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Tenis Hall
Hanáčík, Jan ; Pilgr, Milan (referee) ; Barnat, Jan (advisor)
This thesis describes design and assessment of the structure of tennis hall of a rectangular floor plan. The building is located in the city of Brno. The project is developed on two variants. The first option is a steel structure with lattice girders. The second option is a wooden construction with glued lamellar girders. The thesis is processed according to ČSN EN standards.
Garage with Fuel Station
Borkesz, Michael ; Pilgr, Milan (referee) ; Barnat, Jan (advisor)
Bachelor thesis presents the structural design of a load bearing steel structure of garage with roof construction of adjoining fuel station. The object is located in periphery area of Uherske Hradiste city, near Jarosov district. The ground plan dimensions are: 36 x 32 meters garage hall; 20 x 20 meters fuel station roofing. Heights of both construction tops are same – 10 meters above the surface. As the main material supporting elements was designed steel S355. The main supporting structure compose of trusses, which are hinged supported by columns. The roof deck is heat insulated, supported by purlins. The wall deck is simillar to roof deck, except of the front wall, which is partly composed of glass casing. At the both sides of garage hall are designed gates for vehicles. The roof deck of fuel station roof construction composes from one single trapezoidal sheet, also supported by purlins. The work contains structural design of individual elements, including mutual joints and anchoring. Calculations are performed according to standards of EN.
Exhibition hall steel structure
Selyvonenko, Ivan ; Pilgr, Milan (referee) ; Brosch, Petr (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis is the design and structural analysis of an exhibition hall. The building is located in Brno city. The dimensions of a floor plan are 121,8 m x 66,5 m, the height is 17,75 m. The load-bearing structure consists of arched truss girders, which are pin-supported by fixed columns. The distance between main trusses is 8,7 m. The supporting part of the roof deck consists of solid-purlins. Spatial rigidity of the structure is ensured by cross bracing and longitudinal bracing. All structural members are made of rolled steel profiles and are designed according to current ČSN EN standards. Steel S355 is used as the construction material. This thesis consists of structural design report of main load bearing elements including connections design and drawings.
Shopping gallery
Gargulák, Martin ; Barnat, Jan (referee) ; Pilgr, Milan (advisor)
The objective of the diploma thesis is a design and a check of load-carrying steel structure of a shopping gallery. The project is designed in two options. The building is located in Vsetin. The total ground plan‘s dimensions are 51x54 metres. The height of the building in the highest point is 17 metres.The whole building is divided into two parts - entrance hall and free-storey building. For selected option the calculation of joints and column anchorage is performed as well as the design documentation.
Supermarket in Olomouc
Brodecká, Denisa ; Bukovská, Pavla (referee) ; Pilgr, Milan (advisor)
The assigment for bachelor thesis was design and check of load-bearing steel structure in Olomouc in Moravia. The ground dimension are 24 x 40 m, height is 10 metres. The building construction is designed as a single hall with double-pitch roof and a slope 9°. Main frame is based on plate frame with anxial range 5 m. Transverse bracing ensure the rigidity of the structure from the plane of the frame. Wall cladding is storage on column and roof cladding is on purlins. The materiál used is steel S235. Bachelor thesis includes the assesment of the main load bearing structure elements, design of the selected details and their drawing solutions.
The roof structure of the industrial hall in Kyjov
Nosková, Nela ; Pilgr, Milan (referee) ; Šmak, Milan (advisor)
The Bachelor´s thesis describes design and static assessment of the main roof structure supporting elements of the roof structure of the industrial hall in Kyjov. The hall is designed from timber. The aisle is rectangular floor plan 17,0 x 40,0 m. The main bearing structure causes as a frame truss supported by columns. Solid frame is made from solid timber C24. Purlin is designed from solid timber C24. The static calculation also includes fire resistance reports of single elements. Static analysis has been accomplished by student version of the SCIA Engineer 2012 software.
Assembly hall
Beran, Miroslav ; Pilgr, Milan (referee) ; Barnat, Jan (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the design and assessment of the steel supporting structure of the production hall. The transverse dimension of the hall is 21,00 m, the longitudinal dimension is 70,00 m, the height of the hall is 17,56 m. S355 steel is used as the main supporting material. The supporting part of the hall consists of columns on which is placed a truss and two crane tracks at two height levels. Three different types of purlins and pillars are considered in the design of the steel structure. For the selected variant, a static calculation of the main bearing elements, including selected details, is drawn up and drawings are drawn up.
Production hall
Londa, Jan ; Pilgr, Milan (referee) ; Sýkora, Karel (advisor)
This thesis deals with steel structures of industrial building with the arrangements of the building with a span of 18 m, a length of 18 m and a corresponding height of cantilever of a crane track girder is 6,6 m. In the hall are considered two cranes with a capacity of 20/5 t and 32/8 t. The structures is designed for the district of Olomouc.
The Multipurpose Centre in Olomouc
Toman, Tomáš ; Pilgr, Milan (referee) ; Šmak, Milan (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with design of timber load-bearing structure of a Multi-functional object in Olomouc. This object has an eliptical ground plan with dimensions 50x30 metres and height of 11 metres. The idea of the shape is an eliptical dome. This dome was designed in two options, those are a Rib dome and a Föppel dome.
Museum in Moravské Budějovice
Růžička, Tomáš ; Barnat,, Jan (referee) ; Pilgr, Milan (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor’s thesis is to design and check load-carrying steel structure of a single-nave hall. It consists of main frames, whose distance between axes is 5,8 metres. Main frame consists of web-plate columns and a roof truss girder. Ground plan sizes of the hall are 34x40,6 metres and maximum height is 12,72 metres. Designed object is situated in Moravske Budejovice.

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