to keep biomechanically useful geometry of spinopelvic alignment and to compsate factors which influence spinopelvic alignment. During evolution of hominins spinopelvic alignment changed in context of using bipedalism. It seems that there were exceptions which suggest that there was not just one adaptive way to upright posture and bipedalism.
Physical fitness Identification of members of the Czech athletic federation centres
Mrázková, Karolína ; Vindušková, Jitka (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
Title: Physical fitness identification of members of the Czech Athletic Federation Sport centres Objectives: The aim of the study is to find out whether coaches from the Sport centres of the Czech Athletic Federation understand the importance of the mandatory testing and monitor the motor and physical development of their athletes in other ways. Whether coaches are satisfied with the form of the mandatory testing and if they consciously influence the results of their athletes. Methods: To compile the theoretical part of this thesis, the method of literature research was used. The input data for the research was collected using an electronic questionnaire. The data was converted from the web form into an excel file and then statistically processed. Open-ended questions were evaluated individually. The evaluation of the results is demonstrated in graphs. Results: The evaluation of the questionnaire responses revealed that the majority of the coaches perceived the importance of the testing. Motivation for the mandatory testing is for them the opportunity to monitor motor and physical development of athletes. The importance of the testing was also confirmed by the fact that 78,18 % of the respondents also test athletes for their own purposes beyond the mandatory testing. Most coaches confirmed that...
Performance assumptions of female pole vaulters
Mrázková, Karolína ; Vindušková, Jitka (advisor) ; Feher, Jan (referee)
Titel: Performance assumptions of female pole vaulters Goals: The aim of this thesis is organization acquired information from inland and foreign literature about the structure of sport performance in pole vault and analyzing the performance assumptions of the junior world champion 2018 in this event. Method: Informations were collected from books, articles & researches, from bachelor and master theses and training diares. All results were recorded in charts and graphs. In this thesis was used method of description, research and comparsion. Results: It was found that, Amálie Švábíková has the perfect performance assumptions for the pole vault. She is tall and light-weight, which are ideal indicator of elite athletes in this event. She is very well prepared at the fitness page, which confirm results from the motor tests, specific tests and run-up velocity results. She has a gradual increase in performance. If no injury happens during the preparation, we can expect a high bars clearance from this athlete. Key words: athletics, pole vault, women, technique, fitness

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