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Level of Understanding of Basics of Genetics and Molecular Biology by Students of Secondary Education
Machová, Markéta ; Ehler, Edvard (advisor) ; Zrzavá, Magda (referee) ; Králík, Miroslav (referee)
Genetics has been part of secondary education for decades. However, research on the outcomes of science education has long shown that pupils have various types of misconceptions and are not able to deeply understand the basic principles of heredity and genetics. This results in their inability to navigate in daily-life problems related to this topic and make informed decisions in their life. Deeper diagnostics of these problems as well as identification of their origin is still missing both abroad and in the Czech Republic, which unable to design effective steps leading to improvement of educational outcomes. Several analyses were conducted to describe the current state of genetics education at lower and upper secondary level in the Czech Republic from the perspective of the curriculum, textbooks, students understanding of the topic, conduction of the lessons and its impact on the students. Questionnaire was used as a main research tool. The questionnaire for pupils combined knowledge test and attitude items, while the questionnaire for teachers was used to reveal their approach and attitudes towards genetics lessons and teaching conditions of their school. Content analysis was used to analyse relevant documents affecting education (curricula and textbooks). The results pointed to problems at...
Analysis of Secondary School Pupils' Knowledge and the Interpretation of Evolutionary Biology by Teachers in the Czech Republic, England and Scotland
Hlaváčová, Lucie ; Teodoridis, Vasilis (advisor) ; Králík, Miroslav (referee) ; Švecová, Milada (referee)
An evolution is considered the single greatest unifying theory in biology. Therefore, evolution is a crucial topic from the perspective of didactics of biology because it reaches contemporary paradigm of science education. These doctoral thesis deals with the educative aspects in the field of evolutionary biology. Given the fact that educational content and understanding of causal patterns in science may be influenced by the sociocultural background, the whole research is carried out in comparison with Great Britain. The main aim of the thesis is carried out three successive analyzes. First, the occurrence and the content of definitions of evolutionary terms in Czech and British science or biology textbooks have been compared (16 Czech and 16 British textbooks). Data were evaluated using content analysis and hierarchical cluster analysis. Subsequently, a comparison of teaching evolution has been made using a questionnaire survey (350 Czech and 122 British teachers) and interviews (10 Czech and 7 British teachers). Finally, a comparison of the Czech and British pupils' knowledge and opinions on specific evolutionary topics were obtained via a questionnaire (964 Czech and 97 British pupils). Statistically significant differences between Czech and British respondents were verified by Chi-square test...
Vylepšení procesu digitální podpory použitím osvědčených postupů přístupem ITIL, Kanban a TOC v multikulturním prostředí
Králik, Miroslav ; Bruckner, Tomáš (advisor) ; Kalantar Hormozi, Kaveh (referee)
Many companies today have to deal with business processes optimization, ongoing removal of system obstacles and identifying any bottlenecks laying on the way which are preventing us to reach our goals. I would like to show how we have dealt with similar problems in our case applied in the department of web application maintenance. In the first chapter I will introduce the basic information about the history, environment the company operate in and maintenance activities which are part of the process. Following with description all of the system obstacles and bottlenecks identified in the process and possible solutions or improvements for their elimination. In the last chapter I will present the achieved results after my executing of the proposed improvements and if the expectations have been met or not and what positive or negative influence it has brought.
Maven repository management
Králik, Miroslav ; Pavlíček, Luboš (advisor) ; Pecinovský, Rudolf (referee)
In this thesis I would like to describe a tool used for build and categorize projects in Java language for commercial or non-commercial use. The first part is concerned with the tool called Maven that is used either for desktop projects or web projects. The aim is to present the purpose, operation principle and the role which represents the whole life cycle of the project compilation. This includes a description of its advantages and disadvantages of use and in case of use, model his communications with the remote Maven repository manager implemented with and without a repository manager. The second part is dedicated to the description of the most famous Maven repository managers, namely the Apache Archive, Sonatype Nexus and JFrog Artifactory, indicating their functionality. These managers I will try to compare with each other, indicating their advantages and disadvantages with regard to technology solutions to the most important functions. The last part, which can handle a detailed description of the installation and basic configuration of Sonatype Nexus application and also I will try to find solutions to difficult situations in the migrated data and existing users of Apache Archive.

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