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Archaic, Traditional Law and Modern Commercial Law: A Study of Their Comparisons
Ledvinka, Tomáš ; Sokol, Jan (advisor) ; Kandert, Josef (referee) ; Brezina, Peter (referee)
The old anthropological question of the comparison between an archaic or traditional commercial law on one hand and a modern commercial law on the other is revisited using a conceptualization of an empirical study of legal comparisons performed within the real decision-making processes at work in the current Czech justice system. Commercial law is represented by a single legal institution - the law of reciprocity (comitas gentium) - which regulates the cooperation between various legal authorities and legal systems potentially entangled in cross-border commercial disputes. The reader is first introduced to the context and evidence-dependency of any legal comparison ranging from the representation of law and feud in Yemen at an asylum trial, to the legal systems regulating exchange contracts in Afghanistan involving cross-border disputes. The idea of comparing legal systems as two autonomous social units is abandoned in favor of the study of the comparative practices of a small population of Czech legal authorities, which furnishes readers with plenty of questions about the social organization of legal cognition. The dissertation refrains from drawing final conclusions using legal comparisons, instead it focuses on the limitations and barriers of marshalling evidence (symbolic representations) of...
Barbells, safety pins and bananabells: Body piercing in Czech youth culture
Heřmanský, Martin ; Bittnerová, Dana (advisor) ; Kandert, Josef (referee) ; Levínská, Markéta (referee)
The aim of my dissertation is to understand body piercing, as a form of body modification, among contemporary high-school youth by understanding its meanings which are ascribed to it by its bearers. My research is based on a premise that youth (sub)culture is a distinct system of meanings, values and norms, which is at the same time in constant interaction with mainstream culture, with which are these meanings, values and norms constantly negotiated. In addition to researching the process and the product of this practice, by understanding body piercing as a "lived experience", I focus on how is body piercing used and generally lived in their everyday lives. Based on a qualitative analysis of mass media representations of body piercing and semi-structured interviews with body piercing bearers from ranks of Prague high-school and vocational school youth I will try to show how these meanings are established in intersection of discourse of youth, discourse of dominant society and agency of body piercing bearers.
Identity of volhynian Czechs settled in Czech Republic and nonreemigrated volhynian Czechs in Ukraine
Jirka, Luděk ; Kandert, Josef (advisor) ; Uherek, Zdeněk (referee) ; Moravcová, Mirjam (referee)
This work deals with transnational ties of reemigrated Volhynian Czechs and ethnic return migration of descendants of non-reemigrated Volhynian Czechs. Dissertation was founded on fieldwork in West Ukraine and in the Czech Republic. Researches of reemigrated Volhynian Czechs were studied in terms of integration or adaptation into the Czech (Czechoslovak) society, but this work, in first part, critically shows immigration narrative of Czech (Czechoslovak) social sciences; there were also transnational ties to Ukraine to which reemigrated Volhynian Czech refers as a meaningful. Next part of this work deals with ethnic return migration of descendants of non-reemigrated Volhynian Czechs. Descendants of compatriots have with Ukrainian ethnic consciousness, but Czech state allows them short-term and long-term stays in the Czech Republic thanks to ancestors, so that they are attracted with Czech surroundings, express wishes to migrate into the Czech Republic and they even could obtain permanent residency more easily due to Czech ancestors. Czech state facilitates migration flow from West Ukraine to the Czech Republic according to presume "closeness" of descendants of compatriots to Czech nation. Common reference of Czech social sciences and Czech state is nationalism which products social reality....
