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Predictors of success of low-intensity specific physiotherapy in functional movement disorders
Chmelíková, Petra ; Serranová, Tereza (advisor) ; Vogner, Martin (referee)
Introduction: Functional movement disorders are a nosological entity falling within the group of functional neurological disorders. Despite their relatively common occurrence, this area at the intersection of neurology and psychiatry is clinically and research-wise overlooked. However, they typically manifest as chronic conditions causing significant disability to patients. Specific physiotherapy is considered the first-line treatment for most patients; however, indicators of its effectiveness are currently lacking. Objective: The aim of this study is to investigate whether selected variables - the number of hours of completed physiotherapy, duration of the illness, and expression of a fibromyalgia- like pattern - can serve as suitable predictors of the success of physiotherapy in functional movement disorders. Methods: This is a retrospective study conducted on a sample of patients with functional movement disorders (n=18). Before the intervention, patients completed questionnaires assessing fibromyalgia-like patterns - the Widespread Pain Index and Symptom Severity Index. Subsequently, they underwent specific physiotherapy sessions, with variations in the number and time period of therapy sessions among patients. During the final physiotherapy session, improvement in symptoms over the...
Psychological aspects of injury rehabilitation in athletes
Chmelíková, Petra ; Pospíchal, Martin (advisor) ; Macháček, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the so far neglected area of sports psychology, specifically the postinjury rehabilitation period in athletes, with a focus on the effect of stress. The literary review part is divided into two chapters. At the beginning of the first chapter, models of psychological response to sports injury are briefly described. Next, there is devoted space to the role of stress in the context of the immune system and wound healing. Important stressors during postinjury rehabilitation are also described. Subsequently, the work provides an introduction to the issue of adherence to rehabilitation and emotions in postinjury rehabilitation. The second chapter describes some psychological interventions suitable for the period of postinjury rehabilitation in athletes. In connection with stress reduction, more space is devoted to relaxation techniques. The research project proposal aims to explore the relationship between athletes' perceived stress in the first month after injury and the length of rehabilitation. At the same time, its goal is to obtain basic information about the familiarity of Czech athletes with psychological interventions suitable for the period of postinjury rehabilitation. Keywords Sports psychology; Sport injury; Rehabilitation; Stress; Immune system; Adherence;...
Financial Literacy and Possibilities of Its Increasing
Chmelíková, Petra ; Coufal, Libor (advisor) ; Fleischmann, Luboš (referee)
This bachelor thesis in the field of finances specifically deals with the issue of financial literacy and its teaching. The focus is primarily on the situation in the Czech Republic. The main goal is to determine the current situation in education at Czech elementary schools, and to compare selected projects aimed at increasing the level of pupils´ financial literacy. The work is subdivided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part is to explain basic concepts and terms and their outline, and to provide a summary of the issues. It also includes an analysis of the selected educational projects in the field. The practical part contains an outline and results of a survey conducted among elementary school pupils.
Cardio-Surgery Operation from the Patient´s Point of View
With the hectic time of today, the number of people with cardio-vascular disorder increases continuously. A whole range of factors are the cause of this disorder. Among others, it is stress which people are mostly exposed to, due to the modern bustling style of life. Further, it is improper food, obesity, diabetes mellitus, smoking and many other reasons increasing the risk of this illness. In connection with cardio {--} vascular disorder, the patients may be confronted with the decision, whether to undergo a cardiac {--} surgery operation or not. The patients quite understandably go a whole range of emotions, anxiety and feelings in connection with the cardio-surgery operation. In our thesis, we determined 3 aims. In the first aim, we concentrated our attention on the cardio-surgery patient´s perceiving him himself, his family and his future in connection with the cardio-surgery operation. The aim was carried out. Four hypotheses refer to this aim. Hypothesis number 1: The cardio-surgery patient perceives the cardio-surgery operation as the result of his life style. Hypothesis number 2: After the heart operation, the cardio-surgery patient feels to have failed in the eye of his family. Hypothesis number 3: The psychic wellbeing of the cardio-surgery patient depends on the help and assistance of his family (background) during the time of his convalescence. Hypothesis number 4: The cardio-surgery patient believes to be able to join in a normal life, the same as before his health problem leading to the cardio-surgery operation has started. The second aim has to do with the most frequent anxieties the cardio-surgery patient must cope with in connection with the heart operation. The aim was carried out. To this aim, the hypothesis number 5 related: Highly specialized nursing care of a cardio-surgery patient is concentrated on the most frequent anxieties of these patients. The third aim was directed at non-saturated needs of the cardio-surgery patient during the time of his hospitalization after the operation. To this aim, the hypothesis number 6 applied: In the nursing care of a cardio-surgery patient, the problems arising from dissatisfying the psychic needs prevail over dissatisfying the basic needs. The dates for the purpose of the research examination were collected in the form of an anonymous questionnaire consisting of 32 questions. The question used here were both opened and closed. The questionnaires were given to hospitalized patients before and after the heart operation in 6 cardio-centers. The research complex was produced by 185 respondents. The results were graphically worked into column graphs and tables. In the research examination, 4 of 6 hypotheses were confirmed. The results of this work will be applicable with the work of the nurses at the cardio-surgery for the purpose of improving the nursing care of cardio-surgery patients.
Observance of sleep hygiene among nurses and students of the Faculty of Health and Social Studies
Currently, due to a hasty lifestyle, sleep hygiene is a very frequent topic. Inappropriate sleep hygiene often causes insomnia and other sleep disorders. The survey shows that the nurses working in the hospital do not observe sleep hygiene rules whereas the students of the Faculty of Health and Social Studies do. The most frequent factor preventing the nurses from the observance of the rules of sleep hygiene is the three-shift operation. The most common fault interfering with sleep hygiene rules among the students of the Faculty of Health and Social Studies are bad thoughts before they fall asleep. The objectives of the thesis were fulfilled. Three hypotheses were proved, only one hypothesis was disproved.

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