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Highly gifted and talented pupils in scientific educational fi.ld and reality of school experience
Pánek, Lukáš ; Švecová, Milada (advisor) ; Sásiková, Kamila (referee)
This thesis deals with the occurrence of scientifically gifted students at Czech schools. The talent affects a person's life fundamentally but also it influences the lives of others people. These gifted and talented people usually become leading scientists and researchers. They can affect important social events significantly during their professional careers. After the family teachers and school are the most important part in development of the child. Therefore teachers should know what specific educational requirements gifted students have. It's necessary to determine the status of teachers. In the theoretical part of the thesis the main aim of the literary review was a theoretical background of the talent, the incidence of gifted pupils at Czech and foreign schools, the work with gifted pupils at foreign schools and educational institutions and associations working with gifted children. In the practical part of the thesis a questionnaire was created and then distributed to teachers of science subjects. The questionnaire has found foreknowledge Czech teachers of the concept of genius and talent. Whether teachers are able to identify gifted pupils in the classroom what forms of work with talented students are used and the questionnaire was evaluated. Proposals and suggestions were created for working with...
Cross-curricular theme "Forest" and forest pedagogy as one of the possibilities of its realization
Kozák, Jaromír ; Švecová, Milada (advisor) ; Mourek, Jan (referee)
Cross-curricular themes are important formative elements of education. A forest ecosystem is an environment with great importance and potential, and knowledge of forest ecosystem, processes taking place in it and human activities associated with it can be included in many educational areas. By combining these two phenomena we gain cross- curricular theme "Forest". A possible instrument for realization this theme is the forest pedagogy. In the theoretical part of the work is the term cross-curricular theme delineated and defined in general and also specifically on the example of cross-curricular theme "Forest". About the forest ecosystem are given knowledge that contribute to spreading the results of forestry research and to modernization of teaching about the forest ecosystem at elementary and secondary schools. The forest pedagogy is introduced as an instrument that can significantly contributes to deepen the learning points about "Forest" and its presentation as cross-curricular theme. In the practical part of this work are the results of a survey that contributed to the findings of the current state of implementation of cross-curricular theme "Forest" in teaching in elementary and secondary schools. They turned out, what is the awareness of forest pedagogy among teachers nowadays, and what...
Evaluation of didactic aspects of selected school textbooks
Pelouchová, Renáta ; Švecová, Milada (advisor) ; Mourek, Jan (referee)
The thesis entitled "Evaluation of didactic aspects of selected school textbooks" focuses on analysis, evaluation, comparison of didactic completeness, and text difficulty of selected biology textbooks. Beside of analyses of these evaluation criteria, the compliance of textbooks with Framework Educational Programme was proved. Furthermore, a survey among biology teachers was conducted to monitor the range of used textbooks on elementary schools and using of innovative technologies, such as electronic textbooks, in the educational process.
A school excursion for primary schoolers and high schoolers to the zoological garden Brno, animal behaviour study
Sedláčková, Kristýna ; Švecová, Milada (advisor) ; Mourek, Jan (referee)
The master thesis pursues the options of utilization of a zoological garden in Brno for the needs of the education school field trip. This thesis is dividend into two parts: theoretical and practical. The school field trip as a form of educational tool is introduced in the opening part. The following section deals with the significance and relevance of the zoological garden as an educational centre with regards to the history of the Brno Zoo. At the end of this section, ethology is presented as a fully-fledged science discipline. The main aim of the practical part of the thesis was creating a groundwork for interactive observation of the basic behavioural patterns of the animals in the Zoo. Methodical instructions for the set-up, execution and evaluation of this observation and work sheet are included. There are two additional components of the master thesis - school field trip motivational presentation in MS Power Point format and the blank work sheet, both to be found on CD.
Designing of the curriculum for vocational education and specific part of the school leaving examination at the secondary school providing four-year course of upper secondary vocational education
Dvořáková, Zuzana ; Dostál, Petr (advisor) ; Švecová, Milada (referee) ; Kubicová, Svatava (referee)
This thesis describes designing of the curriculum for vocational education and of the branch specific part of the school leaving examination. I have set two main targets: 1. To design the Framework Educational Programme (RVP) for the branches with the graduation from the "Ecology and Environment". 2. To observe the approach to the school leaving examination at "střední odborné školy (SOŠ)" (secondary school providing four-year course of upper secondary vocational education) that are focused on the natural science. Both of these goals were accomplished. Ad 1. As the coordinator for the ecological study branches at the National Institute of Technical and Vocational Education in Prague (NUOV), I coordinated and participated in the designing of the branch specific part of the RVP for the new branch "Ecology and Environment". Four original branches were merged into this single one after the revision and change of the branch system. The new RVP for Vocational Education for the branches with the school leaving examination "16-01-M/ 01 Ecology and Environment" was submitted to the Ministry of Education and it was approved in the May, 2008. Accordingly, the schools have to create their own Schools Educational Programme (ŠVP) within two years and they have to apply it at the classes from 1 September, 2010.
Komplex school excursion with usage protected territorys - CHKO Czech karst
Mikešová, Markéta ; Švecová, Milada (advisor) ; Mikešová, Kateřina (referee)
The aim of the dissertation is to evaluate education potential of choice area and elaboration model of complex school excursion for interactive students work with usage natural places of Czech karst. Next point is creating a set of learning excercises in practical application knowledges from natural branches and for confirm keys competenses of students middle schools. An educational potential of a chosen area was evaluated on the bases of aims mentioned earlier, a model of a complex school excursion using conservation area Czech karst was developed and tested. The excursion takes place in the village Svatý Jan pod Skalou and it uses worksheets. An evaluation following the excursion is done as a form of a student conference. Evaluation of the worksheets follows and designs of changes of teaching tasks in the worksheets are proposed. Based on the evaluation of the complex scholar excursion in conservation area Czech karst worsheets and results from the conference, it is possible to deduce that the addition of excursions as a teaching form is benefitial to students. Particular educational aims were applied during the excursion. Knowledge obtained from the dissertation as well as the created conception of excursion will be utilized in a secondary school tearcher's practice.

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