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The development of consumtion of rewewable energy sources in the Czech republic after 2000
Mrůzková, Veronika ; Dvořák, Antonín (advisor) ; Hadrabová, Alena (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the consumption of renewable energy sources in the Czech republic thesis is divided into three parts, first chapter is theoretical and the second and the third are practical. The theoretical part deals with these terms: renewable energy sources, working of each of chosen sources and the suitability of chosen source in the Czech republic. Second chapter covers specific terms such as extension of each chosen source in the Czech republic, granted subsidies for renewable energy sources and total costs of these subsidies. The reason of extention of renewable energy sources can be found in this chapter. Last chapter descibes technical and economical characteristics of chosen biogas plant. It also evaluates the investment by using different methods such as cash flow, NPV, IRR or payback period. This chapter contains sensitivity analysis too. This analysis shows how sensitive are the costs of biogas plant.
Waste Management Forecasting in the Czech Republic
Černík, Bohumil ; Benešová, Libuše (advisor) ; Hadrabová, Alena (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (referee)
Conclusions The objective of work was to describe in this forecasting target a future development of municipal waste management system in the CR by 2015 (2020), find out the most important factors and describe possible risks of the development thereof. Moreover, the partial objective was to specify instruments for the elimination of possible risks and propose measures for the implementation of relevant instruments. The future development of municipal waste industry in the CR is predetermined by the development of the Czech economics and environmental legislation. When considering cohesion of economics of the CR and EU countries the prognosis subject is connected with the condition of European economy in a near future, and with the process and results of laying down the European directives relevant to waste management. A result of the forecasting work is the ascertainment that serious problems are to be awaited by 2015 with reference to the predicted development of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of household (municipal) waste, requirements of legal regulations in the area of recycling and recovery of packaging waste, regulation and reduction of landfilling of waste, and restriction of energetic recovery of municipal waste declared by the Government. One of the most decisive measures for the...
Management of textile waste from housholds in Czech Republic
Nencková, Lucie ; Hadrabová, Alena (advisor) ; Lisa, Aleš (referee) ; Hájek, Miroslav (referee)
Proper consumer attitude towards textile products and optimal post-consumer waste management of textile waste is connected with many benefits. Despite this fact, little research has been conducted on these topics. Textile waste represented mainly by donated textile from households and its material flow in waste streams mirrors the behaviour of our consumer society as well as new technologies in textile and fashion industry. More information about consumer attitude and behaviour toward textile and textile waste is needed to provide suitable waste management processes according to the hierarchy of waste management, such as re-use and energy recovery, and to ensure sustainable development and minimal impact on the worlds wellbeing. This study takes into account not only waste management of textile waste, but also tries to understand all textile issues in a wider perspective. Particularly fashion industry is connected with many negative ethical aspects (e.g. sweatshops), and many environmental issues are connected with overproduction of lower-quality textile products. Proper handling of post-consumer textile products is only one of the product life cycle stages to be solved. The main goal of this study is to discuss the results of a consumer attitude and behaviour questionnaire toward textile and textile waste from households in the Czech Republic. The study also includes partial hypotheses and an analysis of interest groups as other possible sources of information to form proper textile waste management policy tools and strategies.
Present and perspectives of the use of alternative energy sources
Šimíková, Barbora ; Hadrabová, Alena (advisor) ; Dvořák, Antonín (referee)
Thesis focuses on real dimensions of the global energy problem. It tries to evaluate current fossil fuel resources and other factors as their allocation and utilization. The work also aims at alternative energy sources as the possible solution of the energy problem. It presents the legislative support, current use and future perspectives of the alternative sources within the European Union and Czech Republic.
The development of environmental policy in the Czech republic and its intenational aspects
Králíková, Petra ; Hadrabová, Alena (advisor) ; Nencková, Lucie (referee)
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to introduce the development of environmental policy in the Czech Republic since 1990 and problems connected in particular periods with implementation of goals of environmental policy. The first chapter focuses on definition of basic terms, principles, goals and tools of environmental policy. The second chapter deals with the development of this policy in the Czech Republic and the cooperation with international organisations. The third chapter is focused on environmental policy of the European Union -- its authorities, development and financing. The conclusion brings the evaluation of an impact of EU on this policy in the Czech Republic.
