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Optimization of vortex pump
Šmíd, Pavel ; Bílek, Martin (referee) ; Pochylý, František (advisor)
The aim of this labor is to optimize the vortex pump. When this pump should find application on the field of health like human heart for extracorporeal circulation. We will deal with the analysis of shear stress in the pump and its size of it and consider the use nonwetting surfaces to reduce the shear stress values. All our analysis will be made by CFD calculations.
Energy storage in Building services systems
Bílek, Martin ; Počinková, Marcela (referee) ; Horák, Petr (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is energy storage systems in building services. In the first part the theoretical acquaintance with the nature of energy storage. In the second part has two variants preparation hot water in an apartment building. In the third part of the test solution storage tank of hot water. Development of computational algorithms, comparison of calculation used and the final summary.
Heating of panel house with alternative preparation of TV
Bílek, Martin ; Adam, Pavel (referee) ; Horák, Petr (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is the heating and hot water preparation in the residential house in Brno. object has eight floors and basement. In each floor there are five residential units. In the basement there is a utility room with heating, gas boiler cascade. Used to heat-pipe heating system. Heating surfaces are plate and tubular body. The primary source of hot water is gas boiler. As a secondary source of alternative preparation with solar home stations. Each apartment has its own solar station.
Optimization of a sinusoidal pump
Sluše, Jan ; Bílek, Martin (referee) ; Pochylý, František (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to design the technical solution of minimization of frictional losses, which occur when using a sine pump at position of the shaft locking and on the impeller wheel. The losses originating from the frictional forces have a negative influence on the lifetime of individual parts and economy of the pump. In the first part the author describes sine pumps from the constructional point of view and the main producers are mentioned. The second part contains suggestions on the parameters of the pump and various possibilities of solutions. The last part covers the experiment and conclusions.
Modeling of flow in ejector
Bílek, Martin ; Habán, Vladimír (referee) ; Štigler, Jaroslav (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the flow modelling in the ejector using the FLUENT software. It develops a diploma thesis created in the past, where a mathematical flow model in the ejector was created and experimentally tested. The aim of this work is to analyze the ejector calculations and to model a flow in an ejector of the same shape as in the experiment and under the same conditions, too. Another objective was to assess the influence of the throat length and to examine if the pressure in the ejector mixing chamber remains constant. Finally, the disagreement between the experimental figures and the ones gained from the mathematical model of the ejector are discussed.
Chemistry and integrated teaching of natural sciences in secondary school
Dobečková, Markéta ; Kričfaluši, Dana (advisor) ; Ganajová, Mária (referee) ; Bílek, Martin (referee)
The doctoral thesis deals with the specification of factors that influence the implementation of integrated teaching positively or negatively. It presents the results of research mapping the current situation regarding integrated teaching in secondary schools in the Czech Republic. It also presents the opinions of secondary school teachers on integrated teaching and the possibilities of its implementation. The results were obtained by questionnaire survey and Q methodology, which was designed for the online environment via Google Slides. Among other things, the research results point to factors from a total of 4 areas, which, according to the respondents, play an important role for the integration of integrated teaching in education. These areas are undergraduate and postgraduate teacher education, external conditions (for example, the approach of school management), the third area is focused on the teacher's personality, and the last area is focused on pupils and their parents. It follows from the obtained results that the factor positively influencing the implementation of integrated teaching (hereinafter referred to as IT) is the perception of the importance and content of IT by teachers. Teachers mostly perceive integrated teaching positively, they believe that it encourages students' interest...
