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Political and Economic Consequences of the European Migration Crisis for Germany
Gierlinger, Simon ; Vymětal, Petr (advisor) ; Lisa, Aleš (referee)
Since 2015 massive migration movements into the European Union, mainly towards Germany have occurred, causing the so-called European migration crisis. This thesis aims to identify the political and economic consequences of this crisis for Germany. It focuses on the questions of what the political consequences on a national and international level are, what the economic consequences in terms of fiscal impact and labor market implications are, and which recommendations can be given to policy makers. As a fundamental theoretical understanding of migration is necessary to formulate a profound policy recommendation, existing political and economic theories of migration are described in the first chapter. For the identification of the political and economic consequences a thorough understanding of the European migration crisis is a prerequisite, which is why an overview of the context of the crisis is given in the second chapter. The question of the political consequences on the national and international level is answered in the third chapter. The fourth chapter provides the answer to the question of the economic consequences in terms of fiscal impact and labor market implications. The thesis relies on the analysis of several studies, official documents, reports and reliable news articles. It concludes with a policy recommendation which is consistent with the gained insights.

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