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Islam and the Political System of Iran
Kafková, Michaela ; Lisa, Aleš (advisor) ; Prorok, Vladimír (referee)
The main topic of the diploma thesis is the influence of the islamic religion over the political system of The Islamic Republic of Iran. The thesis includes characteristics of the emergence of islam and expansion, and a summary of the main types of Islam, focusing on Shia Islam. Following is a summary of the development of the governmental units, which existed on the territory of todays Iran, including descriptions of the political systems. It focuses on the role of the social class of so called ulamá (Shia clerics). The thesis then characterizes the government of the Pahlavi Dynasty, the Islamic Revolution, and the current political system of Iran. Afterwards it describes the current domestic and foreign policies of Iran, the Iranian nuclear program issue, and human rights conditions in the country. The objective of the Thesis is to answer the following questions: what are the main reasons of Irans negative approach to the western world (particularly the USA) and of the negative approach of the western world (particularly the USA) towards Iran; whether or not it is possible to call the current political system of Iran an orthodox theocracy; and whether or not Irans politics can be a potentional threat for the stability of todays world.
Business environment development in the context of smart cities: A guidebook to support the Prague creative industry sector
Cséfaiová, Dóra ; Dvořák, Antonín (advisor) ; Lisa, Aleš (referee)
This bachelor thesis connects two global trends of urban development: the concept of smart cities and the growing significance of cultural and creative industries. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, aiming to keep up with the abovementioned trends, announced its own initiative, Smart Prague, which includes a vision to stimulate the local sector of cultural and creative industries. After the introduction of key concepts and the situation monitoring of respective areas in the Czech Republic, the thesis proposes several possible measures to support the Prague ecosystem of cultural and creative industries.
Political and Economic Consequences of the European Migration Crisis for Germany
Gierlinger, Simon ; Vymětal, Petr (advisor) ; Lisa, Aleš (referee)
Since 2015 massive migration movements into the European Union, mainly towards Germany have occurred, causing the so-called European migration crisis. This thesis aims to identify the political and economic consequences of this crisis for Germany. It focuses on the questions of what the political consequences on a national and international level are, what the economic consequences in terms of fiscal impact and labor market implications are, and which recommendations can be given to policy makers. As a fundamental theoretical understanding of migration is necessary to formulate a profound policy recommendation, existing political and economic theories of migration are described in the first chapter. For the identification of the political and economic consequences a thorough understanding of the European migration crisis is a prerequisite, which is why an overview of the context of the crisis is given in the second chapter. The question of the political consequences on the national and international level is answered in the third chapter. The fourth chapter provides the answer to the question of the economic consequences in terms of fiscal impact and labor market implications. The thesis relies on the analysis of several studies, official documents, reports and reliable news articles. It concludes with a policy recommendation which is consistent with the gained insights.
Územní plánování - Metropolitní plán hlavního města Prahy
Volfová, Adéla ; Vymětal, Petr (advisor) ; Lisa, Aleš (referee)
Urban planning form the space occupied by people, but their participation ratio is low. In spite of the fact that they can be concerned in city planning for example to be engaged in interest group, that could affect it. The thesis aim the question of the affect on the process of making Prague Land Use Plan (Metropolitan plan). The theoretical part defines the detailed explanation of the city planning and presents project submission of Metropolitan plan, and also set the context. In the practical part of the thesis the urban agents and their interests are charactised. The process of urban planning is influenced by three obligatory urban agents - the public, the interest groups and the political representation. The conclusion of this work is setting the way of affecting and their classification.
Islámská revoluce v Íránu - k lepšímu nebo k horšímu?
Zadeh, Jana ; Lisa, Aleš (advisor) ; Prorok, Vladimír (referee)
The thesis focuses on the Islamic Revolution of Iran by a comparative analysis of the monarchy regimes before and after the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Although there is little doubt that the transformation of Imperial Iran to the Islamic Republic has played a vital catalyst in redrawing the "greater" Middle Eastern geopolitics ever since this thesis aims to compare the historical development of Iran during the monarchy and the effect of the revolutionary institutions brought on the Iranian society. Despite the extensive amount of resources used in this thesis being both from Iran and abroad, the author has made every effort to reduce the effects of the influences whether from the overzealous defenders of monarchy or the die-hard revolutionaries to a bare minimum and allow the facts on their own to project the picture through an objective lens. The goal of the thesis is for the objective research and comparison to try and provide a factual answer to the million-dollar question, whether the revolution was for better or for worse.
