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The Use of Recursive Least Squares Method for Vehicle Dynamics Analysis
Sladká, Pavla ; Laurinec, Marián (referee) ; Porteš, Petr (advisor)
Tato diplomová práce nastiňuje teoretické základy potřebné pro návrh algoritmu rekurzivní metody nejmenších čtverců a následně jeho aplikaci na experimentální data naměřená při testovacím manévru uskutečněném v roce 2001. Analyzována byla příčná dynamika jednostopého rovinného modelu vozidla. Práce také obsahuje srovnání výsledků získaných jednak rekurzivním algoritmem a dále i algoritmem Kalmanova filtru.
Motor vehicle wheel suspension
Martínek, Tomáš ; Ambróz, Richard (referee) ; Laurinec, Marián (advisor)
This thesis deals with overview of different types of motor vehicle wheel suspension. Their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages are described along with several structural designs. Basic construction principles of commonly used shock absorbers are also presented.
Mathematical Model of motor vehicle driving gear
Marek, Petr ; Laurinec, Marián (referee) ; Porteš, Petr (advisor)
The subject of my master’s thesis is creating a mathematical model of motor vehicle driving gear using the software programs MATLAB / Simulink. The results are presented via graphs of the data gained from the simulation of a car driving on a determined track. The parameters used in the model come from a specific file and they can be changed anytime in order to correspond with the particular vehicle.
Measurement of Inertia properties of bodies for the purpose of mathematical modeling of vehicle dynamics
Dvořák, Karel ; Laurinec, Marián (referee) ; Porteš, Petr (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to create a concept of methods that can be used for measurement of important mechanical inertia properties of bodies -- the coordinates of center of gravity and the the moment of inertia tensor, in case we don't have 3D model of these bodies. The thesis divides this problem into several sub-problems and suggests the solutions for each of them. Required equipment was created and measurement was carried out. At the end the measured values are compared with the teoretical ones and accuracy of this method is determined.
Vehicle hybrid drive
Novák, Miroslav ; Prokop, Aleš (referee) ; Laurinec, Marián (advisor)
This bachelor thesis creates overview a modern hybrid drives car. In the thesis, there are the advantages and disadvantages all hybrid drives, availability and economy of operation. There is comparison of hybrid drives with internal combustion engines in conclusion.
Overview and basic principles of vehicle sensors and actuators
Pecka, Luboš ; Ambróz, Richard (referee) ; Laurinec, Marián (advisor)
In this thesis is written out an overview and a basic principles of a vehicle sensors and actuators, which are used for electronic control of Otto and Diesel engines. The thesis is focused on both, fuel injection control and also ignition control of Otto engine.
Basic construction principles of body vehicle aerodynamics
Oslizlo, Aleš ; Ambróz, Richard (referee) ; Laurinec, Marián (advisor)
In this thesis are explained basic construction principles of body vehicle aerodynamics, drag coefficient by circumfluence of vehicle, influence to pressures process and characteristics of boundary layer. Afterwards are shown basic aerodynamic shapes of body vehicle by personal, useful and racing cars.
Emission, its measurements and basic construction principles of emission control systems
Thorž, František ; Drápal, Lubomír (referee) ; Laurinec, Marián (advisor)
The topic of this thesis are the emissions which originate from burning fuel in combustion engines. The composition of the emissions, instruments for their measuring, methodology of the measuring and the problems associated with reducing emissions are listed. The thesis also includes selected emission standards.
Historical evolution and modern trends in passenger cars safety elements
Máčala, Stanislav ; Ambróz, Richard (referee) ; Laurinec, Marián (advisor)
In my bachelor’s thesis I focus on passenger cars safety. I summarize its history. I deal with active and passive elements of safety. One part is paid to car comfort system. There are also mentioned crash tests.
Mechanical design support of tractor’s cabin
Prokop, Aleš ; Laurinec, Marián (referee) ; Ambróz, Richard (advisor)
This Bachelor's thesis deals with the mechanical design support of tractor’s cabin. This work includes detailed versions of support and absorption of tractor’s cabine that are sold in the Czech Republic. The distribution is made in accordance with elements that appear in given concepts. This work contains solution of self construction concept of the placing with the help of mechanic dumper.

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