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Study of the formation of a polymorphic modification of Alite M1
Vašíček, Jan ; Všianský,, Dalibor (referee) ; Dvořák, Karel (advisor)
The work is devoted to the study of the preparation and stabilization of the monoclinic polymorphic phase of alite M1. The procedure of preparation and optimization was proposed in the work. The key finding was that a suitable design of the raw meal could be used to prepare the M1 polymorph in one step, but still with a persistent belite content. A significant shift was the elimination of the purification phase to 980 ° C.
Study of the development of Alite crystallinity
Lakomá, Karolína ; Fridrichová, Marcela (referee) ; Dvořák, Karel (advisor)
The bachelor thesis summarizes current knowledge in the field of preparation and various influences on the structure of alite in triclinic modification. The work is mainly focused on the study of the development of crystallinity during heating and short isothermal endurance. Within the work, the production of pellets is optimized and the functionality of the experimental furnace for firing triclinic alite is verified.
Study of stabilization of belite polymorphs
Mudroch, Ladislav ; Dvořák, Karel (referee) ; Gazdič, Dominik (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the study of the mineralogical composition of cement with a closer focus on belite, its polymorphism, production possibilities and stabilization. The theoretical part describes the composition of cement, its minerals and their properties. Furthermore, the possibilities of stabilization of various polymorphs of belite and their description are presented in this section. The practical part is a summary of the results achieved so far in the research at FAST VUT, THD. Based on this research, an experimental part was designed to verify the hypothesis of the effect of isothermal residence time on belite grain size and its mineralogical composition.
Possibilities of using tailings from the ore mining for the production of blended cements.
Šrámek, Ondřej ; Gazdič, Dominik (referee) ; Dvořák, Karel (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the possibility of partial replacement of Portland clinker in blended cements. It is focused on the study of the slate’s usability, especially their calcination ability and the analysis of the activatability of pozzolanic properties by a suitable temperature. A search of the available literature was performed in this work. Also suitable type of sedimentary slate was selected, on which a basic experiments was performed. The experiments showed that slate has enough minerals with the potential of pozzolanic properties and this was proved at a calcination temperature above 600 °C.
The Effect of Potassium Oxide K2O on the Purity of C3A
Jančíková, Andrea ; Ravaszová, Simona ; Dvořák, Karel ; Křištof, Michal
The article is devoted to the study of the preparation and stabilization of pure cubic phase of tricalcium aluminate C₃A. The findings from the literature and several experimental trials have been summarized. Based on these findings, the synthesis of C₃A was realized, and high purity of this mineral was achieved. Furthermore, the influence of foreign ions, mainly in the form of potassium oxide K₂O combined with Na₂O in the form of sodium oxide on the crystal structure was investigated. The transformation of the cubic phase of C₃A into an orthorhombic phase was observed when the amount of these ions in the structure was changed.
Capacity Planning Tool for Project Management Support
Zatloukal, Tomáš ; Dvořák, Karel (referee) ; Luhan, Jan (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with the design and realization of support software tool for production capacity planning in selected company. Functionality of the application will be designed according to theoretical findings (from the area of process management and business informatics) and analysis of business processes and user requirements. Final support tool should facilitate all management decisions regarding long-term planning of production and will be implemented in Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic for Applications.
Making AFt Stages of Hydration of Cement Mixed with Fluidized Fly Ash
Skřeček, Miroslav ; Dvořák, Karel (referee) ; Fridrichová, Marcela (advisor)
The work focuses possibilities of using FBC ash for composite cements. This thesis is oriented on monitoring and making AFt stages of hydration of composite cements. It is oriented on laboratory preparing of synthetic ettringit and thaumasite.
Preparation of the different C3S polymorphs and the determination of their properties
Ravaszová, Simona ; Všianský,, Dalibor (referee) ; Dvořák, Karel (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with the methodology of preparation of Alit – the main clinker mineral. The content of this work involves design and optimization of the methodology of preparation of pure Alit polymorphs, analysis of their properties by available analytical methods and evaluation of the change of crystallinity in the process of preparation of these polymorphs by XRD-analysis.
Research in the field of preparation of anhydrite binders
Hanáček, Jan ; Dvořák, Karel (referee) ; Gazdič, Dominik (advisor)
The presented bachelor´s work deals with a research and development of sulphate binders on a base of anhydrite with focus on its potential usage in the industrial production of dry mortar mixtures. Within the scope of this work a mineralogical analysis of two industry gypsum was performed as well as an assessment of technological attributes while hydrating a laboratory burnt anhydrite II.
Methods of excitation of binders based on anhydrite
Sedlák, Michal ; Dvořák, Karel (referee) ; Gazdič, Dominik (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the internal excitation of anhydrite-based mortars. In the theoretical part, the general theory of sulphate binders, the formation of gypsum binders and their resulting products during firing are described. The theoretical part also describes the anhydrite mortars, their hydration process and collects the existing research on anhydrite excitation in the world, where, among other things, it deals with the further usability of the resulting gypsum by-products. The experimental part focuses on the internal excitation of anhydrite, which is based on the existing research at the THD Institute. The work builds on previous studies that also dealt with internal excitation research. It includes an experiment performed to optimize the thermal regime in the form of increased isothermal endurance with subsequent evaluation by XRD analysis.

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