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Design of electron microscope
Havlíček, Petr ; Kobosil, Karel (referee) ; Zvonek, Miroslav (advisor)
The aim of my Master's thesis is the design of a scanning electron microscope. The designed concept presents an innovative approach to the problems and respects all technical, ergonomic and aesthetical demands made on it. The main creative part of design process starting from the concept development and ending up with the final solution is preceded by a background research study including a historical, technical and design analysis of the electron microscope. The conclusion of my Master's thesis analyses the final design, its character and its contribution in broader context.
Proposal of Communication Mix
Gloza, Jiří ; Havlíček, Petr (referee) ; Milichovský, František (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the analysis and evaluation of marketing communication at Data Daemon, s.r.o., dealing with industrial automation. In the theoretical part are described the theoretical starting points of work on the given topic of marketing research on the B2B market. In the analytical part, the necessary analyzes are made to propose a new communication mix for this company. Suggestions for improving the communication mix are summarized in the third chapter of this diploma thesis.
Influence of Explosive Hardening on the Structure and Characteristic of Hadfield Steel in Terms of use in the Railway Transport
Havlíček, Petr ; Podrábský, Tomáš (referee) ; Nesvadba,, Petr (referee) ; Schmidtová,, Eva (referee) ; Stránský, Karel (advisor)
The high alloyed austenitic manganese steel, the Hadfield steel, thanks to its good wear resistance of the work surface and maintaining the high toughness of the internal material in the same time, is successfully applied for casted crossings. The crossings are the most dynamic stressed components in the railway turnouts. Thanks to low surface and sub-surface hardness the occurrence of plastic deformation and the progressive wear of the crossing running surfaces can be found since the initial stages of the crossing operational life. One possibility how to increase the surface and the sub-surface hardness and this way improve the dimensional stability and the crossing lifetime as well is to apply the explosive hardening of the crossing running surfaces. The technology mentioned above means the application of the explosives in the imminent nearness to the running surface of the crossing, when the high pressure wave acting within the extremely short period actuates the plastic deformation of the material structure. The work deals with analysis of influence of explosive hardening on the structure and characteristic of Hadfield steel. The explosive hardened samples have the surface and the sub-surface hardness checked and the microscopic analysis and X – ray diffraction is applied, including the TEM analysis as well carried out by the transmission electronic microscope. The characteristics experimental testing including outcomes from assessment of the contact – fatigue load of the explosive hardened Hadfield steel samples are the part of the work as well. As an experiment final part the outcomes of the long –term validation, the surface hardness and wear of the crossing running surfaces of the explosive hardened crossing already installed into the Czech Republic railway track are introduced as well.
Business Plan - Establishment of the Experiential Restaurant.
Hemzová, Klára ; Havlíček, Petr (referee) ; Luňáček, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with the processing of a business plan for the establishment of experiential restaurant in the city center of Brno. The work is divided into four main parts. Part one describes the objective and methodology of work. The second part contains theoretical knowledge and background, needed to create a business plan. In the third part with the help of theoretical knowledge analyzed the current market situation. The last part contains suggestions.
Evaluation of Benefits in Financing Real Estate Purchase
Havlíček, Petr ; Kuběj, Zbyněk (referee) ; Mašterová, Lucie (advisor)
This diploma thesis engages in evalution of benefits in financing of real estate. It deals with comparasion of offered forms in financing of loans, especially mortgage loans and their combinations with another products like building savings and unit trusts for needs of model clients. The outcome of a thesis is a proposal and recommendation of the most advantageous variant for financing of given real estate.
Part V of the Civil Procedure Code and possible changes in the legislation
Havlíček, Petr ; Zahradníková, Radka (advisor) ; Střeleček, Tomáš (referee)
Part V of the Civil Procedure Code and possible changes in the legislation Abstract The master's thesis is dealing with proceedings acted upon Part V of the Civil Procedure Code in 3 major points of perspective. Firstly, the circumstances that led to formation of dualistic conception in judicial review of administrative decisions in historical context, second perspective is the own legal procedure with emphasis on application problems in concrete rules explained with help of judicature of Constitutional Court, Supreme Court and Supreme Administrative Court. The third point of perspective is possible changes in the legislation and possibilities which were introduced in the most recent proposal of new procedure code. In current legislation, there are two options of judicial review of administrative decisions, one by the Civil Procedure Code, second by the Code of Administrative Court Procedure. The dividing line between those is if subjective rights affected by the decision were private or public. This dualism worked in the Czech legal system already in the period of First Czechoslovak Republic. Administrative justice was first implemented during the Austrian Monarchy which is also reviewed in the thesis. The period after 1989 is analysed very deeply because the Civil Procedure Code has not been recodified,...
Guilt and Forgiveness in Karamazov's Brothers from the View of Girard's Triangle of Desire
Havlíček, Petr ; Češka, Jakub (advisor) ; Fulka, Josef (referee)
The work deals with the theme of guilt and forgiveness in The Brothers Karamazov. It tries to prove that individuals who are afflicted by triangular desire are unable to feel their guilt and are unable to forgive. Only after they break this triangle, they can realize their guilt and can forgive - ourselves and others. It also focuses on the close links between the triangle of desire and the Zossima`s concept. Zossima`s concept is meant semiotic body and the main pillar of the story, it is expressed by Zossima`s phrase " We are all guilty for everything." It operates in the Brothers Karamazov as active and passive element that helps the characters to fight with a triangle of a metaphysical desire and that also serves as a measure of consciousness of guilt and forgiveness. Studied characters are Zossima, "mysterious visitor", trinity father Karamazov / son Dmitri / Grushenka and Lisa Hohlakov.

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