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Heating and preparing of domestic hot water via solar system
Lustigová, Andrea ; Adam, Pavel (referee) ; Horák, Petr (advisor)
The aim this bachelor thesis is the design of heating and preparing of domestic hot water via solar system. The theoretical part deals with the solar systems, solar collectors and stagnation of solar systems. The second part deals with a separate proposal heating and preparing of domestic hot water in a family house. As a heat source was proposed condensing boiler and solar collectors. The hot water is also ensured condesing boiler and solar collectors. The third part consist of a technical report and drawings heating of the specified object.
Energy optimization of the administrative building
Černý, Tomáš ; Horák, Petr (referee) ; Adam, Pavel (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the energy audit of administrative building. In the theoretical part I described the heat pumps. In a calculated part I proposed austerity measures and created of them saving variant. I chose the most suitable variant and assess it from an economic and ecological point of view. In the third part, I use the calculation program to optimize the building.
Ventilation and Air Conditioning of Civil Buildings
Matějíček, Michal ; Adam, Pavel (referee) ; Hirš, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the design of the air conditioning of a swimming pool in Karlova Studánka. Air conditioning ensures forced ventilation and adjusts incoming air to required temperature and humidity inside the pool. The theoretical part deals with literary research on the topic of humid air, evaporation from the water and the thermal load of the object. The experimental part deals with evaluation of the measured humidity and indoor temperature in a bathroom and in a swimming pool.
Heating the building pedagogical-psychological services
Vlasák, Vojtěch ; Adam, Pavel (referee) ; Počinková, Marcela (advisor)
My bachelor’s thesis deals with a heating system designed for a four-storey building in which a pedagogical-psychological centre is based. The heating installation uses an air/water heat pump and a low-temperature forced water circulation system. For all storeys, the design proposes panel heaters, the only exception being one tubular radiator. As for ventilation, it is designed as a forced balanced ventilation system. Last but not least, the thesis includes a hot-water preparation system which also uses the heat pump.
Construction details of buildings evaluation from energy demand point of view
Císař, Milan ; Šikula, Ondřej (referee) ; Adam, Pavel (advisor)
Theoretical part of Diploma thesis deals with issues about thermal bridges and thermal connections in building structures. The Calculating part focused on the family houses with a low heat use. The results of this part are energy and financial evaluations of family house. The last part deals with the using of computer technology in engineering practice. These chapters devote about computer modeling an assembly details of passive house and family house after reconstruction (the dates of family house after reconstruction are compared with the results from experimental measurements). The last section of this Diploma thesis solves dynamic modelling of particular passive house in simulation program called Trnsys.
Multi-functional building ventilation
Vysloužil, Lukáš ; Maurerová, Lenka (referee) ; Adam, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis is prepared for the ventilation equipment for multifunctional building. In a given project is designed mechanical ventilation with direct cooling VRV units. The theoretical part is focused on the comparison of water and refrigerant air conditioning systems. The project section includes project development to implementation ventilation equipment for each part of the multifunctional building.
Indirect air heating
Beneš, Josef ; Adam, Pavel (referee) ; Počinková, Marcela (advisor)
The master Thesis deals with indirect air heating in air handling units. In the theoretical part of the thesis the categories of heat exchangers are defined according to their positioning in ventilation system, used material and type of heat transfer fluid. To the issue of calculating heat exchanges through heat exchangers and description of different kinds of regulation of primary heat transfer fluid is dedicated a separate chapter. The experimental part of the thesis deals with determining performance of current air heat exchanger at set thermal gradient with various heat transfer fluids. In the calculating part of the Thesis, based on measured values, are suggested two possible solutions for use of technological waste heat. Final evaluation of particular solutions was based on the criterion of efficiency usage and implementation investment costs.
Pressure loss valves in heating systems
Náglová, Michaela ; Adam, Pavel (referee) ; Počinková, Marcela (advisor)
The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the hydraulics of heating systems. The aim of the project is a design of the heating and hot water preparation system for an apartment building. The building has 6 above-ground floors and 2 underground floors. Two different options of heating systems were designed, comparison and results are presented in the thesis. In the first case the heat source during the winter season and for water heating, where chosen two gas condensing boilers, situated in separated room on the second underground floor. In the second case, each apartment has its own gas condensing boiler. The experimental part of the project deals with measurements of pressure losses in water armatures used in heating systems. The aim of this part is the determination of coefficients of added resistance for uncontrolled elements, which are normally presented as tabular value. In thesis are presented results for a ball valve, backflow preventer, filter, for slide valve and thermostatic valve. Measurements for thermostatic valve where done with different settings and results are compared with parameters listed in the datasheet.
Buildings for education - energy and indoor environment
Čišecký, Ladislav ; Adam, Pavel (referee) ; Hirš, Jiří (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with evaluation of indoor environment of a school complex in atypical Himalayan alpine environment which is totally dependent on energy originating from renewable sources. Structural design of buildings allows maximum utilization of solar energy which is the only one actually available source of energy in this area. The buildings are de-scribed in detail, as well as measurement conducted in buildings during the last year. The out-comes of measurements are compared with desired values. The thesis is also focused on math-ematical simulations by using BSim software. The output of a building energy simulations is an energy use prediction and design of appropriate measures to improve the current situation.
Ventilation and air conditioning of office building
Kroupa, Petr ; Adam, Pavel (referee) ; Hirš, Jiří (advisor)
Thesis solves design of air conditioning in selected part of the office building. The building has two floors, there isn't a basement and no open windows. The airconditioning solves forced ventilation of the building, balance calculation of heat load and heat loss. Conceptual resolution of the designing systems in selected part, desing and placement of ventilation devices with regard to economy and investment.

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