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Geophysical prospection of Early Medieval settlements
Marešová, Barbora ; Valenta, Jan (advisor) ; Vošvrdová, Eliška (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on geophysical prospecting within non-destructive archaeology. To successfully carry out a geophysical survey on an archaeological site, it is important to understand the physical principles of the methods used as well as the history and characteristics of the site. This thesis aims to provide a comprehensive overview of this problem. The literature review begins with an explanation of the physical parameters that form the basis of geophysical prospecting, followed by an overview of the methods used for geophysical surveys. Finally, a practical example of geophysical prospecting is presented on the Praha-Královice site. The methodology, data processing, and interpretation of the results are also described in detail. The exploratory part of the thesis discusses how this prospecting led to the discovery of new information about the site, including the position and size of the medieval rectory. Additionally, this thesis provides a comparison of this prospecting with other published geophysical surveys of archaeological sites. Key words: geophysics, electromagnetic induction measurements, GPR, early Middle Ages, archaeology, Praha-Královice, rectory
Teacher's attitudes towards inclusive concept of basic education
Marešová, Barbora ; Němec, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Felcmanová, Lenka (referee)
This thesis deals with the concept of inclusive education in primary schools. The aim of this thesis is to find out what positives and negatives teachers see in inclusive concept of basic education, and what recommendations could help the functioning of the inclusive education process. The work is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part focuses on the process of inclusion and inclusive education, including a description of concepts, principles and manifestations. In the theoretical part, an inclusive school environment, including actors of an inclusive process is also approached. The basis for the practical part is the survey, which aims at finding the attitudes, opinions and suggestions of primary school teachers on the issue. The results of the research show that the current concept of inclusive education is misunderstood by most teachers and, unfortunately, most of them disagree with this concept. They see the risk of burden not only for children and teachers, but ultimately also for the entire school system, which may lose its quality. In spite of this, they find certain benefits in inclusive education, mostly in the fact that children can learn mutual motivation, cooperation, necessary social skills, and try to perceive and respect differences, which will help...
Possibilities of physiotherapy for children with faulty posture in middle school age
This thesis focuses on incorrect body posture of older school-age children and possibilities of physiotherapeutic methods that can be used for this particular age stage. Incorrect body posture is often included among social diseases that are to a great degree caused by lack of exercise and one-sided life style. Generally it is about remaining in static positions and decrease of physically demanding work. The aim of my work is to outline the problem involving children of this particular age range and to evaluate the influence of physiotherapeutic treatment with older school-age patients having incorrect body posture. Theoretical part of the thesis describes correct body postures, muscular chains involved in torso stabilisation, anatomy of deep stabilisation system and incorrect body posture itself. The next chapter deals with older school-age stage from somatic and motor development viewpoint. The last chapter describes physiotherapeutic methods that can be used to treat this health issue. For the empirical part of the paper I chose qualitative research method with two girls of older school-age. Each of them was instructed with a series of set exercises they were to do at home during the whole therapy time approx. 10 weeks. In addition to that, they came in for 9 sessions, during which we focused on their incorrect body posture and other acute problems they had. Short-term and long-term physiotherapeutic plan was proposed based on the anamnesis and kinesiological analysis gained at the beginning and at the end of the therapy. Examples of several exercises aimed at chosen topic are enclosed. This thesis can serve both the professional and the lay public in order to inform them about possibilities of different physiotherapeutic methods that can be used when treating incorrect body posture.

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