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HR marketing in a selected organisation
In this bachelor thesis I dealt with the issue of Human Resource marketing in a selected organisation with the concept of personnel marketing. Personnel marketing is divided into internal and external personnel marketing. Personnel marketing is focused on processes of obtaining human resources, selecting human resources and retaining current human resources in a company. Another discussed topics were benefits and bonuses, opportunity of career growth and building the Employer brand. The conclusion of the bachelor thesis contains the proposed changes and some measures that make selected company more prosperous.
Study of the Effect of EGFP on Cytotoxicity of Platinum-based Drugs
Musilová, Markéta ; Čečková, Martina (advisor) ; Štaud, František (referee)
Charles University in Prague Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradci Králové Department of pharmacology and toxicology Mgr. Markéta Musilová Master thesis Study of the effect of EGFP on cytotoxicity of platinum-based drugs Abstract The aim of the present study is to investigate possible impact of EGFP on the resistance of cancer cells to platinum-based drugs (cisplatin, carboplatin and oxaliplatin). The work follows on our previous study with BCRP efflux transporter, which suggested that higher resistance of cancer cells to platinum-based drugs is caused rather by the presence of EGFP than by the efflux transporter. To confirm this hypothesis series of cytotoxic MTT tests were performed on human Hep2 parent cell line and Hep2-EGFP cell line transfected for the expression of EGFP. Our results demonstrated higher tolerance of transfected Hep2-EGFP cells to platinum-based drugs compared with the parent Hep2 cell lines. Based on the obtained results we conclude that EGFP interferes with the toxicity of platinum-based drugs, which can cause misinterpretation of results obtained in the cytotoxicity studies.
Beginning teacher from the point of view of daeling with professional qualities
Musilová, Markéta ; Tomková, Anna (advisor) ; Mazáčová, Nataša (referee)
The thesis "Beginning teacher from the point of view of dealing with professional qualities" reacts to the actual theme of seeking professional competencies of teachers and of suitable evaluation methods. It focuses on the work of beginning teachers and their professional quality and on further incentives for their professional growth. At the same time identifies what helps novice teachers during the first years of teaching activities. In the theoretical part knowledge and opinions of specialists are summarized and organized into three chapters. The experts were selected according to themes: teacher quality, professional competence, teaching profession, training of teachers and their support in practice. The practical part presents qualitative research which through the research methods (questionnaire, interview, data analysis, case study) describes the reality of beginning teachers work in primary school. The research try to answer the question: How teachers in the early years of practice manage its activities to evaluate their professional quality, what are dealing with and what helps them to be a good teacher. The most challenging task for beginning teachers is the timing of educational activities and managing with everyday practical and administrative activities. They are sure in the areas of...
The system of remedial measures
Musilová, Markéta ; Frintová, Dita (advisor) ; Vyskočilová, Silvia (referee)
Theme of thesis The system of remedial measures Abstract This master's thesis deals with the issue of correction systems and remedial measures based on them in the Czech legislation. The aim of this work was to describe individual aspects of the appeal, cassation and revision correction system on the current regulation. This thesis includes the characteristics of correction systems from a theoretical point of view and the application of the principles of correction systems in the Czech legal regulation of remedial measures. The master's thesis consists of seven chapters. The first chapter is a general introduction to the correction procedure. It explains the concept of a correction system and describes the general features according to which the individual systems are divided. The second chapter characterizes the individual correction systems. The chapter is divided into three parts. First, the appeal system is characterized, which is divided into the complete and incomplete appeal system, then the cassation system and finally the revision system. The third chapter is devoted to remedial measures in our legislation. Remedial measures are characterized and proceedings of individual remedial measures within the current legislation are further discussed. This chapter has two parts. The first one is about a...
Position of a radiology assistant in the legislation of the Czech Republic and the European Union with a focus on education
This bachelor´s thesis focuses on education in the branch of Radiology assistance. It presents an overall view of establishing radiology assistants´ organisations, various levels of cooperation in this branch and employment in practical training in the Czech Republic as well as in the European Union. This thesis is theoretically - practical. The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on gathering and processing all accessible information about the education system of radiology assistance in the Czech Republic, as well as in some selected countries of the EU. It describes history of this branch and its organisations in the Czech Republic from the time of their establishing up to the present day. It gives a brief overview of the legislation related to this profession. The thesis deals with pre-graduate and post-graduate education and compares their level with four European countries, namely Austria, Germany, Italy and Great Britain. It describes the best known radiology assistant associations in the Czech Republic and in the individual EU countries mentioned above; the options of accredited courses and also professional training. It gives an overview of all universities and colleges in the Czech Republic, ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) documents and Diploma supplements. Moreover, the work focuses on the possibility of a study or work connection of European countries via the Erasmus+ programme and others. It includes radiology assistant qualifications and the possibility of their use in the labour market. The practical part presents the results of a research focused on the numbers of students and graduates of universities and colleges providing radiology assistance education and numbers of radiology assistants employed in the Czech Republic. Results of the study will be used for evaluation of the present state of the educational system, or possibly for its improvement. It will also help the radiology assistants-to-be have an easier start of their career.
