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Prefixes and prefixoids of Latin and Greek origin as a prerequisite for understanding foreign words in four-year grammar school students
Králová, Eliška ; Janovec, Ladislav (advisor) ; Šindelářová, Jaromíra (referee) ; Mitter, Patrik (referee)
Classical languages - Latin and Greek - have been influencing the vocabulary of the Czech language throughout its independent development. Both languages contribute to the process of creating new words to a large extent even today. This does not apply only to terminologies of various scientific fields but also to the naming of phenomena and facts of our everyday life. In connection with globalization and the general effort for language internationalization, classical languages, thanks to their flexibility and ability to link with domestic and foreign word-forming components, are very intensively involved in neology. The aim of this dissertation is to demonstrate how high the level of understanding of word-forming components from Latin and Greek is shown by students in the 1st and 4th year of the four-year general grammar school, and to what extent possible unfamiliarity prevents them from a correct understanding of similarly formed expressions. The tool for determining the scope of knowledge among students was a didactic test administered at five four-year grammar schools in the Czech Republic, and every time, for comparison, in all parallels of the 1st and 4th year. The results of the research may help to improve the didactic processing of the curriculum in Czech language classes, and to enhance...
Critical issues in Czech language teaching at lower secondary education
Baloušová, Lucie ; Janovec, Ladislav (advisor) ; Pacovská, Jasňa (referee) ; Škodová, Svatava (referee)
The dissertation focuses on critical aspects of teaching syntax in the 7th grade of primary school. The topic of didactic processing of syntax has resonated among linguodidactics and teachers for years. A primary reason for focusing on syntax teaching is the absence of research and more comprehensive handling of critical teaching points in syntactic education. The current trend in Czech language didactics is aimed at developing students' communicative competence, enabling them to make conscious choices of linguistic resources to achieve their communicative intent. This choice should be appropriate for the communication situation. Therefore, our dissertation research focused on teaching syntax, which plays a key role in this aspect. Through experimental research, we observed Czech language lessons (specifically syntax lessons) at various Prague primary schools, made audio recordings of these lessons, and took field notes. Considering the second semester of the 7th grade and the topics taught according to the available educational programs, we obtained a balanced material that included lessons on sentence members and subordinate clauses. The research also included an analysis of curricular materials and textbooks, focusing on the communicative aspect. The collected research material was then...
Lubrication of flanges of railway vehicles by ecological lubricants
Janovec, Ladislav ; Šperka, Petr (referee) ; Nevrlý, Josef (advisor)
The Aim of this thesis is to search and analytical evaluation of different approaches applied by producers in the field of wheel flanges lubrication of railway vehicles by means of ecological lubricants. The analysis focuses on the cyclical and continuous methods of lubrication of different types of central lubrication systems placed on the railway vehicles.
An analysis of motorcycle driving properties
Janovec, Ladislav ; Růžička, Bronislav (referee) ; Mazůrek, Ivan (advisor)
This thesis deals with evaluating methods of vehicle driving characteristics with focus on dumping units analytical assessment. In theoretical part thesis describes some of today analytical methods used in practice and in experimental measurement. Analytical methods allow objective evaluation in the assessment of driving characteristics. Main objective of the thesis was to formulate two independent methodical procedures for analyzing motorbike driving characteristics with the subsequent practice verification.
The Language of the Messages From Internet Discussion Boards' Participants
Oliva, Michal ; Janovec, Ladislav (advisor) ; Chejnová, Pavla (referee)
The presented diploma thesis focuses on discussing the theoretical and practical issues of the formal aspect typical of the written messages produced within Internet discussion boards. The first of the three sections comprising the theoretical part of this thesis defines and generally describes the scope of computer-mediated discourse, including an outline of its typology. It also concentrates on the complex characterisation of the communicative process typical of computer-mediated discourse from the viewpoint of its various components - particularly the participants, the communication channel and the specific features of the electronic language code. Next, the author addresses the definition, typology, structure and functioning of the genre aspect of Internet discussion boards; this section emphasizes the typical features directly affecting the nature of the language interaction taking place and the overall messages produced. The third section aims at describing the relationship between the written and the spoken aspect of the language discourse representative of computermediated communication and hence it provides the theoretical framework for the practical part of the thesis in which authentic material collected by the author is closely examined. Frequency analysis method allows the author to record the...
The Concept ÚSPĚCH ("SUCCESS") in Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary School Students' Linguistic Picture of the World
Cinkrautová, Karolína ; Janovec, Ladislav (advisor) ; Pacovská, Jasňa (referee) ; Saicová Římalová, Lucie (referee)
The topic of the dissertation is the concept of ÚSPĚCH ("SUCCESS)" in the linguistic picture of the world of Czech students. We consider the research aimed at a deeper understanding of the linguistic picture of the world of children and youth to be highly topical, which corresponds to the current trends in the field of linguistics and didactics. Theoretically and methodologically, it is based on cognitive linguistics and Polish ethnolinguistics, linguistic disciplines focused on the research of the relationship between language and culture, which work with the concept of a linguistic picture of the world. The thesis also draws on American cognitive linguistics, which studies the theory of conceptual metaphor, as well as Czech and foreign didactic applications of the theoretical foundations of cognitive linguistics. The thesis aims to reconstruct the linguistic picture of ÚSPĚCH ("SUCCESS") in a specific group of Czech native speakers - lower secondary and upper secondary school students. The analysis of dictionary, textual and empirical data obtained through a specifically designed questionnaire led to the construction of a cognitive definition of ÚSPĚCH ("SUCCESS") and the reconstruction of the stereotype of a successful person on the basis of semantic aspects (profiles) and metaphors through...
Somatism in Czech and German Phraseology
Máchová, Miroslava ; Janovec, Ladislav (advisor) ; Chejnová, Pavla (referee)
This Master's Thesis deals with the linguistic picture of the particular somatisms in Czech; their emergence is then compared with their equivalents in German. The theoretical part explains the basis of cognitive and cultural linguistics as linguistic picture of the world, categorization, anthropocentrism, metaphor, metonymy and linguistics in the context of cognitive science. The practical part summarizes the particular use of somatisms within the phraseological units of both languages. The analysis is based on the the profile theory and its image schema. This language background is accompanied by the non-linguistic discipline, psychosomatics, whose premises proved to be useful.
Using Board Games in the Czech Language Lessons in Primary School
Siberová, Karolína ; Janovec, Ladislav (advisor) ; Doležalová, Eliška (referee)
The aim of my diploma thesis is to enrich the first stage with aids that can be used effectively in Czech language lessons, it will be possible to easily modify and use them across the first stage of basic education, at the same time it will entertain pupils and motivate them in further education. These are board games, which are described in more detail in the last paragraph. The first half of the work is theoretically focused. It explains the definition of the game from various sources, draws attention to the importance of the game in human life and how it develops individual skills. It also presents the history of board games. Here you will also find an explanation of individual concepts related to games and the school environment. It includes a justification of the didactic potential of board games in Czech language lessons. Last but not least, there is also a short analysis of the part of the FEP related to the Czech language with comments on how the outputs can be fulfilled or key competencies can be developed through board games. The second part of the thesis contains a questionnaire mapping the use of board games in the Czech language, and the way in which teachers are perceived. Evaluation of existing board games on the market, which are designed for Czech language lessons. The practical...

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