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Possibilities and limits of using ICT technologies in education
Jankovský, Michal ; Valášková Vincejová, Eva (advisor) ; Strouhal, Martin (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the possibilities and limits of the use of ICT technologies in education in relation to the access and use of digital technologies by teachers and their use in certain areas of education. It includes basic theoretical knowledge of technology in the educational process and its transformations to the present time. It also focuses on digital forms of teaching, teacher's competences, or selected areas of education within communication, gamification, assessment and feedback using digital technologies. The research section presents the results of the data collected from teachers and concretises the use of modern technologies in teaching and to prepare for lessons or also explores the extent of teacher's digital competences. The written work presents a picture from a particular point of view towards digital technologies in education with a focus on the teacher and their essential role in the educational process. Keywords: ICT, modern technology, online education, e-learning, technological tools, gamification
School socialization as an instrument of social selection
Knapová, Jana Katarína ; Strouhal, Martin (advisor) ; Koťa, Jaroslav (referee)
Bakalářská práce, Jana Katarína Knapová, obor Pedagogika, 2023 Abstract in English The aim of the work is to describe and characterize the influence of the school socialization process on the education of individuals with different dispositions and their academic success. The basic method of the work is analysis, which is based on an objective view of the significance and selective function of school socialization in the societal system and the associated requirements that an individual must meet in order to be successful in school education, achieve a certain level of education, and obtain an appropriate social status. The work describes the importance of school socialization from a subjective perspective for academic success, achieved education, and social status. Based on professional knowledge and research, it describes and analyzes the influence of individual dispositions on success in meeting the requirements set within school socialization. It examines in detail the impact of the family's social and cultural environment on the individual's education, which is considered the most significant and differentiating factor, and although there is an effort to mitigate its influence, it has a significant impact on individual academic success in the Czech education system. Following the current criticism of...
Possibilities of Children's Reading Development in the Context of the Cultural Mission of the School
Červenková, Dagmar ; Strouhal, Martin (advisor) ; Skutil, Martin (referee)
(in English) The diploma thesis deals with contemporary children's reading as one of the ways of cultural mission of the school and the possibilities of development of children's reading. The theoretical part shows the school as an environment for cultural and value education, points out the importance of transmitting the values of society and cultural heritage. In the context of reading, it discusses the factors influencing children's reading. It highlights the influence of the family, the school environment or the personality of teachers and ways of motivating reading, as well as the influence of peer groups and modern technology. It provides an overview of current book projects, annual reading awards in the field of children's literature, and presents the results of selected current research on reading and literacy. This diploma thesis is conceived as a theoretical-empirical thesis. For the empirical part, a qualitative research strategy using structured interviews is chosen. The empirical investigation is aimed at finding out the opinion of pedagogical staff and the informed public of Dobříš region on selected aspects of contemporary children's reading. The results of the investigation are further compared with other research. The aim of the diploma thesis is to describe how children's reading...
Challenges for teaching practice in the 21 st century from the perspective of teachers
Luňáková, Michaela ; Strouhal, Martin (advisor) ; Skutil, Martin (referee)
(in English) The aim of the work was to find out what challenges teachers face in the 21st century and how they themselves perceive these challenges. The work describes the theoretical starting points in this area, which the teacher may perceive as challenges, and then these theoretical starting points were verified using empirical research in the practical part of the work. For the purposes of the research investigation, teachers were the main source, due to the chosen issue, I used a qualitative research method with the help of semi-structured interviews.
Didactics of Sex Eduacation on The Lower Level of Secondary School
Tomášová, Viktorie ; Strouhal, Martin (advisor) ; Šimáková, Monika (referee)
(in English): This theoretical bachelor thesis is dedicated to the topic of didactics of sex education at the lower level of secondary education of secondary school. It focuses on the transformation of the perception of relationships and sexual behavior in society, conflicts of the opinion of teaching sex education, and the anchoring of the addressed education in The Framework Educational Programme for Primary and Lower Secondary Education. The core part is specifically devoted to didactics. It also addresses the developmental psychology of pubescents necessary for an effective grasp of education.
