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Motor vehicle wheel suspension
Martínek, Tomáš ; Ambróz, Richard (referee) ; Laurinec, Marián (advisor)
This thesis deals with overview of different types of motor vehicle wheel suspension. Their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages are described along with several structural designs. Basic construction principles of commonly used shock absorbers are also presented.
SI Engine Con-rods Computational Comparison
Vetešník, Pavel ; Ambróz, Richard (referee) ; Ramík, Pavel (advisor)
Diploma work is focused on computational comparison of con-rod of spark ignition four-cylinder engine with volume 1289 cubic centimeters and con-rod of spark ignition three-cylinder engine with volume 1198 cubic centimeters. 3-D models of inspected con-rods were based on real shape. Force loads effects were established after kinematic and dynamic analysis. Stress analysis was made for these force loads effects in selected cases with help of Finite element method. Two con-rods were compared by using of these results.
Selecting Information System for a Small Company
Ambróz, Richard ; Ing. et Ing. Gregor T. Kovács (referee) ; Neuwirth, Bernard (advisor)
This diploma thesis discusses the methodology for selecting an information system to a smaller company. In the theoretical part of the work are described currently used information systems. Then it is analyzed the current situation in the selected company. Based on the analysis are shown necessary steps to tender for the supplier system. In conclusion it is suggested the methodology for evaluating bids, the financial evaluation and the expected benefits of successful implementation of the information system.
Electronic stability systems
Musil, Jan ; Ambróz, Richard (referee) ; Zháňal, Lubor (advisor)
In this Bachelor’s thesis there are basic electronic stability systems described. These systems are mostly used as a precaution in safety of the traffic, but also to ensure comfort of the crew. The main part of the thesis is focused on systems ABS, ASR and ESP. The other parts aim to describe additional systems, which are still in development. In the end there is also view of various individual car companies and possible steps in the future.
Overview and basic principles of vehicle sensors and actuators
Pecka, Luboš ; Ambróz, Richard (referee) ; Laurinec, Marián (advisor)
In this thesis is written out an overview and a basic principles of a vehicle sensors and actuators, which are used for electronic control of Otto and Diesel engines. The thesis is focused on both, fuel injection control and also ignition control of Otto engine.
Basic construction principles of body vehicle aerodynamics
Oslizlo, Aleš ; Ambróz, Richard (referee) ; Laurinec, Marián (advisor)
In this thesis are explained basic construction principles of body vehicle aerodynamics, drag coefficient by circumfluence of vehicle, influence to pressures process and characteristics of boundary layer. Afterwards are shown basic aerodynamic shapes of body vehicle by personal, useful and racing cars.
Analysis of Powertrain Acoustic Properties
Ambróz, Richard ; Novotný, Pavel (referee) ; Dundálek, Radim (referee) ; Píštěk, Václav (advisor)
Dizertačná práca rieši problematiku analýzy akustických vlastností pohonných jednotiek. V úvodnej časti je teoretický rozbor fyzikálnych princípov vibrácií a hluku a prehľad súčasného stavu riešenia problematiky v oblasti návrhu pohonných jednotiek. Vlastná časť práce popisuje konštrukčný návrh elektrodynamického budiča vibrácií, návrh hodnotenia výsledkov merania a taktiež spôsob spracovania výsledkov. Akustické vlastnosti sú hodnotené pomocou normálových rýchlostí kmitania povrchu. V závere práce sú prezentované ukážky využitia metódy v praktických príkladoch spojených s návrhom pohonnej jednotky. Celé riešenie predstavuje ucelený spôsob analýzy vhodný pre rýchle hodnotenie vplyvu konštrukčných úprav na akustické vlastnosti.
Historical evolution and modern trends in passenger cars safety elements
Máčala, Stanislav ; Ambróz, Richard (referee) ; Laurinec, Marián (advisor)
In my bachelor’s thesis I focus on passenger cars safety. I summarize its history. I deal with active and passive elements of safety. One part is paid to car comfort system. There are also mentioned crash tests.
Mechanical design support of tractor’s cabin
Prokop, Aleš ; Laurinec, Marián (referee) ; Ambróz, Richard (advisor)
This Bachelor's thesis deals with the mechanical design support of tractor’s cabin. This work includes detailed versions of support and absorption of tractor’s cabine that are sold in the Czech Republic. The distribution is made in accordance with elements that appear in given concepts. This work contains solution of self construction concept of the placing with the help of mechanic dumper.
Tractors brake systems
Pazour, Martin ; Prokop, Aleš (referee) ; Ambróz, Richard (advisor)
This Batchelor’s thesis deals with an overview of the contemporary brake system of tractors. Principles and constructions of brake systems will be described in this thetis. Then the braking dynamics will be analyzed and convenient brake system for tractor up to 90kW will be projected.

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