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Do Constitutional Court's rulings bind lower courts? Doctrinal and empirical perspectives
Drápalová, Jana ; Kühn, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Wintr, Jan (referee)
Do Constitutional Court's rulings bind lower courts? Doctrinal and empirical perspectives Abstract Czech doctrinal researchers conclude that decisions of the Czech Constitutional Court are - at least in some respect - bind lower courts pro futuro. Although continental legal systems do not officially subscribe to a doctrine of precedent, a quasi-precedential role of the jurisprudence of higher courts is often defended by theorists. However, this theory of quasi-precedent has never been empirically tested in the Czech Republic. This dissertation constitutes a first such attempt as it examines whether courts actually decide in practice according to the jurisprudence of the Czech Constitutional Court. Specifically, it focuses on a guideline decision by the Czech Constitutional Court on parole decisions made in 2018. The guideline decision emphasized that parole decisions - made by courts in the Czech legal system and not by parole boards or committees - constitute a systemic problem since they are poorly reasoned and as a result they are ambiguous and not persuasive. The guideline decision in detail stated what reasons can be used to justify parole decision and how various factors, such as previous convictions, should be interpreted when deciding on parole. This dissertation studies two groups of first-level...
The influence of deep hypothermia on the endocrine function of adipose tissue
Drápalová, Jana ; Haluzík, Martin (advisor) ; Flachs, Pavel (referee)
Introduction and aims: Deep hypothermia is a medical method used in a variety of car- diological operations. Adipose tissue is one of the main endocrine organs and therefore its en- docrine function significantly influences the state of a patient. The aim of this study was to explore the influence of deep hypothermia on the expression of selected proteins in adipose tissue, which has yet to be described in scientific literature. Material and methods: Samples of subcutaneous and visceral fat were taken from 10 pa- tients, who underwent planned surgery for pulmonary hypertension. The samples were taken at the beginning and the end of hypothermia, and at the end of the operation, respctively. Real-time PCR method was used to determine relative gene expression of selected adipocy- tokines (BCL-2, GLUT1, GPX1, HIF1- , IL-6, IRS1, MCP1, MIF, MT3, TNF-) from total fat and isolated adipocytes. Results: Gene expression of GLUT1 (total subcutaneous fat), HIF1- (total subcutaneous and visceral fat) and IL-6 a MCP-1 (in all tissues) at the end of the operation was significantly higher compared to the gene expression at the beginning and end of hypothermia. Gene ex- pression of TNF- in total subcutaneous fat increased significantly at the end of the operation compared to the beginning of hypothermia. Gene...
Design of Golf Cart
Drápalová, Jana ; Karásek, David (referee) ; Rubínová, Dana (advisor)
The main contribution of this work is a new perspective on design of a golf cart for 2 players. The aim is to create a cart which will be innovative in the design but retaining necessary technical, ergonomic, aesthetic and ecological requirements. The final draft should be able to compete to existing products in this market.
Design of Electric Kettle
Drápalová, Jana ; Buganská, Tamara (referee) ; Rubínová, Dana (advisor)
The topic of my thesis is to design a kettle and the main goal is to make a new look at the topic that was made many times and to improve, innovate and move the existing design, while maintaining ergonomic, technical and esthetic requirements.

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2 Drápalová, Jitka
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