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Cross-curricular relations between Czech language and art
Hamáčková, Martina ; Pišlová, Simona (advisor) ; Cikánová, Karla (referee)
Intersubjects relations are now more emphasized.I believe that the links between subjects are increasingly applied in lessons at school,supported by Framework Educational Programme,consequently school educational programs.The aim of this work is a summary of common features of the Czech language and art and their application in practice.These two systems are intertwined and connect since ancient time,that is why my goal was to show more specifically how to fill the relationship of these two subjects in the lessons.So I was looking for connections between different subject areas and topics.In the theoretical part of my work,I defined the concept of interdisciplinary relations, and then I described the position of these two subjects in the past and present as well as the areas where students can meet with this relation in their everyday life.In the practical part of my work I was looking for possibilities how to link these two subjects adequately for children.I prepared the structure of lessons in such way,which provides benefits for both subjects.Students worked with literature and communication technologies in a group,alone or with their parents.At the art lessons I was looking for such a topics,which would support the teaching of Czech language.I focused on the preparation of the educational program that...
Changes in the Presentation of the Human Shape in Creative Works
Novotná, Štěpánka ; Hůla, Zdenek (advisor) ; Cikánová, Karla (referee)
This work is divided into the three parts - the teoretic, the art and the didactic, which is presented art - educational project and its reflection. The teoretic part is sighted into the changes of the prezentation in the human looks in the fine arts since the end of the 19,h century (till present.)- nemusí to tam být). These changes were studied in their realation to make-up, costume and mask. Each part approached the autor individually and as a feature that reflect the society situation. The art work is presented by drawings, paintings, pictures, masks and faces accesories, that are sighted into the changes of the human looks.
The Garden
Mikšíková, Jitka ; Cikánová, Karla (advisor) ; Dvořák, Jaroslav (referee)
Definition of various types of gardens. Historical development of garden art. The garden as an inspiration for art education. The worksheets with the art themes are included in the theoretical part. Source of inspiration for the practical part is garden not only as a whole but also its components. Structuring of motiv concepts is related to an associational context. Motiv concepts and themes concern enviromental education, enviromental preservation and sustainable development.
Cats as a Topic of Art
Parpelová, Michaela ; Cikánová, Karla (advisor) ; Synecký, Jakub (referee)
This diploma work - Cats as an art topic offers an application of theoretical pieces of knowledge of zoology in an area of feline family in various children activities in art activities. Children can via art motives and solved art problems peep into an area where an animal - cat shows like feline with specific characters, a friend of man and also like an inspiration of artists for writing and illustration of literary works and art from antiquity to the present. There are concrete art lines with their ways out, art motives, problems, technologies and examples of children art works.
Audiovisual media in primary school
Šváchová, Lenka ; Arbanová, Linda (advisor) ; Cikánová, Karla (referee)
The first part of the thesis aims to provide basic background information for teachers prior to teaching FAE. The second part provides reflections on practical classroom teaching. The thesis also broaches the problems and possibilities which occur when working with with the film medium in the classroom.
My Favourite Hero
Hájková, Klára ; Cikánová, Karla (advisor) ; Arbanová, Linda (referee)
This thesis is considering the definition of a hero in interesting contexts of different historical periods. It monitors preferences and changes. It gives examples of some heroes, idols and celebrities. Analyzes different identification of favorite heroes by children 7-11 years old at the primary school. It identifies from where the children know their favorite hero and which hero is mentioned by most children. The work shows the possibility of the topic "popular hero" at the school practice.
Visual culture and contemporary media in art education of preschool children with emphasis on advertisement
Sehnalová, Silvie ; Šmíd, Jan (advisor) ; Cikánová, Karla (referee)
This thesis deals with visual culture and media (with emphasis on advertisement) in art lessons of preschool children. One part is formed by a questionnaire in which preschool children and their parents reply to questions concerning their perception and influence of advertisement relating to contemporary media. The aim of the research is to get children's basic knowledge, attitudes and projections about advertisement and also parents' opinions on how their children are influenced by advertisement. This research part pervades with didactical sets charting children's relation to advertisement and brings them to reflection. Results of this thesis point out possibilities of using elements in media education in connection with art activities in nursery schools. Key words: Art lessons, nursery school (kindergarten), advertisement, perception of advertisement, media, visual culture, didactical set, art processing of advertisement, questionnaire

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