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Fairtrade in international companies
Lakoštíková, Eliška ; Dvořák, Antonín (advisor) ; Kolínský, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor´s thesis is dedicated to the issue of Fairtrade certification in international companies. The main objective is to analyse the benefits of obtaining certification for chosen companies and the impact on their image considering attitudes and consumer awareness of Fairtrade trademark. Thesis is divided into three chapters. The aim of the first chapter is to familiarize the reader with the term fair trade, its historical development and to focus more closely on the role and activities of the World Fair Trade Organization. The second chapter concentrates on Fairtrade certification, specifically FLOCERT, the main certification and controlling body, and Fairtrade International. The chapter describes the process and criteria for obtaining certification, and the last subchapter informs the reader about the three basic types of Fairtrade trademark. The third chapter consists of a questionnaire on consumer awareness about Fairtrade trademark and analysis of companies, such as Ben & Jerry´s a Pfanner. Information about companies was obtained through publicly available resources and individual interviews with representatives of these companies. The synthesis of the results of these two researches fulfilled the main goal of this thesis.
The development of consumtion of rewewable energy sources in the Czech republic after 2000
Mrůzková, Veronika ; Dvořák, Antonín (advisor) ; Hadrabová, Alena (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the consumption of renewable energy sources in the Czech republic thesis is divided into three parts, first chapter is theoretical and the second and the third are practical. The theoretical part deals with these terms: renewable energy sources, working of each of chosen sources and the suitability of chosen source in the Czech republic. Second chapter covers specific terms such as extension of each chosen source in the Czech republic, granted subsidies for renewable energy sources and total costs of these subsidies. The reason of extention of renewable energy sources can be found in this chapter. Last chapter descibes technical and economical characteristics of chosen biogas plant. It also evaluates the investment by using different methods such as cash flow, NPV, IRR or payback period. This chapter contains sensitivity analysis too. This analysis shows how sensitive are the costs of biogas plant.
Business environment development in the context of smart cities: A guidebook to support the Prague creative industry sector
Cséfaiová, Dóra ; Dvořák, Antonín (advisor) ; Lisa, Aleš (referee)
This bachelor thesis connects two global trends of urban development: the concept of smart cities and the growing significance of cultural and creative industries. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, aiming to keep up with the abovementioned trends, announced its own initiative, Smart Prague, which includes a vision to stimulate the local sector of cultural and creative industries. After the introduction of key concepts and the situation monitoring of respective areas in the Czech Republic, the thesis proposes several possible measures to support the Prague ecosystem of cultural and creative industries.
Gender equality as one of the sustainable development goals
Povýšilová, Emília ; Dvořák, Antonín (advisor) ; Fleissner, Kamil (referee)
The aim of this Bachelors Thesis is to introduce the issue of gender equality in the context of the multicultural world of the 21st century and find out if it has already been achieved. Gender Equality is one of the Sustainable Development Goals and hence a part of The 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development. This Agenda is trying to ensure a good life for the future generations. The theoretical part describes the main factors that have an influence on the position of genders in the society. The main factors include historical development (natural work division and stereotypes), geopolitical conditions and religion (cultural traditions). Next, the problem is looked at from the perspective of two developed countries, to be specific, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom, describing their labour markets using the glass-ceiling index. The practical part compares the collected theoretical data with the data collected in my questionnaire held in the Czech Republic and the Great Britain.
Logical foundations of fuzzy mathematics
Běhounek, Libor ; Jirků, Petr (advisor) ; Gottwald, Siegfried Johannes (referee) ; Dvořák, Antonín (referee)
The dissertation consists of the author's published papers on logic-based fuzzy mathe- matics. It is accompanied with a cover study (Part I of the thesis), which introduces the area of logic-based fuzzy mathematics, argues for the signicance of the area of re- search, presents the state of the art, indicates the author's contribution to the eld, and comments on the papers comprising the thesis. Fuzzy mathematics can be characterized as the study of fuzzy structures, i.e., math- ematical structures in which the two values 0, 1 are at some points replaced by a richer system of degrees. Under the logic-based approach, fuzzy structures are formalized by means of axiomatic theories over suitable systems of fuzzy logic, whose rules replace the rules of classical logic in formal derivation of theorems. The main advantages of the logic-based approach are the general gradedness of dened notions, methodological clarity provided by the axiomatic method, and the applicability of a foundational architecture mimicking that of classical mathematics. Logic-based fuzzy mathematics is part of a broader area of non-classical mathematics (i.e., mathematical disciplines axiomatizable in non-classical logics), as well as a specic subeld of general fuzzy methods. Following earlier isolated developments in logic-based fuzzy set...