Voluntary approaches to the environmental protection and their use within enterprise
Kuchta, Jiří ; Geuss, Erik (advisor) ; Hadrabová, Alena (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of voluntary approaches to the environmental protection, it firstly describes the importance of protecting the environment, further regulation of environmental protection and possible approaches to environmental protection in the context of social development. Subsequently, attention is also paid to voluntary approaches to the environmental protection, namely the basic division of voluntary approaches to environmental management systems, environmental labeling, eco-design, cleaner production, all-out quality management and environmental management accounting. In the practical part of the text were evaluated voluntary approaches to environmental protection in selected companies, namely Unilever and Hochtief, through the realization of my research was mainly detected, whether the company was, is or will be, effective introduction of voluntary approaches to environmental protection or not, i.e. what are the motives of the company for the introduction and implementation of these voluntary approaches.
The development and orientation of the Czech environmental politics in the historical and geopolitical context
Leimerová, Magdalena ; Hadrabová, Alena (advisor) ; Dvořák, Antonín (referee)
The diploma essay named The development and orientation of the Czech environmental politics in the historical and geopolitical context aims to introduce in detail the forms of the Czech environmental politics since 1990. The first chapter of the essay provides readers with the theory of environmental politics and sustainable development, for example with different types of environmental instruments, actors or goals. Three following chapters are grounded in this theory and in detail introduce the main pillars of the environmental politics of the Czech Republic, or rather CSFR. The development of the Czech environmental politics is in the essay divided into a few phases, the accession to the EU represents the main milestone. The fourth chapter summarizes the development of the Czech environmental politics, compares it with the environmental politics of the EU and offers the evaluation of the current form of the Czech environmental politics.
Aguilar Bobadilla, Silvia E. ; Šauer, Petr (advisor) ; Hadrabová, Alena (referee) ; Dubová, Markéta (referee) ; Čermáková, Hana (referee)
The main scope of the work is to support a wider understanding of the achievements and limitations of economic analysis in historical contamination issues. The work describes how various schools of economics focus their study on environmental problems, specifically on Brownfields redevelopment. It presents the ideas of environmental economics, resource economics, free market environmentalism, institutional economics, political economy and ecological economics. The work includes a case study from the region of Ralsko in North Bohemia.
The potential of deep seabed polymetallic nodules
Tormová, Lucia ; Dvořák, Antonín (advisor) ; Hadrabová, Alena (referee)
The deep seabed polymetallic nodules are one the major types of deep-sea ore resources. Oceanic deposits of these raw materials represent a potential source of numerous metals that are in short supply on the land-base deposits at the nearest future. The process of geological survey to the deep ocean floor is considered to be an onset of a quantitatively new stage in the process of mineral resource extraction. Continuation of the on-going work on polymetallic nodule deposits within the Clarion-Clipperton Zone is regarded as a serious task to be undertaken over a period until the year 2025, with a due consideration to advance in designing of an efficient mining unit and application of modern processing technologies for extraction of major metals : manganese, nickel, cobalt and copper. A prerequisite of a rational management of oceanic resources is the preservation of natural oceanic environment. Considered is the extraction's profitability of a concrete deposit within the Clarion-Clipperton Zone, which is the exploration area of the IOM, with annual production scale of 2.2 Mt of wet nodules for the year 2025.
Národohospodářské modely dopadů opatření politiky životního prostředí na makroekonomické agregáty v České republice
Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze, Institut pro ekonomickou a ekologickou politiku při FNH, Praha ; Vlčková, Jitka ; Tošovská, Eva ; Ščasný, Milan ; Šaroch, Stanislav ; Slavík, Jan ; Pavel, Jan ; Hadrabová, Alena ; Brůha, Jan
Analýza politiky životního prostředí České republiky z hlediska konzistence; analýza změn spotřebního chování jednotlivců a domácností v důsledku aplikace politiky životního prostředí České republiky a Evropské unie; analýza dopadů politiky životního prostředí na rozhodování firem, zejména s důrazem na analýzu investiční aktivity vysokozátěžových firem a změny nákladové struktury; analýza dopadů obchodní politiky na životní prostředí; makroekonomické modelování dopadů opatření politiky životního prostředí.

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