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Architecture of Franciscan Observant Monasteries in Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia and Upper Lusatia in Second Half of the 15th Century
Křenková, Zuzana ; Kuthan, Jiří (advisor) ; Jakubec, Ondřej (referee) ; Jarošová, Markéta (referee)
So far the history of medieval Franciscan Observance has been considered as the history of individual monasteries, or more generally as the history of disputes concerning education, culture and nationality. The aim of the present dissertation is to describe the history in terms of cultural history, to analyze wider issues of architecture regarding monastic buildings of the last big monastic community of The Middle Ages, to describe them and evaluate. The basic structure of the dissertation consists of monographic chapters monitoring the history and building development of fifteen preserved and thirteen extinct monasteries in territory of the Czech monastic province (Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia and Upper Lusatia). The catalogue part is introduced by chapters summarizing the historical context of Franciscan Observants' activities within a short period between the second half of the 15th century and the first half of the 16th century, during which the Observants of the Czech province experienced both the stage of raise and decay. The history of the order is then followed by an essay on the rules of the process of foundation constructions of the convents, the order rules limiting artwork and mainly the character of the order architecture. Key words Franciscan Observants, Late Gothic Architecture,...
Comparison of texts and images of Visitatio Sepulchri in the region of northern Spain and southern France in the Middle Ages
Kuliešiūtė, Indrė ; Royt, Jan (advisor) ; Jarošová, Markéta (referee)
Bibliografická citace Comparison of texts and images of Visitatio Sepulchri in the region of Northern Spain and Southern France in the Middle Ages [rukopis] : diplomová práce / Indrė Kuliešiūtė; vedoucí práce: Jan Royt. -- Praha, 2023. -- 47 s. Abstract The Bible tells of an event when several women meet one or two angels by the empty Tomb of Christ. Such motive in art is called the Holy Women at the Empty Tomb or sometimes the Three Maries at the Sepulchre. The goal of this thesis is to explore the connection between the images of this motive in the Southern France and Northern Spain to the Easter dialogues and liturgical plays that tell this story. The peculiarity in this region is the gestures of the angel and sometimes of the women: they are depicted in the action of lifting the lid of the sarcophagus to look inside. To my best knowledge, such an arrangement does not occur even once outside of this region. To achieve the goal of the thesis, the artworks and the drama texts from this region were surveyed. The artwork was analyzed, focusing mostly on the gestures of the figures, while the discussion of the drama texts focused mainly on the rubrics, instructing the performers what actions and how they are to carry out. This thesis argues that the greatest variety and originality of the artworks is where...
Moser Glassworks in the 20th Century
Lagronová, Isabel ; Jarošová, Markéta (advisor) ; Čechura, Jaroslav (referee)
The topic of the Bachelor's thesis is the Moser glassworks and its period since the peak of its work, which reached the beginning of the 20th century when relations with Austria-Hungary brought the glassworks an international response, which persists to the present day. Specifically, in this thesis is defined the period of the 20th century, when it comes to technology, processing, collection, and the largest event associated with the Moser glassworks in this period. The first part of the text mentions the general, historical development of the glass industry in the Czech territory, which is mentioned with the Great Industrial Revolution, which led to the rise of industry, in this case also the glass industry and when has begun the unstoppable development of technology in this sector. The main part of the text is devoted to the 20th century, when many events took place on its basis based on developing new processes in glass processing by this glassworks and when product collections were created, presented at the most prestigious exhibitions, or created for specific orders. The work aims to reflect the methods of creating the Moser glassworks in the historical context of the time and shows the changing of processing techniques that was evolving based on historical events and new artistic trends of...
Double monasteries of Poor Clares and Friars Minor in the area of Central Europe in 13th century. Typology of architecture, foundation of royal princesses and contemporary context on the examples of monasteries, especially in Prague and Wroclaw.
Zelenková, Gabriela ; Kolářová Takácsová, Kornélia (advisor) ; Jarošová, Markéta (referee)
Double monasteries of Poor Clares and Friars Minor in the area of Central Europe in 13th century. Typology of architecture, foundation of royal princesses and contemporary context on the examples of monasteries, especially in Prague and Wroclaw. The topic of my bachelor thesis is a comparison of the typology of architecture of double monasteries of Poor Clares and Friars minor. The specifics of the Convent of the Sisters of the Poor Clares had to adapt to the strict order and liturgical regulations of the order, which was reflected in building architecture according to a certain pattern, manifested in the form of monastic churches including emporium, cloister and common areas, separated from contact with the outside world. However, this did not prevent the increasing of the education of the sisters and the maintenance of ties between the individual monasteries. Friars minor provided spiritual guidance for the sisters. Franciscans originated in the 13th century as an order that responds to the development of medieval cities and the wide social layers of inhabitants, which is reflected in the location of monasteries near rivers and walls (hospital function, water availability). In the Central European region, in response to the new ecclesiastical order, the then desire to return to following the...
The ideal exhibiting concept for Alfons Mucha's Slavic Epic
Belasová, Kristýna ; Jarošová, Markéta (advisor) ; Bendová, Eva (referee)
This thesis focuses on Alfons Mucha's Slavic Epic from a curating point of view. It aims to determine and define the ideal ways on how to exhibit the large-scale paintings. This thesis follows up on numerous architectural studies that repetitively aimed to find the ideal space to accommodate the Slavic Epic cycle. It researches the rich history of exhibitions of the Slavic Epic and highlights the positive and negative aspects of said expositions. This thesis highlights the problematics of large format artworks and the optimal ways of presentation. It determines the target group audience and follows up with the specific means on how the display could be adjusted for said audience. Lastly, the author presents the Slavic Epic as a unique artwork of national significance. The goal of this thesis is to present a universal concept for an exhibition of the Slavic Epic. This concept could later serve as a template for future expositions.
