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Human-like conversations with Digital Personas: Conversational strategies that support mutual understanding
Kunc, Benjamín ; Šipošová, Barbora (advisor) ; Nováková Schöffelová, Miroslava (referee)
Communication is a collaborative process, and as such requires the communicators to create common ground - the assumption that they mutually understand each other on a sufficient level (Clark, 1996). The AI-powered virtual agents capable of using natural language to communicate with humans have recently attracted the attention of both the general public and experts, as the progress enables humans to give virtual agents more complex tasks in which a conversation itself is a crucial part of a task, such as in education, healthcare or mental health. While the virtual agents are getting better at understanding natural language, their ability to fulfill complex independent tasks (conducting semi-structured interviews, tutoring, coaching, etc.) is bounded by the limitations of their communication skills, and thus they perform the best at rather short, domain-specific conversations (Drouin et al., 2022). The goals of this thesis were to 1) create an experimental framework designed for a brief (5min) social voice chat between humans and virtual agents that would allow to experimentally manipulate different conversational strategies; 2) propose the first set of conversational strategies for mutual understanding and suggest appropriate self-report and behavioral metrics to measure the impact of the...
Benefit of language skills training according to Elkonin for children's language skills
Šišková, Dorota ; Nováková Schöffelová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Málková, Gabriela (referee)
Phonemic awareness which will be discussed in the diploma thesis is considered to be one of the important predictors of future success in reading and writing. In the theoretical part, we define basic concepts, focus on predictors of reading and writing and the phonological deficit in child development. The research part is conceived as a quasi-experiment in which we monitor the impact of Trénink jazykových schopností dle D. B. Elkonin on the language skills of preschool children. Our goal of the thesis is to evaluate the effect of the Czech adaptation of the intervention program for children and to capture the changes as a result of the implementation of this intervention program. The research sample consists of an experimental group and a control group. Before and after completing the intervention, the children were tested and measured for their level of phonemic awareness (specifically, a test of isolation of the first and last sounds, synthesis of sounds). Children from the experimental group were also measured with a sentence repetition test. The results of the research investigation showed a positive effect of the subject intervention in the area of children's language development. Children who were weak in the area of their language development before the training showed significantly better...
Lodlová, Zdeňka ; Nováková Schöffelová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Viktorová, Ida (referee)
The thesis focuses on the development of pre-reading literacy in preschool education, specifically, the development of phonological awareness using the Elkonin method adapted for the needs of kindergartens. Phonological awareness is "the ability to be aware of the phonological structure of speech, which includes an awareness of syllables in words, rhymes, and individual sounds of speech, i.e. phonemes." (Nováková et al., 2020, p. 23) This ability is a component of school maturity and readiness, and a good level of this skill is crucial for seamlessly emulating reading and writing in the first stage of elementary school. The theoretical part of the thesis presents a basic definition of the legal norms of preschool education and the Framework Educational Programme in relation to pre-reading literacy. It also introduces the development of preschool children as well as the issue of school ripeness and readiness. The empirical part deals with research related to piloting the emerging modification of the Elkonin method for use in kindergartens. The aim of the research is to verify whether the new regulation of Language Skills Training based on the method developed by D. B. Elkonin is suitable for working with a group of preschool children in kindergarten and whether it develops phonematic awareness and...

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