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Self-awareness and its Development through Public Policy as a Factor in Choice of Upper Secondary School Programme
Pýchová, Silvie ; Veselý, Arnošt (advisor) ; Morávková Krejčová, Lenka (referee) ; Kirovová, Iva (referee)
In recent years, the topic of people's employability on the labour market has become increasingly important in the context of its dynamic transformation due to globalisation and technological progress. The way to prepare young people in education and the adult population for these changes is the subject of career guidance worldwide. Surprisingly, this topic is currently not very resonating among the actors in the Czech Republic and is not considered as a priority of educational policy, even though it is a major focus of European educational strategies. The objective of this dissertation is to gain insight into the beliefs held by the actors in the Czech educational system regarding the topics addressed by career guidance. The dissertation uses data from the 2019 Delphi survey among the actors in education and applies a phenomenographic approach for its secondary analysis. Based on The Advocacy Coalition Framework, this thesis also aims to discover if it is possible to identify certain opinion groups among these actors. The result of this research offers a map of actors' perceptions on this issue. At the same time, it shows that there are at least two large groups of actors whose views have significant disagreements based on their core beliefs. The output of this dissertation also provides...
Psychological and social attributes of supported employment regarding employers and employees of companies where it is provided
Štyráková, Katarína ; Kirovová, Iva (advisor) ; Bahbouh, Radvan (referee)
Supported Employment is one of the main tools of active labour market policies for the people who are disadvantaged or with disabilities. It aims to aid people are disadvantaged when finding employment themselves, provides assistance when looking for and choosing the right employment and with preparations for its execution, facilitation of the first contact with employer and colleagues, and ongoing support not only to the person with disability, but also to his colleagues and superiors who will be in contact with him. The thesis focuses on the issue of supported employment and its relation to diversity management, which covers the topic of management of employing the minorities and disadvantaged groups. From this perspective the thesis discusses the attitudes and prejudices, that often pose a barier to supported employment and effective interaction of people with disabilities and without. Research aims to explore these attitudes and to explore the support, that employers and employees working in the companies there the supported employment takes place are provided. The hypotheses stating there would be a difference in attitudes toward people with disabilities and toward organizational diversity between the research and the control group, were not confirmed. Qualitative analysis revealed the...
Job loss and its social and health consequences
Christovová, Denisa ; Rymeš, Milan (advisor) ; Kirovová, Iva (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with unemployment and its social and health consequences. The objective is to capture the reaction to the loss of employment which are common phenomenon. The work contains chapters for the issue of unemployment, it's subjective and objective causes and significance of work in human life. More attention is devoted to the psychological, somatic and psychosocial consequences associated with unemployment. Conclusion of the theoretical part is focused on strategies coping with job loss. The second part of the thesis presents a research project focusing on the experience and satisfaction of people after job loss in two time periods. Powered by TCPDF (
Difficulties in career decision making
Brožek, Pavel ; Kirovová, Iva (advisor) ; Rymeš, Milan (referee)
The theoretical part of this diploma thesis consists of four basic areas which are crucial for better understanding of profession choice difficulties and subsequently provides an introduction to the second part of the thesis - the empirical part. In the first chapter, the reader will be informed about the definition of the profession choice, its historical development, which covers a pretty wide context, in which the profession choice is being accomplished. The following chapter deals with career development theories focusing on personality, development theories targeting career and theories solely focused on social influences effecting the career development. The last two chapters deal with an adolescence period which plays the key role in the further career path of the individual. There is also a chapter describing and sorting difficulties while choosing a profession. The aim of the empirical part is to describe the development of profession choice difficulties at the end of secondary education - the period of life which is considered by many authors to be vitally important for the adolescent profession development. Hypotheses are verified by comparison of the results of the questionnaire that investigates profession choice difficulties in between third, fourth and fourth grade - directly before...
Work-related satisfaction - causes and manifestation
Konečná, Hana ; Rymeš, Milan (advisor) ; Kirovová, Iva (referee)
Bachelor thesis summarizes knowledge from the psychology of work and organization field, in particular from the field of job satisfaction. The theoretical part covers different approaches to job satisfaction and its characteristics. In introduction apart from basic terminology important theoretical approaches to work satisfaction (e.g. single-factor and double-factor theories) are presented. Further the main focus is on factors related to job satisfaction such as age, seniority, gender, education and salary. Also the effect of job satisfaction on phenomena such as work motivation, work performance, fluctuation and absenteeism is mentioned. The final chapter of theoretical part of the work is focused on the methods of job satisfaction evaluation in the Czech Republic as well as in the world. The theoretical part of the work is followed by empirical part which designs a research project of job satisfaction in actual organization. Research project is divided into two parts. The chosen job satisfaction evaluation methods contains qualitative and quantitative approaches, namely questionnaire Employees job satisfaction evaluation developed by Research institute of labor ad social affairs in Prague, further analysis of mainly human resources documents of the company and semi-structured interviews, which...