Assessment of Policy Changes of the Impacts of Urbanization, Economic Growth and Decentralization of Water Services with Regard to Water Quality in Mexico
Lara Cervantes, René Fernando ; Šauer, Petr (advisor) ; Dvořák, Antonín (referee) ; Hájek, Miroslav (referee)
The thesis studies the case of water quality in Mexico as a crucial factor to prevent water scarcity. This is an important issue for Mexico since more than half of its territory is arid or semi-arid; moreover, the most productive regions are located in areas with significant water resources stress. In this regard, the current situation of water scarcity is studied from the changes in water management derived from the evolution of institutions in the country. The institutional changes were analyzed mostly in the transition from a centralized water supply and sanitation services with strong state intervention to the decentralization of such services that were transferred to municipalities. Decentralization was addressed by analyzing the performance of water supply and sanitation services in urban areas that are expected to continue growing in the near future. The literature shows that the decentralization process has been partial and has not improved as expected the performance of water supply and sanitation services, moreover, due to political reasons, limited human and financial resources it introduced more challenges to the accomplishment of sustainable water management. More importantly, the federal government is still the main agent for the development of the water sector in Mexico. The next part of the analysis consist of a quantitative and qualitative evaluation regarding water quality for the three most productive Hydrological-Administrative Regions (HARs) of Mexico in the period of 2003-2013. The HARs chosen are the HAR VI Río Bravo, HAR VIII Lerma Santiago Pacific and HAR XIII Waters of the Valley of Mexico which are very similar in terms GDP share and water stress degree. Through OLS regression models for each HAR the impacts of demographic, economic, water supply and sanitation services aspects were tested to known their effects on water quality. In order to improve the discussion of the results, additional to the comparison with the results of the literature review, three experts were asked to answer a questionnaire about the regressions outcome. The discussion showed different impacts of the independent variables in the dependent variable of each HAR, sometimes leading to unexpected results. The main conclusions of the thesis relate to the improvement of decentralization of water and sanitation services, to the need to improve data for future analyses and pay more attention to water quality issues. In this regard, decentralization requires to consider contextual differences in order to seize its advantages to improve the performances of water supply and sanitation services, moreover, at the operative level water management decisions must be taken without political interests involved. The statistical analyses stressed the need to develop more reliable data about water management issues to improve the understanding of factors that could potentially affect water quality. In this regard, the creation of useful statistical indicators to assess the evolution towards sustainability in water management. The considerations for future research must consider more seriously water quality issues. This topic has been often ignored, however, it is crucial for water scarcity abatement.
Design of experimental device for durability testing of bearings
Frejlich, Tomáš ; Dvořák, Antonín (referee) ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with the structural design and subsequent implementation of a functional prototype of an experimental device for durability testing of bearings. The first part of the thesis deals with an overview of the current state of knowledge and summarizes information about testing the durability of bearings. In the next part follows the design, selection and analysis of the optimal design variants. The last part deals with the verification of the functionality of the prototype bearing life testing and evaluation of data measured during testing.
Present and perspectives of the use of alternative energy sources
Šimíková, Barbora ; Hadrabová, Alena (advisor) ; Dvořák, Antonín (referee)
Thesis focuses on real dimensions of the global energy problem. It tries to evaluate current fossil fuel resources and other factors as their allocation and utilization. The work also aims at alternative energy sources as the possible solution of the energy problem. It presents the legislative support, current use and future perspectives of the alternative sources within the European Union and Czech Republic.
The development and orientation of the Czech environmental politics in the historical and geopolitical context
Leimerová, Magdalena ; Hadrabová, Alena (advisor) ; Dvořák, Antonín (referee)
The diploma essay named The development and orientation of the Czech environmental politics in the historical and geopolitical context aims to introduce in detail the forms of the Czech environmental politics since 1990. The first chapter of the essay provides readers with the theory of environmental politics and sustainable development, for example with different types of environmental instruments, actors or goals. Three following chapters are grounded in this theory and in detail introduce the main pillars of the environmental politics of the Czech Republic, or rather CSFR. The development of the Czech environmental politics is in the essay divided into a few phases, the accession to the EU represents the main milestone. The fourth chapter summarizes the development of the Czech environmental politics, compares it with the environmental politics of the EU and offers the evaluation of the current form of the Czech environmental politics.
The potential of deep seabed polymetallic nodules
Tormová, Lucia ; Dvořák, Antonín (advisor) ; Hadrabová, Alena (referee)
The deep seabed polymetallic nodules are one the major types of deep-sea ore resources. Oceanic deposits of these raw materials represent a potential source of numerous metals that are in short supply on the land-base deposits at the nearest future. The process of geological survey to the deep ocean floor is considered to be an onset of a quantitatively new stage in the process of mineral resource extraction. Continuation of the on-going work on polymetallic nodule deposits within the Clarion-Clipperton Zone is regarded as a serious task to be undertaken over a period until the year 2025, with a due consideration to advance in designing of an efficient mining unit and application of modern processing technologies for extraction of major metals : manganese, nickel, cobalt and copper. A prerequisite of a rational management of oceanic resources is the preservation of natural oceanic environment. Considered is the extraction's profitability of a concrete deposit within the Clarion-Clipperton Zone, which is the exploration area of the IOM, with annual production scale of 2.2 Mt of wet nodules for the year 2025.

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