Imagining the West: Marginality and Possible Lives at the Outskirts of a Mexican City
Heřmanová, Marie ; Stöckelová, Tereza (advisor) ; Kandert, Josef (referee) ; Grill, Jan (referee)
PhD Thesis Summary: Imagining the West: Marginality and Possible Lives at the Outskirts of a Mexican City Mgr. Marie Heřmanová The thesis aims to develop various results of a long-term fieldwork in the city of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, México, where rural-urban migration was pervasive since the 1960s. The research concentrated on the second generation of Tzotzil and Tzeltal migrants living at the suburbs of the city. Young indigenous people, whose parents came to the city to seek jobs, are now completely bilingual (they speak their maternal language - mostly Tzotzil as well as spanish they have learned in the school in the city). They mostly work in the same areas as the first generation migrants - as shop-keepers, souvenirs sellers or street-food vendors. They are thus in everyday interaction with both tourist and expats in the city centre. These interactions and meetings are in the context of the thesis seen as a consitutive element to imageries of mobility, modernity and Western lifestyles developed by the the young indigenous people from the suburbs. The concept if "Imaginary West" (Yurchak 2005) is central in the thesis, an unseen and yet ever-present homeland of the tourists and most importantly a place where "better lives" happen. The text explores how the search for...
Ethics of travel: Ethical aspects of the adventurous journeys of exceptional Czech travelers - explorers among the Indians of South America
Triantafyllakis, Spyridon ; Haškovcová, Helena (advisor) ; Kandert, Josef (referee) ; Pinc, Zdeněk (referee)
This thesis is a theoretical analysis of the phenomenon of traveling from an ethical point of view. The analysis focuses mainly on the ethical aspects of individual travels of European travelers with regards to cultural contact with different people and also taking into consideration the European tradition of travel. Based on this analysis, an ethical framework is proposed as a tool of interpretation of selected texts that reflect the travel adventures of exceptional Czech travelers, such as A. V. Frič, J. Hanzelka and M. Zikmund, M. Zelený among the Indians of South America. The above mentioned Czech travelers described their travel experiences in the form of ethnographic travelogues and other texts. The aim of this study was, by analysing certain parts of selected ethnographic texts of these Czech travelers - explores, to reveal their individual ethical reflections of the experienced adventures and to interpret it. I have attempted to describe each studied Czech traveler's specific ethical approach to "otherness" in the extreme conditions of their adventures among the Indians of South America. Keywords: Ethics of travel, traveling - ethical aspects, traveling - intercultural contact, A. V. Frič, J. Hanzelka and M. Zikmund, M. Zelený, travel adventures among Indians.
The Aromanians in Bulgaria. Revitalization and its Contexts
Zandlová, Markéta ; Uherek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Šatava, Leoš (referee) ; Kandert, Josef (referee)
This PhD thesis discusses the ethnic revitalization movement of a small minority group of Aromanians in Bulgaria. Based on long-term ethnographic research, it describes and analyzes the processes of mobilization of Bulgarian Aromanians, framed by the actors in terms of ethnicity. The main focus is on their identity politics and revitalization strategies, shaped and negotiated in transnational activist networks and contexts. Epistemologically and methodologically this work adheres to the tradition of ethnography (Atkinson, Coffey, Delamont, Lofland & Lofland 2001); theoretically it works primarily with the concepts of politics of memory, identity and framing (Benford & Snow, 2000; Vermeersch 2006, 2011). Theoretical and methodological background, presented at the beginning of the thesis, is followed by a critical outline of the history and historiography of the Aromanians in Southeast Europe, which represent an important meaning-making context of the revitalization process. The core of the analysis focuses on the key issues identified in the (ethno)mobilization project of the Bulgarian Aromanians: actors and their representations of "the Aromanianness"; revitalization strategies; international networks; intersection of lay and expert knowledge. The conclusion outlines potential answers to the question of...
Invisible subjects of human rights
Svárovská, Gabriela ; Sokol, Jan (advisor) ; Moree, Dana (referee) ; Kandert, Josef (referee)
The idea of universal applicability of human rights has been a symbol of hope that peace and justice in the world is possible, since the late 1940s. Although it is a fiction, and anthropology can proof this bringing countless evidence, strong general awareness of this idea still inspires many in their strive for freedom and dignity as well as opposition to violence. The aim of this thesis is to bring two controversial examples, illustrating how and why value-driven struggle for promotion of human rights fails. The aim is nevertheless not to compromise this noble idea but to contribute to its more thorough understanding as well as more effective implementation. A chapter on so called female genital circumcision (also known as female genital mutilation) offers critical analyses of the international campaign for eradication of this practice, led by international feminist movement since the late 1970s. The attention is drawn mainly to manipulation of facts and unfair argumentation, thanks to which the so called female genital circumcision was labelled cruel practice of backward societies serving degradation and control of women, making more structured understanding of reality impossible. A chapter dedicated to abortion tries to see political and cultural influences hidden under the surface of debate on...
