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Anthopological and Etnografical study of the Bedouin in East Palestine
Khalil, Nibal ; Kropáček, Luboš (advisor) ; Abu Ghosh, Yasar (referee) ; Kandert, Josef (referee)
This study's goal was to describe and analyze the ways of life and culture among Palestinian Bedouin communities in east Palestine and mainly among the Bedouin encampments that settled in Jericho district, and are at the edge of disappearing. The study focuses on anthropological and ethnographical aspects of Bedouin society. Moreover, how these aspects contribute to shaping each member man, woman, and children in this society. The major part of this study was conducted in the field and concentrated on various aspects of daily life of the Bedouin communities; therefore, a daily work in the field among Bedouin groups was taking place. The study provides a detailed picture of social structure, economic structure, tribal law, material culture, traditions, Bedouin knowledge, and the influence of religion practices on the Bedouin life. Thus, this study sheds light on the Bedouin communities that migrated to the east of Palestine in Jericho district in the aftermath of 1948 war. In addition, it shows the social and economic changes that occurred in these groups according to their move from their original home to be merged with other various communities' activities. In general, chapters of this dissertation seek to examine the lives of Bedouin communities under different social and cultural customs. In addition,...
Seeking community reconciliation through traditional practice. The Sierra Leonean experience
Werkman, Kateřina ; Moravcová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Záhořík, Jan (referee) ; Kandert, Josef (referee)
Sierra Leone was torn apart by a violent conflict that lasted for over a decade between 1991 and 2002. The deep physical and emotional scars it left on the people and their communities and the destruction of the country's socio-economic and institutional foundations are still visible today. But Sierra Leoneans have also shown an extraordinary ability to deal with the painful and violent past and to move on. This does not mean that the victims would be able to easily forget the suffering they endured or that the return and (re)integration of the ex-combatants into the society would always go smoothly and effortlessly. Yet, if you ask around in the villages across the country, people almost always answer the same: "We have reconciled". What do they mean by that? And how have they achieved it? These questions form the core puzzle of the present thesis. It explores the process of reconciliation and restoration of relationships at village level in Sierra Leone, with a particular focus on the role of local ceremonies. While its main concern is with the specific circumstances in Sierra Leone, it also aims to contribute to the debates in transitional justice and peacebuilding fields regarding the 'local' practices of reconciliation in African post-conflict societies. The thesis argues that Sierra Leonean...
Individual food self-sufficiency in Czech Republic: case study of permaculture oriented families and individuals
Soukup Tůmová, Terézia ; Tuček, Milan (advisor) ; Kandert, Josef (referee)
This diploma thesis is a descriptive case study of permaculture oriented families and individuals in the Czech Republic, who are aiming for food self-sufficiency. The goal is to describe the lifestyle of self-supplying food producers, their strive for permacultural principles of sustainable development and the making of agricultural systems. The main focus is on describing the economical and material background of households, their strategies and practices for achieving food self-sufficiency, and motivation and difficulties related to this matter. Data were collected by observing and interviewing 8 permaculture households.
Not so "Traditional" Healing: Constructions of Illness Reality and Spirit Possession in a Rapidly Changing Society in Venda, South Africa
Řezáčová, Vendula ; Kandert, Josef (advisor) ; Kotalova, Jitka (referee) ; Uherek, Zdeněk (referee)
The present thesis "Not so 'Traditional' Healing: Constructions of Illness Reality and Spirit Possession in a Rapidly Changing Society in Venda, South Africa" aims to analyze socio-cultural and political aspects of 'traditional' healing which had been the focus of fieldwork of the author in 'Venda', South Africa (in the period between 2004-6). In the first section of the thesis the author has shown that the medical concepts and symbols marked as 'traditional' have not formed a closed, time-less system. On the contrary, they have reflected and shaped far-reaching socio-cultural changes in the post-apartheid dispensation characterised by the neo-liberal market reforms, congealing of socio-economic inequalities, transformations of gender identities and the politics of 'tradition' and identity. 'Traditional healing' has thus been constituted through a constant process of (re)invention of symbols and practices which have referred to the 'Venda past' while aiming to delineate boundaries of 'tradition' in relation to biomedicine. The second section of the thesis has focussed on the phenomenon of ancestor spirit possession which has also constituted the means through which 'traditional' healers have been recruited and their claims to knowledge and healing power have been legitimized. In contrast to the...