Marina in the work of Jan van Goyen with regard to the collections of the National Gallery in Prague
Zakhovailo, Kristina ; Jarošová, Markéta (advisor) ; Oulíková, Petra (referee)
This thesis deals with marine painting by one of the leading 17th century Dutch landscape painter Jan van Goyen. The art theme of the marine will be presented in the background of the cultural-historical context of the Golden Age of Dutch painting when the development of marine of the 17th century was conditioned by successful seafaring, which was one of the main pillars of the Dutch economy. The development of the marina genre will be described chronologically from the first generation of marine painters. Furthermore, the second generation to which belongs Jan Porcellis, the founder of the realistic tradition in the marina, had a great influence on the work of Jan van Goyen, who also belongs to the second generation. The main emphasis will be focused on the analysis of selected works by Jan van Goyen from the National Gallery in Prague. The method of formal and iconographic analysis will be applied to the selected works. The certain paintings will be further interpreted through the socio- cultural context of the time when the works were created. The third generation of marine painters will be introduced as well. This bachelor thesis consists mainly of collections from National Gallery in Prague. The purpose of this work is to reflect Jan van Goyen's marine in the collection of the National Gallery...
The phenomenon of an ancestral portrait gallery in selected aristocratic collections in Bohemia The Origin, Form, Character, and Presentation of the Lobkowicz and Kolowrat collections
Vráblíková, Anna ; Jarošová, Markéta (advisor) ; Nespěšná Hamsíková, Magdaléna (referee)
Annotation: The diploma thesis deals with the phenomenon of the portrait family galleries in the Czech Republic. Thanks to using the example of two important collections - Lobkowicz and Kolowrat, it will be shown how the ancestral portrait galleries were created, what was their significance. The thesis will focus on the evaluation of their installation, and their current state will be discussed as well. The thesis will also focus on the manner and form of presentation of individual works of these family galleries and will try to place them in a broader European context. It will be pointed out both to the client of the works, as well as the painters of portraits. The aims of the thesis will also be to evaluate in which spatial contexts the galleries were located and what representative role they played. Keywords: Portrait, the family gallery, the aristocratic collection, Lobkowicz, the Lobkowicz collection, Kolowrat, the Kolowrat collection.
The comparison of legal regulations of the sickness insurance in the Czech Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany
Jarošová, Markéta ; Zemanová, Jana (advisor) ; Vysokajová, Margerita (referee)
This submitted thesis deals with legal regulation of the sickness insurance. The thesis consists of nine chapters. The fourth to the seventh chapters, which are based on the legal regulation in the Czech Republic, and the ninth chapter, which is based on the legal regulation of the sickness insurance in the Federal Republic of Germany, are fundamental. The purpose of this thesis is to analyse the legal regulation of the sickness insurance in the Czech Republic and the basic institutes in the legal regulation in the Federal Republic of Germany and compare these two legal regulations. The research is supplemented by a historical survey of the social security, especially the sickness insurance, and by a chapter on the legal regulation valid in the Czech Republic till the end of 2008 and by a chapter focused on the legal regulation of the sickness insurance according to the regulations of the European Union. On the bases of the comparison of both the legal regulations I have arrived at the conclusion that the legal regulations are similar and contain similar institutes because of the close historical development and the social structures. The main sources of information were professional publications and commentaries, articles published in professional journals and web pages.
The Litoměřice Gradual of 1517
Kabourková, Jana ; Kubík, Viktor (advisor) ; Jarošová, Markéta (referee)
The Litoměřice Gradual of 1517 Subject of this thesis is a detailed analysis of monographic Utraquist Gradual from Litoměřice, dated to the year 1517 (Lovosice, SOA, IV C 1).The study involves a review of the published literature to date on and consistent formal and iconographic analysis decorations. In the introduction, the manuscript was partially studied in terms of cultural and historical context of its origin and dating. The donors, Jakub Ronovský and Vaclav Řepnický, are introduced in the extant sources and in connection with a major Utraquist Brotherhood at the Church of All Saints in Litoměřice. Chapter 2.2 extensively elaborates on the issue of dating the manuscript. Personality anonymous, who painted manuscript, evaluated chapter 2.3. Unknown origin painters compensate in this work a comprehensive study of creative expression illuminators and their possible inspiration. In the foreground are highlighted especially the analogy with the second generation of the Danube School and graphic designs from the late 15th century. The second part of the study elaborates formalized Gradual, the individual illuminated folio orientation puts into context the development of contemporary art on the basis of particularized analogies. Besides the comparison with published choral manuscripts Janicek...
The Prague painting Saint Luke painting the Virgin by Jan Gossaert called Mabuse
Hamrlová, Anna ; Zlatohlávek, Martin (advisor) ; Jarošová, Markéta (referee)
The National Gallery in Prague conserves an important masterpiece of the Fle- mish mannerist Jan Gossaert. The panel painting Saint Luke painting the Virgin was originally determined for the cathedral of Saint Roumboult in Mechelen in Belgium. The artwork represents one of the first applications of Renaissance style behind the Alps. Gossaert was educated in this new style during a visit to Italy several years earlier and combined it with traditional Flemish art. The artist worked for the court of Margaret of Austria in Mechelen around the year 1513, the year the painting originates. His traditional style became influenced by the techniques used in Mechelen by foreign artists. The theme is painted the tradi- tional manner of work on an oak panel. Renaissance and Gothic architecture is decorated by " en grisaille" sculptures. A seemingly simple theme is given deeper meaning thanks to these objects containing hidden meanings. There are also some prints from the time the panel was in the Saint Vitus Cathedral in Prague due to which we can contemplate the progress in presentation of the painting during centuries. 1

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