How Teachers' Authority Appears to Lower Secondary School Students
Jankovská, Tereza ; Strouhal, Martin (advisor) ; Koťa, Jaroslav (referee)
This thesis deals with the issue of teacher authority from the perspective of lower secondary school students. The aim of this work was to find out what characteristics in the eyes of the students determine the level of teacher authority and which ones weaken it. At the same time, the aim was to find out how students imagine an ideal teacher. The theoretical section includes chapters on authority, authority in education, teacher authority, and the contemporary perceptions of authority. The practical section of the thesis consists of a comparison of three primary schools and their students' perceptions of teacher authority. It includes information gathered from interviews with the headmasters of the schools, as well as an analysis of a questionnaire survey conducted among their pupils. Key words: authority, upbringing, education, school, teacher, student, teacher authority
Modern non-substance addictions and their influence on juvenile education
Kovářová, Markéta ; Koťa, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Strouhal, Martin (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of non-substance addictions among juveniles. For understanding and better orientation in the issue, the terms of social pathology and other terms related to the topic of the work are explained in the theoretical part. The theoretical part mainly focuses on the addictive behavior of teenagers on the Internet and social networks. It examines the specific effects of this phenomenon in relation to adolescents and their upbringing. The work also deals with the possibilities of prevention and treatment. The practical part examines the influence and impact of the Internet and social networks on adolescents and their upbringing. The aim of the diploma thesis is to analyze the issue of non-substance addictions among adolescents and the influence on their education. A questionnaire survey was chosen as the research method. Keywords: netholism, non-substance addiction, prevention, education
Ivan Illich and the Criticism of the Institutions
Díaz, Daniel ; Kaščák, Ondrej (advisor) ; Strouhal, Martin (referee)
and key words The diploma thesis, Ivan Illich and the Criticism of the Institutions, contains the analysis of Illich's thoughts. The aim of the thesis is to demonstrate the criticism of the institutions by Illich using texts and books analyses. The thesis initially portrays the life of both Illich and his closest associates together with the description of the centres he was in charge of. Successively, the thesis depicts Illich's perception of the society and its institutions, and offers his alterations to the social arrangement. The third chapter represents the focal point of the thesis illustrating his criticism of the educational system based the work Deschooling Society. The criticism of healthcare is specified in the fourth chapter along with Illich's relationship towards doctors and pharmaceutical industry. The final chapter summarises the influence of Illich and his world acclaim. Critical pedagogy, Criticism, Education, Pedagogy, Inequality, Illich
The Concept of General Education
Potoček, Petr ; Koťa, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Strouhal, Martin (referee)
The thesis is based on an analysis of the term general education, aiming at its specific conception. It provides an overview of historical conceptions of general education, distinguishing between the perspective of educational institutions, which is primarily focused on the minimum basis of education, common to all members of a particular society, and the idea of the term, pointing to the omnitude of knowledge and orienting the ways of apprehending it. It regards general education as a network of interconnections and relations between findings and examines its significance as opposed to vocational education, its influence on the holistic formation of a person, its importance for personal development and the formation of a person's particular life during the course of life. It deals with general education in the perspective of educational content, individual and social needs and draws attention to the importance of general education in the framework of contemporary pedagogical discourse and reform modifications. Key words General education, omnitude of knowledge, knowledge structure, educational content, curriculum selection, curriculum organization, findings, personal development, educational institutions, academic pedagogical discourse, reform pedagogical discourse, reform of education
Media education and its importance in (dis)information society
Pelcová, Petra ; Pelzová, Markéta (advisor) ; Strouhal, Martin (referee)
(in English): This bachelor's thesis deals with the topic of media education and its importance in a society that is struggling with disinformation. The first part of the thesis focuses on the theory and describes what mass media are and what effect they have on people. The thesis also deals with disinformation and related phenomena, media literacy and critical thinking. Several organizations and projects dealing with media education are also mentioned in the thesis. The practical part will answer research questions about media education from the teachers' point of view through semi-structured interviews. The aim of the work was to find out whether media education is integrated into teaching at all and possibly in what way, and how challenging it is for teachers to teach media education these days.

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