The (Social) Construction of Scientific Fact
Jedlička, Petr ; Balon, Jan (advisor) ; Kandert, Josef (referee)
The thesis draws from the examples of the knowledge of two time periods - the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Era - to discuss the claims of the constructivist school of the sociology of knowledge. The first part provides a detailed account of the views of the key constructivist figures Ludwik Fleck, David Bloor, and the anthropologist of knowledge Yehuda Elkana. The following chapter examines the main characteristics and dynamics of the medieval religious discourse with the use of Elkana's concept of images of knowledge. The next chapter provides an account of the key period of Early Modern science and shows the rise of the empirical and rational paradigm and the introduction of scientific methods, as well as the broader social context of this process. The changes in the hierarchy of knowledge are primarily demonstrated with the examples of the English natural philosophers and society during the Age of Restoration. Special attention is devoted to sources of knowledge and the methods of their legitimization and verification during both periods, in addition to an examination, based on the Strong program, of the societal roots and factors determining or influencing that knowledge. Are the tenets of the Bloor's thesis, which put forward the idea of a strong social component of knowledge, valid? Is...
Characteristics of Contemporary Architecture in Sociological View
Filová, Tereza ; Balon, Jan (advisor) ; Kandert, Josef (referee)
The thesis is about relation of society and its material environment - architecture. It focuses on current architecture and its characteristics with relation to society. The emphasis is placed on influence of constructions, interaction with users and transmission of meanings. The thesis is characterizing contemporary architecture using theories of Marshall McLuhan. Today's architecture is distinguished by projective character which enables higher participation of users than former architectural traditions. New interconnection of society and architecture appears. It is characterized by higher degree of interaction. At the same time, higher relativization, individualization and virtualization of meanings emerge. Currently, architecture is cool medium through the lens of Marshall McLuhan theories. It is characterized by low definition. On the other hand, former architectural traditions were hot mediums with high definition. Powered by TCPDF (
The reemigration of the Czech minority from Daruvar region (Croatia) after the Second World War in the light of their life stories.
Pelikánová, Hana ; Uherek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Kandert, Josef (referee)
In my thesis I am dealing with the subject of the afterwar reemigration of Czech from Daruvar region (Croatia), the center of Czech minority in the Northern Balcan which was enjoying a flourishing cultural and economical growth in the interwar period. After WWII many of the settlers decided to return to their old homeland in the process of the so-called reemigration which had to compensate for the forced departure of the expelled German minority from the Czech lands. In my thesis I have recorded life-story interviews with expatriates from Daruvar region and I am focusing on several issues in connection with these events. First of all, I am trying to reconstruct the circurmstances, motivation and the course of the reemigration transfers. Secondly, I am also dealing with the topic of the integration of expatriates in the society which had undergone thorough socioeconomical changes after the WWII. Finally, I am analysing the individual evaluations of this life experience and the positive and negative consequences it brought to the expatriates and their families.
The Influence of Single - Sex Tourist Groups on Creating the Identity of Their Members - Case Study
Švorcová, Tereza ; Tuček, Milan (advisor) ; Kandert, Josef (referee)
This MA thesis deals with the influence of single-sex tourist groups on creating the identity of their members. The aim is to discover the effect of membership in such a non-coeducational tourist clubs on children, and also how this leisure activity affects children's identity and what impact it has on their development. The theoretical part discusses socializing, social environment, gender, gender socialization and gender stereotypes. Furthermore, it also deals with the influence of peers and peer groups for socialization of children and the issue of the high quality use of leisure time. For the purpose of this thesis, interviews were carried out with all parties involved in the functioning of these clubs, namely leaders, instructors, parents and of course also the current and former members of these clubs. For comparison of some statements, an interview with a leader of a very similar, but non-coeducational club was carried out. The results showed that non-coeducational clubs are beneficial for children because the children have the opportunity to access activities normally carried out by the members of the opposite sex, and to do so without gender-motivated social prejudices. Additionally, the approach and attitudes of the leaders have great influence on the running of the club, the nature...
It used to be a village, we knew each other: qualitative research on changes in the Lesser Town from the perspective of residents
Dvořáková, Klára ; Grygar, Jakub (advisor) ; Kandert, Josef (referee)
This diploma thesis is about residents who live in the Lesser Town, the historic center of Prague. It focuses on the changes perceived by residents that took place during their lifetime. Work is based on literature and qualitative research in the form of biographical interviews. The theoretical part deals with the concepts of identity, tourism, gentrification, genius loci and ageing which are essential for understanding the changes identified in the analytical part. The analytical part is divided into seven units: changes of the atmosphere of the Lesser Town, its inhabitants, living environment, housing stock, changes of people who have shared their stories with me and more global changes that had influenced the Lesser Town. The work also describes which problems and benefits related to life in the Lesser Town do communication partners perceive.

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