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Geological and geotechnical characterisation of the mining environment - URF Bukov II - Interim report III
Soejono, I. ; Bukovská, Z. ; Rukavičková, L. ; Švagera, O. ; Chabr, T. ; Souček, Kamil ; Vavro, Martin ; Morávek, R. ; Levý, O. ; Sosna, K. ; Kryl, J. ; Řihošek, J. ; Zelinková, T. ; Dobeš, P. ; Hanák, J. ; Čermák, F. ; Kašpar, R. ; Mareček, L. ; Nedvěd, J. ; Vavro, Leona ; Myška, O. ; Janeček, Ivan
This report describes the work carried out in the third year of the public contract Geological and geotechnical characterisation of the rock environment – the Bukov URF II. The characterisation and descriptive works are directly related to the excavation of the premises for the future underground laboratory. These include in particular: geological and geotechnical documentation of the faces and walls of the workings, petrographic, mineralogical and structural geological documentation, hydrogeological characterisation of the environment, as well as determination of the physical and mechanical properties of the rock-mass in situ and in the laboratory, geophysical characterisation and monitoring of the seismic effects of blasting. The report also includes the newly developed rock mass\nclassification system and the results of its testing on the Bukov URF II site. The report includes also brief overview of the work planned for the following year of the project.
Simulation Environment for Objects in Low Earth Orbit
Pospíšil, Zbyněk ; Hanák, Jiří (referee) ; Novák, Jiří (advisor)
Tato práce se zabývá problematikou předpovědi polohy satelitu na Nízkém orbitu Země a vizualizací těchto dat v samostatném programu. Takových cílů je dosaženo použitím jak analytických, tak i numerických integračních metod, analyzujících orbitální parametry získané z veřejných databází ve formátu TLE. Účelem práce je srozumitelně přiblížit tuto problematiku veřejnosti a nadšencům. Celý průběh simulace je zachycen v grafickém prostředí a umožňuje uživateli ladit podrobný běh simulace.
Futuristic Aircraft Cockpit Design
Svorada, Slavomír ; Hanák, Jiří (referee) ; Chudý, Peter (advisor)
This work focuses on the historical development and current trends in the field of flight data visualization in the cockpit. Based on this analysis, a modern flight data visualization is proposed, which is subsequently implemented in a virtual reality-supported aviation simulation environment. The aim of the work was to create flight data visualization for Helmet-Mounted Display for aircraft capable of vertical takeoff and landing. The primary goal is to enhance the efficiency and safety of aviation through innovative visual means.
A design of manipulator for laser engraving device
Hanák, Jan ; Knoflíček, Radek (referee) ; Tůma, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis presents a research in the field of laser technologies used in industry and systems for laser marking of rotating parts. The output is a design of a laser cell that serves to mark rotating parts and that can be incorporated into an automated production line. The concept is developed in the form of a 3D model which is accompanied by necessary technical calculations and a justification of the choice of used components.
Study of adsorption of organic pollutants on wheat bran biochar
Hanák, Jan ; Pořízka, Jaromír (referee) ; Diviš, Pavel (advisor)
This diploma thesis explores the application of the Diffusive Gradients in Thin Films (DGT) method for determining and monitoring the concentrations of dissolved pharmaceuticals and organic dyes in water and food. The theoretical part introduces the issue of the occurrence of these organic substances in water and food, the principles of the DGT method, the characteristics of adsorption and adsorption isotherms, and the introduction of biochar as an adsorbent. The experimental section primarily focuses on optimizing and validating adsorption gels containing commercial biochar and unmodified biochar from wheat bran for the adsorption of specific substances using the DGT method. Oxytetracycline was primarily tested from a selection of antibiotics and malachite green from organic dyes, which is widely used in aquaristics. The results demonstrate a comparison of the effectiveness of adsorption using these two types of adsorbents and their characteristics, such as infrared spectroscopy analysis or images from a scanning electron microscope. From the Langmuir isotherm, the maximum adsorption capacity for oxytetracycline on commercial biochar was found to be 314,065 mgg-1 and the maximum adsorption capacity for wheat bran biochar was 89,720 mgg-1. The maximum adsorption capacity of commercial biochar for malachite green was 439,406 mgg-1. The work further emphasizes the potential of the DGT method as a tool for food analysis and investigating contaminants in water systems, which further move into the food chain.
Legal Regulation of Expropriation for the Construction of Traffic Infrastructure
Šestáková, Romana ; Superatová, Alena (referee) ; Hanák, Jakub (advisor)
This master´s thesis deals with a legal regulation of expropriation for construction of traffic infrastructure. Basic related terms such as ownership, property, a building, public works etc. are defined in the first part. The second part deals with the historic development of expropriation. The third part discusses the purposes and aims of expropriation, the term “public interest” and harmony of the aims and tasks of zoning. A special part is devoted to the expropriating proceedings, the principles of the expropriating proceedings, the participants of the proceedings etc. The last part deals with the possibility of expropriation for the purpose of construction of traffic infrastructure and the specifics related to this issue.
Embedded System for Water Level Monitoring
Hanák, Jiří ; Kašpárek, Tomáš (referee) ; Šimek, Václav (advisor)
This work is dealing with the design and implementation of an embedded water level monitoring system. The purpose of the system is to control the filling of a tank based on the water level. First of all, the attention is given to the survey of existing measurement techniques and selection of the appropriate sensing elements for a given scenario. In fact, the embedded system is using TFmini and JSN-SR04T-2.0 contactless sensors. The system is controlled by STM32F0 microcontroller from STMicroelectronics programmed in C using HAL abstraction layer. The measured results are sent via Wi-Fi SoC ESP8266EX to the Python server that is used for processing and demonstratiton purposes.
Application Demonstrating Multi-Biometric Fusion
Hanák, Jaroslav ; Hrubý, Martin (referee) ; Mráček, Štěpán (advisor)
This work is focused on biometrics, multi-biometrics, normalization and fusion in multi-biometrics systems and their performance evaluation. It contains a brief introduction to the problem and an overview of the techniques. The aim is to design and then implement an application demonstrating the performance of systems that fall into the category of multi-modal biometric systems. Furthermore, the experiments with the database templates of multi-biometric system and the conclusion summarizes the results.
Design of laminate handlebars for mountain bikes
Hanák, Jiří ; Ševeček, Oldřich (referee) ; Polzer, Stanislav (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis describes design of laminate handlebars for mountain bikes. The first part describes the mechanical properties of composite materials, with the emphasis on fiber composites. The algorithm for acquiring material characteristics of fiber composite by analytical method is presented. In the next part, it is shown how to control the direction of fibers in lam-inate in the finite element calculations and its impact to resulting stresses in the material. The aim of the last part is design geometry model of laminate handlebars for mountain bikes with following stress – strain analysis by FEM and software ANSYS. The analysis is performed for static loading.
Issues Involved in Real Estate Auctions
Bahenský, Miloš ; Hanák, Jakub (referee) ; Telec, Ivo (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the auction issue with regard to property in the Czech Republic in terms of particular legislation, but also economic aspects. This theme I have chosen deliberately, because I had a bachelor's thesis on the topic The method of the extorting of the debts in the business legal relations and the success of its using in the practice. Public auction, which is the main chapter of this thesis is a key means of recovery. Legislation auctions is basically divided into two ways by which the auction is carried out, under a law on public auctions and by the Code of Civil Procedure. My task is to explain various aspects of all of the auctions, describe, evaluate their advantages, but also to point out shortcomings. The practical outcome is to analyze and evaluate selected voluntary and involuntary auction and also to consider the possibility of suggestions to improve the auction issue.

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