Engagement in organizational context
Sedloň, Tomáš ; Kirovová, Iva (advisor) ; Uhlář, Pavel (referee)
This thesis focuses on identification of predictors and conditions of employee engagement in organizational context. The theoretical part of this work is aimed on various approaches to identifying and measuring employee engagement, including modern approaches and methods. Theoretical concepts concerning gender and workplace diversity are also viewed, in order to identify engagement predictors. The empirical part consists of a research that identifies predictors and conditions of engagement in a specific organization. Statistical analyses and interpretations are made, based on the collected data. This thesis primarily aims to enrich Czech scientific literature concerning this topic by providing practical information and data from a manufacturing company. 2
Outplacement - possibilities, specificities,limits
Dvořáková, Marie ; Kirovová, Iva (advisor) ; Rymeš, Milan (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to describe the process of outplacement and its impact on redundancies. The first chapters are devoted to the dismissal of employees, their consequences and corporate social responsibility. The next part is devoted to defining the concept of outplacement, its history, content, form and process. The last and main part of this thesis deals with the psychological aspects of layoffs and outplacement and their connection with psychological counseling. The empirical part focuses on the contribution of individual outplacement for redundant employees and evaluate its effect on the mental state of these employees during and at the end of outplacement project. Key words Outplacement, redundancies, dismissals consequences, psychological aspects of redundancy and outplacement, corporate social responsibility
Assessment for selection and development of employees: Competency model for entry-level salespeople in services
Šafr, Martin ; Kirovová, Iva (referee) ; Höschlová, Eva (referee)
This thesis focuses on the proper use of various assessment methods for selection and development of employees in various positions within an organization. The selection and use of assessment methods have been tailored to practical requirements for each position in the organization with regard to their specificities. This current thesis elaborates on the assessment for technical, administrative, managerial jobs with special emphasis being put on the assessment for sales positions. Within the strategic assessment programmes the thesis deals with assessing the potential of individuals and the prediction of future behavior which is of great importance for the organization's future success. An Integrated Model of Potencial is specifically mentioned in this chapter and its practical use is suggested. In the second, empirical part of the thesis an attempt has been made to create a specific competency model for entry-level services salespeople and proposals for its practical use have been outlined. Key words: personnel psychology, psychological assessment, assessment methods and techniques, selection and development of employees, assessing the potential of individuals, competencies, competency modelling.
New employee adaptation in a banking institution
Linhartová, Kateřina ; Rymeš, Milan (advisor) ; Kirovová, Iva (referee)
(in English): The topic of the thesis is submitted, as an adaptation of a new employee in the organization. Introducing the topic within its complexity, showing his particular aspects of psychophysiology, mainly psychological resilience, and the influence to stress. Works on maps of the current possibilities and knowledge relating to the adaptation of the work. Specific attention is applied to the adaptation of the organizational culture. Aim of the empirical part of the thesis is to analyze employee orientation program of the specific banking company, its organizational culture and the specific position to organize the adjusting options, further improvements to the existing program. To this end, we have used variety of wide methods, mainly the qualitative nature of its character.
Moral Factors And Their Influence Upon Career Choices of High School Students
Lukášová, Hana ; Klusák, Miroslav (advisor) ; Vacek, Pavel (referee) ; Kirovová, Iva (referee)
The subject of this research, namely career choice of high school graduates, has been considered from the position of moral reasoning. Qualitative analysis of data collected from interviews carried out with 32 graduates identifies career choice to be a significant factor determining the identity of each graduate. The research is based on assumption that moral reasoning is nourished by each one's identity and loyality to oneself, respectively. The basis of this career identity is formed by so called "inveteracy", reflected by various ways in individual's attempt to make a choice that is authentic. Categorically speaking, there exist "plots", that make career selection process complicated, as well as "problematizations", that make any authentic choice virtually impossible. Career choice is interpreted by means of three domains throughout which it becomes apparent both how this process fosters the individual's relationship with the outside world, with those closest to him/her and with himself/herself and what kind of affect this relationship has on his/her very identity. During the research, career choice turns out to be a continual and complex process that far surpasses the actual period of submitting a college application.

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