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Design of a fixture for machining a car air conditioning component
Šetek, Tomáš ; Jeniš, Filip (referee) ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the design of the fixture. Clamping jigs enable fast and high quality production of components in the ever increasing demand of machined blanks on CNC machining centres. The aim of this thesis was to design a milling jig for an automotive compressor component with respect to minimum manufacturing cost, simplicity of design and reduction in machine time. The output of the work is the selected design prepared in the form of drawings. The work includes a review of design principles in jig design, commercially available fixtures, CNC milling machines and rotary or tilting tables that serve as additional axes of CNC milling machines.
Re-design of the clamping of GPS module for motorcycle
Jeniš, Filip ; Dočkal, Kryštof (referee) ; Klapka, Milan (advisor)
clamping, clamp, GPS, motorcycle, FEM, analysis, design, construction, construction alteration
Design of a device for the analysis of hydraulic damper valves
Čupr, Martin ; Jeniš, Filip (referee) ; Macháček, Ondřej (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the design of a device for a stand-alone hydraulic damper`s valve analysis. The main goal is to construct a jig, where the valve is firmly attached, so it can be exposed to high-pressure oil flow, simulating the real conditions in a damper. In this thesis, the valves of the two specific hydraulic dampers were chosen. The jig was designed to enable testing of these valves loaded by operating pressure up to 32 MPa. As the jig is universal, it allows testing of any similar-sized valves. Moreover, it provides the possibility to test two valves at the same time and analyse their cooperation. The jig presented in this thesis was designed for the development purposes. However, the same principle can be used as a control jig in serial manufacture. This approach enables to measure both the valve`s pressure drop and the current volumetric flow rate of oil. Consequently, all the main characteristics of the valve which are derived from these two quantities can be invetigated. When the cooperation of two valves is analysed, the ration between volumetric flow rates in each valve can be determined.
Hydraulic shock absorbers of train bogie
Odehnal, Lukáš ; Jeniš, Filip (referee) ; Kubík, Michal (advisor)
This bachelor thesis mainly deals with design solutions of adaptive dampers used on railway vehicle bogies. The first part gives a general overview of the topic. The main part discusses current designs of adaptive dampers that have already been tested. Final part of the thesis compares the designs including their determining parameters in order to obtain a large enough sample to contribute to the development of a new, electronically controlled damper at the VUT in Brno.
Pneumobile dynamometer design
Fritscher, Matyáš ; Kubík, Michal (referee) ; Jeniš, Filip (advisor)
This bachelor thesis concerns design of measuring station with a dynamometer for a racing pneumobile developed by a student team. The aim of this device is to simplify the process of tuning of the vehicle and to make it more precise. At the beginning of the work, there is a research of current commercial solutions of dynamometer stations. Then, while choosing a suitable brake, there is an evaluation of the possibility of repurposing an old brake, given by the university for this project. After verifying that it meets the necessary requirements, there are several concept solutions presented. For the selected concept, with a specific design for this vehicle, there is a complete design solution including safety analysis of selected nodes.
Adapter for pressing of sport shockabsorber
Drozd, David ; Jeniš, Filip (referee) ; Mazůrek, Ivan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is aimed at developing an adapter intended for filling mono-tube shock absorbers with gas. The first part deals with fundamentals and methods of gas charging of shock absorbers. The second part is aimed at designing the adapter based on findings from the first part. The third part includes detailed description of the final design and control calculations. Thesis outcomes include complete technical documentation of filling adapter of custom design and a comprehensive research report concerning gas charging of shock absorbers.
Equipment for testing the front forks of motorcycles and e-bikes
Vaněk, Tomáš ; Jeniš, Filip (referee) ; Mazůrek, Ivan (advisor)
One of the most important parts of motorcycle and bicycle chassis is the telescopic fork. Its proper function is tested on pulsators. The manufacturers of the test pulsators clamp the suspension under test vertically and the load force is applied in the direction of the fork axis. However, the direction of the force changes when actually crossing bumps of different sizes. For this reason, an add-on device to the pulsator has been developed to simulate the real load waveform. In addition to suitable kinematics changing the direction of the force applied to the suspension, the movement of the end of the suspension must also be simulated. The designed device has the highest accuracy in simulating the forces at steering angle values between 20° and 30°. The attachment system to the pulsator frame is also an integral part, allowing a large number of suspensions with different dimensions to be clamped. Strength calculations have been carried out for the individual parts of the device with a maximum applied force of 3 kN. In order to further improve the loading kinematics, it is advisable to carry out tests of the wheel crossing over unevenness in reality and to adjust the device according to the results.
Design of a vibrating platform for a semi-actively damped seat
Foltys, Jan ; Kubík, Michal (referee) ; Jeniš, Filip (advisor)
Low frequency vibrations caused by driving on uneven terrain can cause health issues to the crew. Virtual simulation of semi-actively controlled shock absorbers suggests that their use in the seats of agricultural machines could significantly lessen the impact of vibrations on the crew. That is why this bachelor's thesis concerns the blue-print of a vibrational platform for testing semi-actively controlled shock absorbers, with a frequency of 1 to 10 Hz and with an upstroke of ± 10mm. This platform would simulate driving on uneven terrain, which would help the development of suitable semi-actively controlled shock absorbers for agricultural seats. The research part of this thesis concerns the overview of the current state of vibrational platforms. The conceptual part focuses on designing multiple conceptual blueprints, their analysis and a decision about a suitable variant. And finally, the constructional part describes manufacturing a design solution of the chosen variant, with a focus on the views of selected construction mechanical parts.
Electronic car suspension tester
Jeniš, Filip ; Růžička, Bronislav (referee) ; Mazůrek, Ivan (advisor)
This thesis deals with the development of a conceptually new tester for evaluation of car chassis damping. The tester will work on the basis of tracking of the body attenuation at the points of the silencers after crossing the obstacles. The kinematic motion parameters will be scanned using an inertial measurement unit.
Integration of stroke sensor into the front bike fork
Pešout, Richard ; Jeniš, Filip (referee) ; Strecker, Zbyněk (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the design of the installation of the iC-MHL200 sensor in the front suspension fork of a bike, where it will measure the stroke in order to control a magnetorological damper. The thesis first describes selected suspension systems, currently available systems enabling the measurement of bike fork lift and the iC-MHL200 sensor itself. Furthermore, the thesis deals with the design and production of a test holder, the sensor test and its results. Using the results, the installation design itself was subsequently created. During the design, it was necessary to overcome several obstacles, which was achieved with certain compromises and the goal of the thesis was fulfilled. This installation will allow further, more accurate testing of the sensor and later also the control of MR dampers with an affordable but accurate sensor.

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