Management of textile waste from housholds in Czech Republic
Nencková, Lucie ; Hadrabová, Alena (advisor) ; Lisa, Aleš (referee) ; Hájek, Miroslav (referee)
Proper consumer attitude towards textile products and optimal post-consumer waste management of textile waste is connected with many benefits. Despite this fact, little research has been conducted on these topics. Textile waste represented mainly by donated textile from households and its material flow in waste streams mirrors the behaviour of our consumer society as well as new technologies in textile and fashion industry. More information about consumer attitude and behaviour toward textile and textile waste is needed to provide suitable waste management processes according to the hierarchy of waste management, such as re-use and energy recovery, and to ensure sustainable development and minimal impact on the worlds wellbeing. This study takes into account not only waste management of textile waste, but also tries to understand all textile issues in a wider perspective. Particularly fashion industry is connected with many negative ethical aspects (e.g. sweatshops), and many environmental issues are connected with overproduction of lower-quality textile products. Proper handling of post-consumer textile products is only one of the product life cycle stages to be solved. The main goal of this study is to discuss the results of a consumer attitude and behaviour questionnaire toward textile and textile waste from households in the Czech Republic. The study also includes partial hypotheses and an analysis of interest groups as other possible sources of information to form proper textile waste management policy tools and strategies.
Activities of trade unions in the Czech republic
Štáhlová, Eva ; Vymětal, Petr (advisor) ; Lisa, Aleš (referee)
Thesis focuses on activities of Czech unions on an example of ČMKOS. Main ideological influences are presented as well as historical evolution regarding Czech trade unions. The text is further focused on the role trade unions played during the Velvet revolution and transformational aftermath. Next chapters analyse the current role of unions, challenges they are facing and what kind of instruments they are using to support their demands. The analysis applies on ČMKOS and deals with personal staffing and relationships with political parties. Last part handles coverage ČMKOS is getting from Czech media.
The 2015 Refugee crisis and politics of the Czech Republic
Woloszczuková, Kristýna ; Prorok, Vladimír (advisor) ; Lisa, Aleš (referee)
The theses deals with the most current problem of refugees stemming from the Syrian crisis, and the consequences the migration crisis can have for stability and the overall political situation in the chosen region. Due to the fact that the Syrian crisis is felt not only in the region, the aim of this thesis is to look at the impact of subsequent migrant crisis on the EU with focus on the Czech Republic. Despite various attempts by the international community, including the EU and the Czech Republic itself, to stabilise the situation the migration crisis is not, within a short and midterm time frame, closing to an end, and it is necessary to focus on possible negative consequences it may bring. The aim of this thesis is to uncover possible political repercussions. Even though, the Czech Republic is in reality afflicted by the migration wave on a minimal scale, the main hypothesis of this thesis is that the current migration wave has an influence on its political scene. The thesis is focusing especially on extremism in the Czech public and consequently in the political scene.
Analysis of Ethical and Anti-Corruption Agenda in Defense Companies in the Czech Republic
Eibl, Milan ; Vymětal, Petr (advisor) ; Lisa, Aleš (referee)
International studies concerning the implementation of ethical and anti-corruption agenda suggest, that defence companies from Czech Republic do not live up to same standards as a global ones. Goal of the thesis is to verify, whether This hypothesis is true for other Czech Defence companies too. The theoretical part summarises the modern historical period of the evolution of the defence industry in the Czech Republic and analyse main anti-corruption institutions and legal documents. The last two chapters carry out analysis of a state of anti-corruption agenda implemented in a group of Czech defence companies and a practical examples of its importance in a four case studies about main corruption cases in the Czech Republic. The result shows, that Czech companies are at the same level as a global average, but there are serious deficiencies in mechanisms concerning anti-corruption measures.
Electoral Engineering at Local Level in the Czech Republic: Case Study of Prague, Olomouc, Ústí nad Labem, Most
Kuchařová, Milena ; Lisa, Aleš (advisor) ; Němec, Jan (referee)
The master's thesis deals with local elections in the Czech Republic from the point of view of electoral engineering. Theoretical part of the thesis is focused on the elections, electoral systems and variables of electoral systems. The main variables are electoral district magnitude, electoral formula, legal threshold and the number and character of tier districting. The thesis then describes issue of gerrymandering and malapportionment from the theoretical perspective. The next part of the thesis deals with legislative framework of the local government elections from 1989 including rules and problematic characteristics of current electoral law for electing members of municipality. Empirical part of the thesis analyses local elections in the Czech Republic and results of the elections between 1994 and 2014. In the last chapter, division of the territory into electoral districts is assessed with an emphasis on principle of equal weight of votes and degree of proportionality. Comparison was carried out by using two indices of proportionality, Loosemore and Hanby index and D'Hondt index.

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