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Visitors of the Nature Park Ladronka and their interest in movement activities
Hejhalová, Lenka ; Vomáčko, Ladislav (advisor) ; Kalkusová, Lucie (referee)
3 ABSTRACT Title of project: Visitors of the Nature Park Ladronka and their interest in movement activities Aim of project: The goal of this Thesis is a socio-demographic analysis of the visitors of the Nature Park Ladronka and their motives for movement activities in this location in different season. Methods of project: All necessary data were collected by means of interviews directly in the Park Ladronka during this three weeks 25. - 31. 10. 2011 from 10:00-17:30, 23. - 29. 5. 2011 from 10:00-20:00 and 8. - 14. 8. 2011 from 10:00-20:00. The results were statistically processed using relative and absolute frequency. Results: The total number of respondents is 1,425. They are mostly - 32 % of visitors aged 20-29 - interested in the on-line skating track. The most common means of transport was for 40% of the visitors their car. The preferred sport for men (47 %) is running 42 % and gym 27 %, and for women (53 %) in-line skating 79 %. 14,5 % of visitors aged 20-29 are from housing estate. The park is visited mostly by students 32 % and people working on their computers 24 %. Key words: Natural fitness gym - sport for everyone - health grounds - outdoor activities - fitness trail - urban green - socio- demographic analysis
The use of winter activities and games in nature and their impact on the social dynamics of adolescents
Provazníková, Marika ; Kalkusová, Lucie (advisor) ; Vomáčko, Ladislav (referee)
Aims: The aim is to assess the effect of the two-month program using games and activities in the nature of social relationships in a group of adolescents. Methods: The research group consisted of 17 girls aged 13 and 14 years. The girls were divided into two groups. The group intervention program completed a two-month ski lessons with additional features activities and games in the winter nature. In the control group ran a classic ski training. Social relations in the group were assessed based on the survey using sociometric rating method Class compass, preferential methods of recording and sociometric questions. Results: In the group with the program based on the method class compass was recorded 27 positive choices regarding sympathy and influence in the first polling, 23 in the second and 30 in the third. The point value of mutual sympathy by preferential entry fell from 461 to 419 points and third interviews increased again to 450 points. For the first sociometric questions of social cohesion index value decreased from 0.81 to 0.67 and 0.31, the second was an increase of 0.28 to 0.58, and then drop to 0.33. In the control group, which carried a normal ski school lessons, the changes were minimal. Number 28 cast options according to the method of class compass in the second polling repeated...
Use of outdoor activities in extracuricular education in Sedlčany region
Slepičková, Denisa ; Kalkusová, Lucie (advisor) ; Turčová, Ivana (referee)
Title: Application of Outdoor Activities Program in After-school Childcare Programs in the Region of Sedlcansko Goals: The goal of this thesis is to apply a program of games in nature and verify its popularity in the afterschool programs environment. Methods: The research sample consisted of 121 children and 13 teachers, who participated in the designed program. The program was applied in nine afterschool programs of the Sedlcansko region. We designed questionnaires that were used to determine attractivity and usability of the program. The questionnaires were filled in by the children and the teachers separately. The data obtained from the questionnaires was processed using contingency tables and frequencies. The results were displayed using graphs. Results: We created two versions of a 1.5 hour-long program: for natural and gym environments. Games introduced in the natural environment received an average rating of 1.38 compared to the rating of 1.23 for the gym environment measured on a scale 1 -5, with one being the. The average difficulty rating of all games given by the teachers is 1.78, which is close to level 2 -moerate difficulty. 33.03 % students chose as a best game a game that included the ropes course. Conclusion: A higher attractivity of the program in nature compared to the gym was not...
Incidents and injuries during outdoor courses
Kladivo, Jaroslav ; Kalkusová, Lucie (advisor) ; Vomáčko, Ladislav (referee)
Title: Incidents and injuries during outdoor courses Aims: The aim is to ascertain the extent of injuries that occurred during outdoor activity courses, conducted within the framework of teaching at the Department of Outdoor Sports FTVS UK. Methods: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of data from the book of injuries, regulations, and final reports of the classes issued by individual departments of the Department of Outdoor Sports FTVS UK which was collected during the school calender of 2009/10 to 2014/15, and their subsequent statistical processing. Using of NACA scoring system for assessing the severity of injuries. The research group consists of students and teachers of FTVS UK. Results: The result of this work is a clear summary of the frequency and severity of injuries incurred in various outdoor activity courses conducted within the framework of teaching at the Department of Outdoor Sports FTVS UK. Keywords: Outdoor sports, skiing, canoeing, accident, FTVS UK courses.
