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Mechanisms of immune dysregulation leading to inflammatory bowel disease
Horáčková, Klára ; Froňková, Eva (advisor) ; Filipp, Dominik (referee)
Bc. Klára Horáčková DIPLOMA THESIS Mechanisms of immune dysregulation leading to inflammatory bowel disease Abstract Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a complex disorder characterized by chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Classical IBD is a multifactorial disease with adulthood or later-childhood onset. However, children with very early onset IBD (VEO-IBD, before 6 years of age) are a specific cohort, whose pathology can be caused by severe genetic defects in genes connected to immune homeostasis in the gut. We aimed to identify the causal genetic variants in 20 pediatric patients diagnosed with IBD (age of onset from 3 to 154 months) using whole exome sequencing (WES). We evaluated several bioinformatical approaches for WES data analysis. This included a comparison of two methods of variant identification using VarScan2 or GATK4-based tools. Furthermore, we compared 4 gene lists ("virtual panels") for variant filtering, one of which was compiled purposefully for this thesis. We identified and validated via segregation analysis 5 causal variants in 4 genes (DUOX2 compound heterozygote, FOXP3, NLRP3 and NOD2) accounting for 20 % of the cohort. NOD2 (p.A755V) variant has already been reported in IBD cases, while DUOX2 (p.R1216W + p.A1131T), FOXP3 (p.H400L) and NLRP3 (p.V200M) were newly...
Ways of creativity development in elementary mathematics education
Horáčková, Klára ; Tichá, Marie (advisor) ; Macháčková, Jana (referee)
3 TITLE: Ways of creativity development in elementary mathematics education SUMMARY: This thesis deals with creativity - from a general concept to a more specific perspective - creativity in mathematics lessons and textbooks at elementary schools in relation to the curriculum method and transformation of a number of textbooks towards unique teaching methods. The aim of this thesis is to describe the current situation on a selected sample of experimental groups - elementary school classes (two of them second year and three of them fourth year) which specialize on integration of pupils with specific learning and behavioral disabilities as well as extraordinarily talented pupils and thus provide the broadest possible range of pupils, which enables to find possible links between the used methods and creative teaching approach including creating one's own teaching materials and consequently searching for possible ways to develop creativity of pupils in relation to used methods, textbooks, other materials and forms of work. This thesis uses the following research methods: quantitative and qualitative research, empirical methods - observation, description, analysis. KEYWORDS: creativity, talent, imagination, originality, diagnosis, motivation
Challenges of integration of foreign pupils at primary schools
Kocianová, Barbora ; Stará, Jana (advisor) ; Horáčková, Klára (referee)
This thesis deals with the theme of integration and education of foreign pupils at primary schools. Further, it presents the findings which are connected with this theme. It focuses on classification of challenges and problems which can occur when the pupil starts to attend a school in a foreign country, and tries to find possible solutions and preventive measures as well. It has been confirmed that teachers see positive contribution of a foreign pupil in the class but they also admit and express concerns about insufficient preparedness and the lack of materials for work with the foreign pupils. The empirical part of this paper analyses three case studies which have been made thanks to observation of the foreign pupils and thanks to interviews with their class teachers. This part also concerns with teachers' opinions and their view of the challenges that are brought up by the presence a foreign pupil. The outcome of the thesis is a set of sample work sheets intended for foreign pupils. These worksheets are compatible with the textbooks for teaching Czech language which are commonly used at primary schools. Key words Integration, second language pupils, foreign pupils, students-foreigners, adaptation, intercultural education, inclusion, cultural differences, multicultural education,...
Cooperation between school and family as the foundation of efektive partnership
Slivoňová, Alena ; Kargerová, Jana (advisor) ; Horáčková, Klára (referee)
The thesis deals with the theoretical part to highlight the importance of cooperation between schools and families in terms of children, from the perspective of families and teachers and schools. Furthermore, the work deals with a survey to improve relations between the school and parents in our elementary school. Determines whether the five years that we establish a closer cooperation with parents to improve the perception of the school community and neighborhood residents. The work focuses on empirical research of events for parents, cooperation, but also obstacles that may arise. KEYWORDS: Cooperation and partnership schools and the child's family, trust between the two sides, the benefits of cooperation, forms of cooperation, the relationship between parents and school teachers, in collaboration barriers, parents welcome the involvement of parents in the joint actions.
