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Selection of Appropriate Consumer Credit to Individuals with Contemporary Conditions of the Czech Republic
Šindlerová, Iva ; Koželuhová, Eva (referee) ; Rejnuš, Oldřich (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the issues associated with the provision of consumer credits to natural persons, commercial banks and co-operative thrift. On the basis of the information on the provision of financial services in the contemporary conditions of the Czech Republic, it was found that of the following institutions provides the best consumer credit for natural persons.
The media as a possible source of danger to a preschool child through the eyes of their parents.
Brázdová Vančurová, Jana ; Koželuhová, Eva (advisor) ; Loudová Stralczynská, Barbora (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the topic of negative media effects on preschool children. The initial part of the work is devoted to the explanation of the term medium, its typology and functions. Furthermore, the work concerns the importance of media and digital literacy and its deployment in educational programs for preschool and primary education. The work also includes a description of the developmental specifics of preschool children and a description of the negative effects of the media. The last chapter of the theoretical part is devoted to educational styles in the family and their use for media education. The aim of the work was to find out how parents of preschool children perceive watching the media and whether they are aware of the possible negative effects that media have on children. The research was based on a quantitative method and a non-standardized questionnaire was used for data collection. 166 respondents took part in the survey based on the data analysis and interpretation of the results. The results show that parents of preschool children are aware of the negative effects of the media and are interested in the content that children consume in the media. They use parental control rules and settings to regulate media viewing. KEYWORDS media, influence of media, preschool...
Specifics of the preparation of kindergarten teachers to work with children of the same-sex parents
Ranšová, Johana ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Koželuhová, Eva (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the specifics of preparing kindergarten teachers to work with children of same-sex parents, especially for teachers who have experience with children from this type of family arrangement. At the same time, it compares several types of families, describes the needs of children in the preschool period, focuses on communication between the family and the kindergarten and the possibilities for further training of kindergarten teachers in the area of working with children from homoparental families. The theoretical part is devoted to the topic of the family and its function, describing the differences between complete and incomplete families and presenting alternative forms of family cohabitation, including same-sex families. It discusses the areas of family formation, parental roles and societal attitudes towards them. It also characterises the pre-school child in terms of developmental psychology, with an emphasis on the social element. There is also reference to legislation defining the difference between marriage and civil partnership. Communication between the family and the preschool is another area in which ways of interacting with the child and parents are described, including those relating to same-sex families. The last section presents training opportunities...
The use of fairy tales in the prevention of bullying in kindergartens
Bürgerová, Nikola ; Koželuhová, Eva (advisor) ; Kadrnožková, Monika (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to propose, implement and reflect a thematic unit based on a fairy tale and focused on bullying prevention in preschool age. The theoretical part defines the term bullying, its types and possibilities of prevention with the emphasis on preschool age. It further describes the importance of fairy tales in preschool education, their types and options on how to work with a story. The practical part proposes, implements and reflects a thematic unit focused on bullying prevention and development of empathy in preschool-aged children. It uses design-based research with semi-structured observation as the main research method using an observation sheet and discussions with children and teachers. KEYWORDS bullying, prevention, fairy tales, kindergartens, preschool education
School supporting health and a mainstream nursery school - comparison of the approach in planning education content.
Jančáková, Barbora ; Koželuhová, Eva (advisor) ; Loudová Stralczynská, Barbora (referee)
Anotation: The bachelor's thesis focuses on the comparison of the mainstream nursery school and school supporting health in the field of pedagogical planning. The aim of the work is to describe the similarities and differences in the attitudes of teachers. Find out how diffrerent these approaches differ and to what extend they are similar. At the end of the theoretical part, it is listed by category what these approaches were and were similar to. In the practical part, the thesis tries to confirm or refute these statements based on interviews with teachers from kindergartens. The theoretical part of the thesis briefly mentions the origin of reform pedagogy at the beginning 20th century. Descibes the emergence of alternative and inovative programs in the Czech Republic. In the next theoretical part, possible ways of planning the educational process in nursery school at the school and class level will be presented. There is describtion of education process by SEP and IB. The work will focus on the description of the Health Promotion Curriculum and the description of the FEP PE with emphasis on the educational content and the process of creating a school educational program and classroom educational program. It also describes the basic philosophy of the program and the conditions under which the education...
Cooperation with the family in the education of children at an early age
Splavcová, Hana ; Wildová, Radka (advisor) ; Syslová, Zora (referee) ; Koželuhová, Eva (referee)
The dissertation is devoted to the reality of enrolling early children in kindergarten in the Czech Republic. The topic was examined from the perspective of key actors, ie parents and teachers, through research questions: What is the availability of early childhood education in the Czech Republic? What are the reasons for families to place early children in the kindergarten? What are the benefits of an early child attending kindergarten from the point of view of individual actors? What are the ways of communication and cooperation with the family from the point of view of individual actors? A questionnaire survey was used for data collection, in which took part 1 030 parents and 1 118 teachers from all over the Czech Republic. For a deeper understanding, the survey was supplemented by focus groups of parents and teachers. The obtained data were analyzed using open coding, constant comparison and simple descriptive statistics. The availability of education for early children is a burning issue in the Czech Republic. The issue of accessibility affects the view of its quality, at the same time it intersects into a wide range of identified reasons of families. For the most part, the survey showed that parents and teachers attach importance to approaching children, meeting the needs of children and...
Working with educational literature in Kindergarten
Steklá, Martina ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Koželuhová, Eva (referee)
The focus of this master's thesis is the methodological development and implementation of four thematically focused weekly lessons, using educational literature in a preschool setting. The objective is to motivate children's interest in educational books and in acquiring new knowledge through books. The thesis presents an integrative model of reading pre-literacy in relation to educational literature, by interconnecting all the components of a child's activities in a preschool setting, applying critical-thinking methods in a three-phase learning framework (E-R-R - Evocation, Realization of Meaning, Reflection), and using reading strategies designed to enhance the experience of learning from educational books. The theoretical section is concerned with reading literacy. It focuses on reading pre-literacy and an integrative model of reading pre-literacy in relation to educational literature, the importance of exposure to books in preschool, the use of critical thinking methods and reading strategies, the use of educational books, and characteristics of the preschool child when working with educational literature. The practical section is based on action research design, which consists of the implementation of four thematically focused weekly lessons designed to arouse children's interest in...
Emotional intelligence and her development in kindergarten through working with book
Kašparová, Nikola ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Koželuhová, Eva (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the area of development of emotional intelligence in preschool children through work with a book. It deals with the issue of emotional intelligence, its role in the development of the child, in the period of preschool age. The theoretical part is intended to introduce the reader to the issue of emotional intelligence and its relationship to pre-school education. The introduction of the thesis characterizes the period of preschool age and its specifics in connection with the development of emotions. Furthermore, emotions, emotional intelligence and its development importance in the chosen preschool period are defined and the possibilities of its development and appropriate ways of working are suggested (reading strategies, EUR model). In conclusion of the theoretical part, the importance of the development of emotional intelligence in the chosen preschool period is given and suggests the possibilities of its development and appropriate ways of working Within the practical part, the key method was action research, which served to verify the effectiveness of the created lessons based on the EUR model using reading strategies. The author carried out action research in the kindergarten where she works and implemented all the lessons with her class. The evaluation of the...

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