Outdoor gyms in the Sarka Valley, Prague 6
Mešková, Zuzana ; Vomáčko, Ladislav (advisor) ; Kalkusová, Lucie (referee)
Title: Outdoor gyms in the Sarka Valley, Prague 6 Objectives: This dissertation sets out to assess a proposal for the possible implementation of outdoor gyms in the Sarka Valley, Prague 6 including a brief demonstration of its use. Methods: Field surveys in the area. Analysis of current situation and determine the nature park parameters for the design of multifunctional playground. Results: The final proposal of a outdoor gym is divided into three comprehensive parts to reflect the needs of athletes, children, depending on their specialization and different ages. The first part of the multifunctional playground parkour is designed for ages 10 years plus. It is the ability of overcoming the obstacles, in which the use of natural movements such as running, jumping and climbing. The second part of the Street workout or "gym" for the age group from 12 years. This is used for fitness development on traditional tools such as, parallel bars, horizontal bar, rings, and hayrack sloping platforms. The third part is a playground designed for children aged 3 years. Here are the elements for climbing over, toadying, climbing, climbing and jumping. Strengthens their physical fitness, willingness and confidence. In this combination, all age categories could be involved and it is creating the modern...
Feasibility study of summer childern camp inspired by outdoor education
Ratajová, Lucie ; Neuman, Jan (advisor) ; Kalkusová, Lucie (referee)
Title: Feasibility study of summer camp inspired by outdoor education Objectives: The main aim of the bachelor thesis is considering of realization of the summer camp in cooperation with the forest preschool that would ensure financial resources and mainly a stable environment. Sub-goal of the bachelor thesis is to find out the interest of parents associated with summer and winter camps organized by the forest preschool. Methods: In the thesis is used the combination of quantitative and qualitative research. The feasibility study set the structure of thesis. Questionnaire survey analyzes potential customers and thein needs, wishes. Semi-structured interview provided the basis for the analysis of project risk or marketing strategy. Secondary analysis was used for data acquisition in the theoretical part. Results: The summer and winter camps under the organization of forest preschool can positively (both financially and by strengthening the relationship between man and nature) help to operation of the specific forest preschool. Keywords: summer camp, winter camp, forest preschool, feasibility study
The project of educational cycling trails in Protected Landscape Area of Eagle mountains
Benešová, Věra ; Šafránek, Jiří (advisor) ; Kalkusová, Lucie (referee)
Title: The project of educational cycling trails in Protected Landscape Area of Eagle mountains  Objective The aim of this work is to create prject of three cycling trails, with three degrees of difficulty in eagle mountains area. The trails will be shown in information brochure with photos and information about this area. The brochure will be available in tourist information centre and online on some web page. Methods Analyzes of existing trails in this area, searching for information about interesting places, history and geografical points. Consulting and verifying this information with people from Eagle mountains PLA (Protected Landscepe Area) organization and interviewing locals about this area. Verifying trails by group of cyclists. Results The result of this thesis is a brochure with three bicycle educational trails in eagle mountains. The brochure contains maps, photos, cultural stops and other informatin about this area. Key words: Eagle mountains, educational trail, bicycling Powered by TCPDF (
Mountain hiking and Via ferrata - the phenomenon of our time
Formáčková, Miluše ; Vomáčko, Ladislav (advisor) ; Kalkusová, Lucie (referee)
Title: Mountain hiking and Via ferrata - the phenomenon of our time Objectives: The objective of this thesis is to describe the popularity of mountain hiking and via ferrata while pointing out the historical context of mountain hiking and via ferrata passing Methods: Research combined with literature analysis and critics. Accessible documents comparison. Seemingly unconnected chapters are bridged by summary interpretation at the end of this paper. Results: There are several factors causing the growing interest in mountain hiking and via ferrata. The mountains are no longer perceived as a place of dread and horror and with many well equipped chalets, huts and good quality maintained paths it is much easier for one to attend to mountain hiking and via ferrata. The stressful, hasty and overly technical 21st century puts a bigger demand on people to escape into nature and especially mountains. High standard of living, extensive transport network, great number of various type related offers in all media and the current outdoor sports hype, that all plays an important role in the growth of mountain hiking and via ferrata. Keywords: via ferrata, mountain environment, nature, motivation, outdoor, trekking
The benefits of outdoor course for social relatioships development in school classes
Kalkusová, Lucie ; Slepička, Pavel (advisor) ; Janíková, Marcela (referee) ; Macků, Richard (referee)
Title: The benefits of outdoor course for social relationships development in school classes Objective: The aim of the thesis was to examine how the outdoor course focused on teambuilding and social relationships development influences the structure and quality of social relationships in adolescent school classes. Methods: The research sample was created by 211 13 years old secondary school students (128 girls; 83 boys; average age 13.3±SD years) who participated on a 6-days outdoor course. The course was designed using the principles of dramaturgy to meet its objectives - let the students get to know each other and their teachers better, induce positive social relationships, a cooperative atmosphere, a sense of trust and safety in the class. The students filled in the questionnaire before the course, straight after the course and 3 months after finishing the course. It was a combination of preferential record, sociometric questions (choosing classmates for a birthday party and deserted island), B3 test and two open-ended questions mapping the preference of programme resources. The results were first analysed for each class to see what happened in each group and then all classes were summarized. Primary data were analysed by non-parametric Friedman's test, statistical significance between the...

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