Characterizing sample questions for medical school admission exam using Bloom`s revised taxonomy of learning objectives
Vršková, Nikola ; Rusek, Martin (advisor) ; Bílek, Martin (referee)
This thesis is focused on characterising sample questions for medical school admission exam using Bloom`s revised taxonomy of learning objectives. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the distribution of question types within the dimension of knowledge and the dimension of cognitive processes. Secondly, to compare these results with the requirements and opinions of professors teaching at medical faculties. The theoretical part provides basic information about the organization of the admission exams to medical faculties, and then summarizes basic information about the original and revised Bloom's taxonomy. In the practical part of this thesis, model questions are analyzed using the revised Bloom's taxonomy. Secondly, the teachers from the medical faculties were asked their opinion on the most important abilities of the medical students and on the possible ways to test them. The results show the stratification of question types according to the dimensions of Bloom's taxonomy. The analysis reveals that the model questions are mainly focused on testing the lower levels of the cognitive dimension, and the first two levels of the knowledge dimension. However, according to the respondents from among the teachers at medical faculties, higher cognitive abilities are more desirable for students. The results...
Possibilities and Limits of the Didactic Games Use in Chemistry Education at Grammar School: Redox reactions
Prokšová, Monika ; Bílek, Martin (advisor) ; Kuhnová, Marta (referee)
The thesis deals with the possibilities and limits in the activation of students when teaching chemistry as a general educational subject in grammar schools through didactic games in the thematic unit Redox Reactions. The use of didactic games in teaching should help students to acquire and better understand the relatively abstract subject matter, which undoubtedly includes redox reactions. Using didactic games, we also aim to improve students' attitudes towards the subject of chemistry. In the theoretical part the thesis describes the issue en-countered in the activation of students and their motivation to learn through didactic games. Furthermore, various activation methods are also presented here, where the main emphasis is mainly on didactic games. The practical part of the thesis in the introduction contains an analysis of the school education programs of selected gymnasiums, which focuses on the development of the thematic unit Redox reactions. In the next part, it is devoted to a set of 5 created didactic games on the selected topic (Redox reaction) inspiredby televisioncompe- titions or other well-known games that the relevant age group of students knows and uses. The set of didactic games will be created using so-called design research, i.e. in iterations from the prototype to the final...
Freshman chemistry student teachers' ability to balance chemical equations: performance, procedure and the effect of applet use
Hamerská, Lucie ; Rusek, Martin (advisor) ; Bílek, Martin (referee)
The research undertaken for this master thesis mapped the students' ability to evaluate chemical equations. Three main aspects were investigated: success in balancing equations, procedures and the use of the applet environment. The research sample consisted of 11 freshmen chemistry student teachers. Eye-tracking in combination with retrospective think-alouds and interviews were used to analyze the students' procedures. This thesis builds on the author's previous bachelor thesis and uses findings from the evaluation of pre-tests that addressed basic chemistry concepts in the area of particulate nature of matter and the ability to work with chemical representations with a special focus on chemical equations. The results of the research highlight the gap between conceptual understanding of the topic of chemical equations and algorithmic ability to balance chemical equations. Only five students out of 11 achieved the same results in the individual parts of the research. The achievement of more than half of the students was below what is expected at the upper secondary level. Analysis of the procedures identified problems in the students' equation balancing that may have affected their success - basic mathematical skills, omitting the final check, having to use higher values of stoichiometric...
Possibilities and limits of student activation in chemistry education at lower secondary school using didactic games: Particle composition of substances
Šelepa, Jan ; Bílek, Martin (advisor) ; Koperová, Dominika (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the possibilities of activating elementary school students in the topic of particle composition of substances using didactic games. The theoretical part discusses selected significant experts who have dealt with activation in the past, defines the concepts of activity and activation, and their importance in pedagogical practice. It also presents teaching methods and their possible classification, with a particular emphasis on didactic games (their definition, categorization, and significance). Subsequently, an analysis of critical topics in chemistry education at the elementary school level follows, within which a specific area of content ("particle composition of substances") was identified and for which individual didactic games were created. The topic of "particle composition of substances" is further analysed across several currently most used textbooks. The last chapter of the theoretical part focuses on introducing the so-called constructional research, which was chosen as the research method utilised for the purposes of didactic games creation. In the practical part, six protypes of didactic games were developed, which were subsequently modified based on feedback from two experts in the field of chemistry didactics, four experienced chemistry teachers, and their...

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