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Management of nursery school with more separated workplaces
Pucandlová, Jana ; Trunda, Jiří (advisor) ; Lisnerová, Romana (referee)
Final thesis presents a comparison of the management of kindergartens, which are divided according to given specifications. This segmentation was the fact kindergartens with more separated workplace, which became the subject of further research. In the theoretical part defines the basic concepts of management. The survey is aimed at business functions. Terminology each function highlights the importance of the issue of management control. In the empirical part was used a quantitative survey questionnaire form created in Google Docs. The results were transferred to the clear graphs and tables for further use. Works by respondents from the region Mladá Boleslav, where forty-six nursery schools. Subsequent research was focused on qualitative research with a focus on kindergarten with more separated workplace. Respondents with personal meetings to answer questions formulated. These survey results were recorded in tabular summaries and further processed for further research. The information obtained with the respondents in managerial positions revealed an overall view of managing organizations. Followed by consultation respondents confirmed or clarified the statement recorded in the survey. The aim of this work is to compare kindergartens by factual data. Outcomes of the investigation and a summary of...
Education in Transition: Comparison of the Educational System in the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia in the Early 21st century
Mujanović, Mihad ; Trojan, Václav (advisor) ; Lisnerová, Romana (referee)
The present work compares the educational systems in the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia in the period of political, econom- ic and social transformation after the fall of the communist regimes in 1990. These states were chosen considering their shared historical experience, similar social and economic conditions and shared vision of the inevitable democrati- zation and European integration (in Serbia after 2000). In a diachronic com- parison, a special emphasis is put on the analysis of the constitutional anchoring of the education, education legislation and government and ministerial strategic documents. In this respect, all four countries are nearly identical; the constitu- tions mention education only marginally, but the relevant laws are very volumi- nous and they are changing as often as elected political representatives. At first, long-term development plans blindly followed European reform trends, then these plans were more focused on specific measures under local conditions. In a synchronous comparison the special attention is paid to the current parame- ters of the educational systems and basic educational statistics at various levels of education from pre-primary to tertiary education. There were no apparent significant deviations, although individual countries...
Central management and selection of teachers
Galejová, Adéla ; Lisnerová, Romana (advisor) ; Trojanová, Irena (referee)
This bachelor thesis is about select of new teaching staff, directors requests that the new teacher puts and a comunication between the top management and middle management. The goal of this work is to inform how to operate competitions in school, whether the director delegates some job to his middle management, if yes, to whom delegates specifically. What are requirements for new teachers and the comuniaction between director and his underlings. The practical part of this work consists of two parts - first part prepared on an assesments. Participants in this research were employers of middle management. The second part was developed through interviews with directors of school. Keywords management motivation comunication supervisor and subordinates conflict the tender employee skills
Competence of the Chief Teachers of Professional Training at Secondary Schools
Kouba, Roman ; Trojanová, Irena (advisor) ; Lisnerová, Romana (referee)
(angl.) Thefinal thesis dealswithdeterminationofthecompetenceofthechiefteachersofprofessionaltrainingatsecondarys chools (CTPT). Thetheoretical part explainsthe term competence, introducesthelinks to theliterarysources and thepreviousresearch, givesreasonsforchoosingtheinitialtheoreticalcompetence model according to whichtheresearchcompetenceischosen. Theresearchgivesresponses to thequestionsconcerningthedemandedcompetencefor CTPT, whethertheprofessionalcompetenceis more importantthantheothers and howimportanttheindividualcompetences are. Theresearchalsoinvestigates in thepossibilityofusingtheCTPT'smanagingcompetence to improvetheirlessons. Theresearchprojectincludes a quantitativeresearchatsecondaryschools in the region of Ústí nad Labem making use ofquestionnairesdesignedfortwogroupsofrespondents - the CTPT and theheadteachers. Theoutcomesofthequestionnaires are verified in structuredinterviews.
Time management of a nursery school headmistress
Bernasová, Jana ; Lisnerová, Romana (advisor) ; Trojan, Václav (referee)
Time management mapping appears to be the objective of this bachelor's thesis. The time management issue has been worked up in final bachelors' theses which were studied by the author of this thesis for purposes of synthesis and summarizing results of more empiric studies carried out by many authors. The author of this thesis also formulated the essence and gave some systematic survey of results of the current time management research resulting from the given sample of bachelors' theses. Evaluation of knowledge, information and principles significant for making time management within the school management more effective is an object of the research. The theoretical part of the thesis contents concepts, rules, principles and techniques of the time management based on the professional literature. The method of meta-analysis has been used to sort out the knowledge on time management in various spheres resulting from the college students' research. This bachelor's thesis summarizes and evaluates the knowledge, information and principles significant for making the time management within the school management more effective and consequently it also gives some survey of the research results publicized in those bachelors' theses. The final part of this thesis generalizes those results. Above all this...
Evaluation and self-assessment directors of kindergartens
Francová, Hana ; Trojanová, Irena (advisor) ; Lisnerová, Romana (referee)
This thesis deals with the evaluation and self-assessment of the directors of kindergartens. It maps the criteria that founders of the kindergartens use for evaluating the work of the directors of kindergartens. Another area of the research is the self-evaluation of the directors. It is based on theoretical knowledge, practical experience and empirical research. It focuses on the mapping of the evaluation system of the directors of selected kindergartens. Keywords: assessment, self-assessment, criteria
Balancing Work with Life of Education Managers
Müllerová, Olga ; Voda, Jan (advisor) ; Lisnerová, Romana (referee)
This Thesis looks closely at the problematic harmony of personal and business lives of Educational Professionals. It examines different aspects important in this area. The theoretical part of this Thesis is focused on the heavy workload experienced by School Principals, the different sources of the workload, stress, health and life balance, health risks prevention, time management and further personal development. Practical part consists of data analysis obtained from a survey of Educational Professionals in three different types of schools and tenure recommendation. KEYWORDS: Harmony of personal and business life, Educational Managers'workload, life values, work place stress, life and lifestyle, lifestyle balance.
Nonfinancial remuneration of teachers in preprimary education
Valtová, Věra ; Trojanová, Irena (advisor) ; Lisnerová, Romana (referee)
The thesis deals with non-financial remuneration of teachers in pre-primary education . The introductory part is devoted to a general definition of basic concepts, the theory of human resources and remuneration. The next section is characterized by financial and non-financial forms of remuneration . There are specified the different types of rewards . The final section analyzes the choice of the most efficient and preferred forms of non-financial reward teaching staff of pre-primary education . It compares the views and preferences of headmasters and teachers. KEYWORDS Human resources, human resources work, human resources management, human resources activities, remuneration, direkt financial and nonfinancial compensation, preprimary education
Proceedings of the adaptation process of preschool children on entry into primary education, possible problems and their prevention
Kapsiová, Ivana ; Lisnerová, Romana (advisor) ; Trojanová, Irena (referee)
The objective of the thesis was to prove that legal entities interconnecting primary school and kindergarten provide better conditions for adaptation of a child to the first grade. Further it aimed at proving that legal entities established in villages or in small urban districts have better conditions to ensure the child's adaptation. The theoretical part presents an overview of factors which influence the adaptation of children, both in terms of management and in terms of child psychology. The research part focuses on listing the adaptation problems which affect transition of children from kindergarten to primary school, and it also examines the conditions created by headmasters of primary schools in relation to management of the adaptation process. The final part deals with evaluation of the obtained data and proposes ways to solve prevention of adaptation problems in children.

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