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The phenomenon of "business parties" in the European and Czech context
Hudcová, Nikola ; Němec, Jan (advisor) ; Vymětal, Petr (referee)
The main aim of the diploma thesis is to introduce a new phenomenon the business-firm party, an organizational type of political party. The first chapter deals with the concept of political party and the development of organizational types. The second chapter describes the characteristics of a business-firm party and deals with business-firm parties in Europe: Forza Italia, Union of the Democratic Centre, Positive Slovenia and Your Movement. The last chapter focuses on business-firm parties in the Czech Republic: Public Affairs and ANO 2011. Both parties are analysed in the individual areas that are characteristic for this type of party. Based on the comparison of these two parties, I identify the factors that are key to the success of the business-firm party in the Czech Republic.
Political and Economic Consequences of the European Migration Crisis for Germany
Gierlinger, Simon ; Vymětal, Petr (advisor) ; Lisa, Aleš (referee)
Since 2015 massive migration movements into the European Union, mainly towards Germany have occurred, causing the so-called European migration crisis. This thesis aims to identify the political and economic consequences of this crisis for Germany. It focuses on the questions of what the political consequences on a national and international level are, what the economic consequences in terms of fiscal impact and labor market implications are, and which recommendations can be given to policy makers. As a fundamental theoretical understanding of migration is necessary to formulate a profound policy recommendation, existing political and economic theories of migration are described in the first chapter. For the identification of the political and economic consequences a thorough understanding of the European migration crisis is a prerequisite, which is why an overview of the context of the crisis is given in the second chapter. The question of the political consequences on the national and international level is answered in the third chapter. The fourth chapter provides the answer to the question of the economic consequences in terms of fiscal impact and labor market implications. The thesis relies on the analysis of several studies, official documents, reports and reliable news articles. It concludes with a policy recommendation which is consistent with the gained insights.
Political factors and corruption and its impact on FDI: case study of the Slovak Republic
Zeman, Adam ; Vymětal, Petr (advisor) ; Žamberský, Pavel (referee)
Foreign direct investment has been one of the main means of transferring and spreading economic progress throughout the world for at least a few decades. Its importance has risen by the technological development and globalization, especially in the second half of the 20th century. Technology and physical factors have become more mobile than ever. Therefore, the influence of country-specific factors such as domestic characteristics of the economy, level of corruption, or political factors on the movement of FDI has risen higher than ever before. The aim of the thesis is to point out whether non-economic factors, such as political factors or corruption, influence the decision to undertake FDI, or not. The thesis is based on the case-study of the Slovak Republic, specifically its automotive industry. The first part of the thesis introduces the main concepts and theories concerning with FDI and portrays its possible influencing factors. The second empirical part of the thesis illustrates the case of the Slovak Republic and its investment environment, specifically in the case of major automotive FDIs of the last two decades.
Controlling Institutions in the Czech Republic: Status and Role of the SAO
Hlaváčová, Kamila ; Dvořáková, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Vymětal, Petr (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with control mechanisms and the Supreme Audit Office of the Czech Republic, as the only constitutionally established control authority in the Czech Republic. The thesis deals with its position in the Czech legal system, its scope, the organizational structure and the principles in which the office operates, and last but not least its real control activities. The aim of the thesis is to analyze how far the Supreme Audit Office's audit findings lead to real remedy; i.e. the adoption of appropriate measures and their implementation. The theme of control institutions is not negligible and up-to-date almost constantly, as the existence of these institutions is one of the key conditions for the functioning of modern democratic states.
Územní plánování - Metropolitní plán hlavního města Prahy
Volfová, Adéla ; Vymětal, Petr (advisor) ; Lisa, Aleš (referee)
Urban planning form the space occupied by people, but their participation ratio is low. In spite of the fact that they can be concerned in city planning for example to be engaged in interest group, that could affect it. The thesis aim the question of the affect on the process of making Prague Land Use Plan (Metropolitan plan). The theoretical part defines the detailed explanation of the city planning and presents project submission of Metropolitan plan, and also set the context. In the practical part of the thesis the urban agents and their interests are charactised. The process of urban planning is influenced by three obligatory urban agents - the public, the interest groups and the political representation. The conclusion of this work is setting the way of affecting and their classification.
International Organizations and Their National Branches: The Case of UNICEF and the Slovak National Committee for UNICEF
Halabrínová, Michaela ; Dvořáková, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Vymětal, Petr (referee)
Since its establishment, UNICEF has been providing development and humanitarian aid in various regions of the world. Firstly, the aid was given to regions damaged by the Second World War. Nowadays, the aid is given to regions hit by natural disasters, wars, famine or diseases. In 2016, UNICEF celebrated 70th anniversary of its existence. In order to maintain its worldwide scope of performance for such a long time, it created a top-bottom organizational structure, from which a top is represented by the headquarter composed of the Executive Board with member states, the Bureau and the Office of the Secretary of the Executive Board. The bottom is represented by field offices and the National Committees for UNICEF, which directly implement the programs and initiatives of UNICEF, and ensure fundraising activities. On the other hand, they provide the top with feedbacks about carried projects and actual situations from their countries. The linking part between the top and the bottom of the organizational structure are regional offices and external committees across UNICEF, such as the Division of Private Fundraising and Partnership (PFP). PFP also manages relationships between UNICEF and the National Committees for UNICEF, which are autonomous nongovernmental organizations. The relation between UNICEF and the National Committees for UNICEF offers a unique example of how an international organization can manage its work. The case-study of the Slovak Committee for UNICEF portrayed more specifically how UNICEF coordinates its work within its structures and why it is a unique example. Furthermore, the case-study focused on answering if and to what extend are the activities of the Slovak Committee for UNICEF influenced by the national environment with its specifics and conditions. From another perspective, it focused on answering if the Slovak Committee can apply its own approaches toward its activities or it must follow general approaches settled by UNICEF.
Comparison of nongovernmental organisations' activities in the field of fight against hate speech in the Czech Republic and in Hungary
Dundáčková, Tereza ; Vymětal, Petr (advisor) ; Müller, Karel (referee)
The aim of this master thesis is to compare the activities of nongovernmental organisations working with the topic of hate speech in the Czech Republic and in Hungary in relation to the target group. In the thesis, three questions have been answered according to the results of the analysis done in the master thesis: Are the nongovernmental organisations in the Czech Republic and in Hungary working with the same kinds of hate speech in their project activities? Are the nongovernmental organisations in the Czech Republic and in Hungary focused on the same target group in their activities? Are the nongovernmental organisations in the Czech Republic and in Hungary active in the same environments during the project realisation? The methods that have been used in the thesis are description and comparative analysis.
Relations in the Region: exploratory study of political-administrative relations in regional public administration
Zápotocká, Veronika ; Müller, Karel (advisor) ; Vymětal, Petr (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with topic of political-administrative relations in Czech Republic only a little elaborated. The main aim of the thesis is to understand and find characteristic features of political-administrative relations in the region with the smallest and largest fluctuation of the regional political leader in Czech Republic. The work in research exploits the information from the previous knowledge and the already established theory of politico-administrative relations, which are significantly differentiated and varied and also offers data from its own empirical research carried out at the regional offices. After the theories of J. D. Aberbach et al., F. Schreues et al., G. Peters and especially the main theory of P. E. Mouritzen and J. H. Svara are presented, the author presents the findings of the qualitative research in the last chapter and tries to include them into these theories and typologies, and to specify the nature of the relations examined at the regional level and to draw attention to their possible influences and consequences on the functioning of regional polity.

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