Paramedic's readiness and knowledge during the transportation of a patient with high level infections illness
The Bachelor thesis focuses on the readiness and knowledge of paramedics dealing with patients infected by a highly infectious disease. The aim is to analyze both processes of paramedics during transportation of these patients and find out the most frequent diseases paramedics encounter. There are two parts in the thesis, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part informs about infectious diseases, its originators, symptoms and the course in general. There are chapters dealing with highly infectious diseases and imported illnesses. Health and safety rules, description of personal protective equipment as well as proper sanitation and hand disinfection is included. The important part of the thesis is an introduction of Biohazard team, the role of paramedic, paramedic driver and the overall integrated system. There are ways to be pursued when taking care of a patient who is probably infected by infectious disease, how to complete the safety action and rules of decontamination. The research has two main aims. First, analyzing knowledge of paramedics during transportation of patient infected by highly infectious disease. Second to map the most frequent diseases paramedics encounter. Qualitative research methods are used. Data colletion is based on a loosely structured approach of interviewing seven paramedics working for "Zdravotnická záchranná služba Jihočeského kraje." Given the results of this bachelor thesis we can say that paramedics usually do not have many experience with a higly infected patient´s transportation. Even though they might have theoretical knowledge, it is often not correct. In reality it can endanger their lifes.
Food tourism trends on an example of starting up a new business
Musilová, Markéta ; Dianová, Markéta (advisor) ; Tyslová, Irena (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the modern trends in the area of food tourism in terms of starting up business focused on food tours for tourists in Prague. The main objective of the thesis is to analyze food tourism market environment in Prague. Based on that the author will assess whether the new business will be successful on the market. The theoretical part is devoted to the terminology of tourism, gastronomy development and modern trends in supply and demand of food tourism. In practical part of the thesis the author deals with methods of analysis of the market environment. Enterprise´s external environment is analyzed by using PEST analysis, internal environment is analyzed by analysis of competition using Porter´s Five Forces and Strategic Group Map. Finally, the author evaluates results of the survey in order to analyze demand for products on food tourism market.
Environmental Education in the Czech Republic with Reference to Scouting Experience
Musilová, Markéta ; Zvěřinová, Iva (advisor) ; Duffková, Jana (referee)
The aim of this paper is to highlight the concept of environmental education as a strategy to support pro-environmental behaviour. Paper connects environmental education with Scouting and suggests their possible closer cooperation. It tries to support this connection by mapping work scoutmasters with nature. The research was carried out using qualitative method of "Understanding interview". The interviews were conducted with scoutmasters of girls and boys troops. Thanks to different variables of the observed units, such as the practices in the country or in a major city, it shows a number of different circumstances. Research suggests a different work with nature in urban and rural sections and also some gender differences. Interviews and observation also revealed some findings related to contemporary changes like working with technology, higher demands on education of children and also worries of parents. Besides analysing the differences, is the research deals also with reflection of scoutmasters on the topic of pro-environmental behaviour within scout centres and troops. These all findings may serve as a feedback for the environmental department of Scouting and for those who would try to support environmental education in "Junák".
Effect of kinesiotape on range of motion in the flexion of the trunk measured from standing position
Musilová, Markéta ; Pavlů, Dagmar (advisor) ; Malá, Jitka (referee)
The title of the diploma's thesis: Effect of kinesiotape on range of motion in the flexion of the trunk measured from standing position. Objective/ Aim: The main aim of this work is to evaluate whether the kinesiotape applied to the paravertebral muscles of the lumbar spine affect the range of motion in trunk flexion from standing position. Another aim is to exclude the possibility of a placebo effect by using control material in an identical manner. Methods: The data required for the practical part of this work were obtained on the basis of experimental measurements, where the kinesiotape was applied to the paravertebral muscles of the lumbar spine and it evaluated the change in range of motions in trunk flexion from standing position. The measurements were taken on the basis of the Thomayer and Schober sign. The controll group was measured in a similar way with a material fixomull, which has similar attributes as kinesiotape. Data were analyzed using MS Excel and in a program Gretl. Results: Stastically significant results showing that kinesiotape affects the increase in the trunk flexion motion with the average value of 2,24 cm (t(24) = 2,86, p <0,05) in total and 0,51 cm (t(24) = 0,67, p <0,05) for local effect in the place of use of kinesiotape. Measurement with fixomull hasn't shown...

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