Maori Challenges to Mainstream Education. Case Study of Native Schools in New Zealand
Kulhánková, Jana ; Moravcová, Mirjam (advisor) ; Kandert, Josef (referee) ; Šatava, Leoš (referee)
This study gives an overview of the development of Maori forms of education in New Zealand and situates them within the realm of cultural revitalization. Secondly, it reflects the meaning of the education in Maori language and culture from the perspective of teachers and parents in Maori schools. The focus is on the contemporary Maori schools where Maori language is the medium of communication and Maori cultural values, knowledge, and customs are the norm. Since they are actively pursuing the goal of revitalizing and perpetuating Maori culture and language, these schools represent a symbol of Maori identity. My study refers to the existing research as well as to my continual field work in a kohanga reo kindergarten, and numerous visits to a bilingual unit and a kura kaupapa school in Dunedin, New Zealand. Rather than finding new facts, I attempt to examine the workings of a particular institution, and process of cultural learning and maintaining culture through learning Maori language. I come from the sociocultural approach to learning, in which cultural socialization parallels the language learning techniques utilised in kohanga reo. Eventually, this helps building one's cultural awareness and self-esteem. What are the particular techniques and activities ensuring this process of cultural...
Urbanisation of the !Xun Bushmen in the area of Grootfontein in Namibia
Nedvěd, Radek ; Kandert, Josef (advisor) ; Budil, Ivo (referee) ; Skalník, Petr (referee)
Although overlooked by both administrators and anthropologists and numerically rather marginal, the Bushmen have been always part of the Namibian urban spaces on their erstwhile territories. Based on several field research trips to the area of Grootfontein between 2007 and 2013 and archival research, this dissertation outlines the complex historical processes and factors influencing the mobility of the !Xun Bushmen into and out of the urban space of Grootfontein in the commercial farm area of Namibia. Even though the mobility to its urban space was largely legally controlled during both the German and South African rule, the Bushmen continuously managed to penetrate it. With the development of the Blikkiesdorp settlement in the township of Grootfontein in the early 2000s the number of !Xun in the town considerably increased and they became an integral part of the settlement. This dissertation argues that the reasons for Bushman urbanisation are far more complex than being solely economically motivated. Although, the main focus of this case study is on the urban locality of Grootfontein, its author is convinced many of its data are generalisible on other urban areas within the commercial farm area as well.
The effects of the early home reading socialization on children's academic achievement
Gorčíková, Magdaléna ; Kandert, Josef (advisor) ; Katrnák, Tomáš (referee) ; Straková, Jana (referee)
The subject of the dissertation thesis is research of the early reading literacy at first stage of the primary school. We examine how is reading literacy influenced by the family socio-cultural backgrounds (education, two different forms of cultural capital). First, we outline the current knowledge in the field of language and cognitive development of children in the context of family background and the concept of cultural capital in the form of home literacy environment. Second, we present the findings of a 6-year longitudinal study with 439 children and their parents from Prague and Central Bohemian region. We investigate (a) an existing difference in pre-literacy among primary schoolers based on the socio-cultural climate of the family and (b) this level of pre-literacy at the beginning of school in the (transition to multi-year grammar schools from the sixth grade. Children enter school with different levels of pre-literacy, but the lead of those who show a higher level of initial literacy will not be lost even after two years of schooling (we reject the Matthew effect hypothesis). The differences can be explained based on education and the effect of cultural advantage. The level of reading pre-literacy at the beginning of the first stage affects the school results at the end of the first...

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