Methods of presenting mathematics curriculum in 7th grade at a Montessori school
Vernerová, Hana ; Kargerová, Jana (advisor) ; Horáčková, Klára (referee)
The thesis called The Ways of Presentation of Mathematics in the 7th Grade of Montessori School provides with a description and detailed analysis of Montessori principles with regards to their use and fulfilling tasks during lessons of mathematics at Montessori Schools. Its further aim is to check out in the course of lessons if the three Montessori principles - discovering of facts by an individual, work with mistake and individual approach - are being applied during the presentations of new topics to the 7th grade students of Montessori school. The thesis consists of theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part deals with establishing of educational areas of mathematics and its application within the "The Framework Education Programme for Elementary Education" and description of current trends in mathematics, didactic constructivism represented by Hejný and Kuřina. Further on, it describes Montessori principles and their application and use during the teaching of mathematics and ways of presentation of mathematic topics in Montessori classes. The end of theoretical part is a comparison of Montessori principles during the mathematic lessons and didactic constructivism. In its introduction, the practical part refers to the theoretical concept of education in the second cycle of Montessori...
Education students-foreigners at Czech primary schools
Bucková, Soňa ; Stará, Jana (advisor) ; Horáčková, Klára (referee)
The thesis is focused on several areas related to the education of foreigners in primary schools. The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on particular areas of children bilingualism and multicultural education. The legislative framework and the statistics of foreigners in the Czech Republic, which is closely related to the area is deeply analyzed. The last chapter discussed options and recommendations to assist the integration of foreign pupils in primary schools. The research part of the thesis deals with the approaches and experience of teachers with education of pupils-foreigners, the relationship with the children-foreigners to the particular school in the Czech Republic and their level of Czech language and attitude towards it. Key words Education of foreigners, bilingualism, multicultural education, pupil-foreigner, inclusion, mother language, second language, primary school
Possibilities of individualization and differentiation of instruction methods in current education
Bredová, Romana ; Mazáčová, Nataša (advisor) ; Horáčková, Klára (referee)
This diploma thesis elaborates on the matters of individualisation and differentiation of education in elementary schooling. The theoretical part is focusing on technical and theoretical problem solution. The aim of the practical part is to look at the variety of possibilities between individualisation and differentiation of education of the instructor's own 4th grade class, while looking at a particular example of two students in that class. The practical part finds solutions from this active research that is interpreted as a case study, and describes the process of individualisation and differentiation from the point of view of working with teaching devices.
Work with immigrant children in teaching Czech in primary school
Bryndová, Adéla ; Horáčková, Klára (advisor) ; Zimová, Lucie (referee)
This thesis is focused on an education of students with different mother language (OMJ) at the first degree of primary school. It's consist of two parts. The terms specified in the theoretical part are related to student OMJ, influence of foreigners in Czech republic. This part is also focused on educating student with OMJ at Czech primary schools. The practical part of thesis describes research which was implemented in various schools. Qualitative part of this research was made on sample of five students with different mother language, who each visits different primary school. The goal of the whole research was the obtain data about education of students and also the way the teachers works with their language goals of teaching. KEYWORDS Pupil with a different mother language, migration, education, czech as a foreign language, inclusion, integration, observation, casuistry
Integration of Foreign Student into a Primary Education
Plocková, Nikola ; Stará, Jana (advisor) ; Horáčková, Klára (referee)
This thesis deals with the inclusion and integration of pupils with a different mother tongue in Czech elementary schools and point to the readiness of Czech schools and teachers for the integration of these pupils. The theoretical part is mainly focused on describing the best practices of integration and inclusion of pupils with a different mother tongue. In the empirical part are processed data from observations of lessons, interviews with teachers, educational consultant, school principals and interviews and published case studies of students with a different mother tongue. Research case study approach is the inclusion of pupils with a different mother tongue and the questionnaire. KEYWORDS Mother tongue, multicultural, inclusion, integration, foreigner, discrimination, migration, seeker, individual study plan.
Specifics of the work of a novice teacher when integrating a pupil with a different mother tongue at a Czech primary school
Loudová, Anna ; Horáčková, Klára (advisor) ; Loudová Stralczynská, Barbora (referee)
This thesis deals with the problematics of the work of a novice teacher, who has a pupil with a different mother tongue in his class. Its aim is to identify the specifics that usually accompany the work of novice teachers when integrating these pupils. The text is structured into two parts, each of which is further divided into several chapters. The first, theoretical, part compiles and then presents expert knowledge on migration, inclusion and then education of pupils with a different mother tongue and, last but not least, the role of the school as well as teachers in the process of integration of these children. It also sets out the criteria that affect and influence pupil integration with a different mother tongue. The second part of the thesis is practical. It contains an analysis of the work of two teachers who currently have pupils with a different mother tongue in their class and are trying to integrate them. It is focused on the specifics of working with them. The analysis of their work is carried out on the criteria set out at the end of the theoretical part of this thesis. These criteria are based on the study of professional literature. The result of the thesis is the description of teaching strategies and procedures of these pedagogues, the analysis of their approaches to teaching in a...

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