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Business Plan of Investment Activity for Development of the Company KUBESO
Bednář, Jan ; Umlauf, Miroslav (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
I'm focused on roof windows in my Bachelor thesis. Especially on the business plan – I analyzed current market situation and internal/external environment. Than I compiled a business plan to increase sales and business growth.
Business Plan - for the Establishment Wellness Hotel
Bednář, Jan ; Navrátil, Jaroslav (referee) ; Rompotl, Jaroslav (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is dealing with creation of a business interest of founding a wellness hotel. In the first part of the thesis, the theoretical framework of founding a business subject is described. The second, practical part of the thesis is focused on the design of the wellness hotel and is dealing with founding of a new company, and duties and burdens resulting from it. In the practical part, the product is defined and so are the specified needs for its support. The last part, dedicated to the financial plan, is describing single expenses, the efectivity rating and the returnability of the investment in detail.
Family house
Bednář, Jan ; Petr,, Jaroš (referee) ; Hradil, Dušan (advisor)
Bachelor thesis project documentation of the house. House is designed in the cadastral area of Dolní Město. A land is located in a residential area. The land is located on the plane. The house has an atypical layout with overall dimensions of 16.5 x 17.35 m The plot is built separate parking space. Family house is single-storey with a hipped roof. The building is partly basement. The supporting system of vertical and horizontical structures are made by Porotherm blocks. In the basement of the structure of concrete blocks. Truss structure is formed using the truss system.
Application for Measurement of Threshold in Quiet and Masking Curves
Bednář, Jan ; Sysel, Petr (referee) ; Schimmel, Jiří (advisor)
Main aim of this thesis is to create an application for measuring threshold in quiet and masking curves in C++ language. First chapter describes basic teory of perceiving sound and phenomenon of masking. Second chapter focuses on description of different hearing measurement methods. Third chapter describes, how the classes and functions for frequency changing oscilator and evaluation were created and how the graph display function works. Next chapter describes, how to use the application properly and how to do the basic calibration, so the data will be displayed correctly. Last chapter shows the correct function, measured thresholds in quiet and masking curves for two subjects.
Development Strategy of Family Business
Bednář, Jan ; MBA, Petr Jarchovský, (referee) ; Koráb, Vojtěch (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the topic of strategic development of the family business. In the theoretical background chapter, it describes family business, strategic management and change management. In the practical background chapter, it builds and implements a new strategic business plan according to the theoretical background and the analysis of the external and the internal business environment.
Design and Implementation of Real-Time Operating System Kernels Running on HC08
Bednář, Jan ; Šimek, Václav (referee) ; Strnadel, Josef (advisor)
The project is aimed at testing the kernels of real-time OS within the HC08 platform. The RM, EDF and polled loop mechanisms are being compared as well as freely available FreeRSTOS and QP systems. The project also incorporates descriptions of techniques used in the development, obtaining and the implementation of test environments. The evaluation is based on the tests made within the HC08 platform and the knowledge gained from the programming for every individual type of real-time OS.
Generator of Harmonic Sounds and Chords
Bednář, Jan ; Mašek, Jan (referee) ; Schimmel, Jiří (advisor)
Major aim of this bachelor’s thesis is creation of VST plug-in module, that is able to generate sound for more tones in the same time. This thesis describes a brief theory of music acoustics which aims to show basic relations between tones, their higher harmonics and impact on the sound color. The function of temperament system of tuning, relations between intervals and way of making chords is described. Next things mentioned in this thesis are basics of VST technology, how to programme with VST SDK and basic MIDI messages for implementation in VST plug-in.
Modem - repeater for narrow band technology of PLC
Bednář, Jan ; Mlýnek, Petr (referee) ; Mišurec, Jiří (advisor)
Bachelor’s thesis is focused on PLC communications, particulary on PLC modem. For starters it is necessery to learn about basics of PLC, learn how is PLC transmited, advantages and disadvantages. In the next part i will focus on modem itself, choosing a suitable communication unit by given parameters, creating external circuits to adjust the signal for our purposes. At last i will design printed circuit, realize the modem and verify its funcionality.
Preparation and Management of the Building Order by the Investor
Bednář, Jan ; Pekár, Pavel (referee) ; Nováková, Jana (advisor)
This gradution thethis deals with and compares the basic concepts of construction project realization planning. The work is concertrated on the methods and procedures for planning time building structure and simultaneously are used on concrete practical of building structure.
Recruitment, Selection and Work Adaptation at a Selected Company
Bednář, Jan ; Bielova, Monika (referee) ; Mazánek, Lukáš (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on managing process of recruitment, selection and adaptation of workers in a pharmaceutical company DixonsCarphone. The main goal of this diploma thesis is based on the theoretical background and obtained information about the company, which was used for improving suggestions in selected areas. This diploma thesis describes and specifies following steps in the recruitment and subsequent area – employee adaptation.

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