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Implementation of selected parts of the ČSN EN ISO/IEC standard 17025:2018 in the calibration laboratory
Krejčí, Lukáš ; Jankových, Róbert (referee) ; Šrámek, Jan (advisor)
In this diploma thesis comparison of the current state against the requirements of the standard ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2018 is made at first. The comparison is followed by proposals for the creation of the missing documents which will become part of the controlled documentation of the selected calibration laboratory in the future and will be used to obtain accreditation. These documents are focused specifically on process management of the calibration laboratory and the procedure for determining uncertainty of measurement in calibration. Proposals are created in a way to match the specifications of standard ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2018. In the conclusion chapter of this thesis there are recommendations for calibration laboratory which should be considered before applying for accreditation.
Standards for measuring plane angle and shape deviations on CMM
Lipták, Matúš ; Jankových, Róbert (referee) ; Šrámek, Jan (advisor)
The presented diploma thesis deals with the issue of selecting suitable standards for measurement of plane angle and shape deviations on coordinate measuring machines. As for the shape deviations, the characteristics of straightness and roundness have been processed in this thesis. The selected standards are then used to calibrate chosen CMMs, including the optical CMM SOL 311 and the articulated arm AACMM Hexagon Absolute Arm 83 Compact. The thesis also includes general theoretical knowledge in the field of metrology and the current state of measurement using CMMs. The experimental part is focused on carrying out the measurements during CMM calibration, followed by the identification and quantification of individual uncertainty components. Finally, the obtained results of the measured geometrical characteristics on individual CMMs are evaluated and compared with each other.
Methods of workpieces measurement
Verevkina, Aleksandra ; Šrámek, Jan (referee) ; Marek, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the measurement of geometric tolerances of workpieces.In the first part, international ISO GPS standards, terminology from the metrological dictionary and used measuring devices are examined. In the practical part, comparative tests for three measuring devices and analysis of the obtained results are carried out.
Accuracy of engineering products in manufacturing
Škoda, Zdeněk ; Šrámek, Jan (referee) ; Jankových, Róbert (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the precision of engineering products in high-volume custom manufacturing. Engineering metrology has undergone significant innovations in recent decades to unify the evaluation approaches of quality and accuracy of engineering products. The main contribution of the thesis is a proposal for the implementation of new procedures in the quality control process in the company. To justify the introduction of the new philosophies into the existing processes used in the collaborating company, the thesis includes experiments in which the differences between the old and new approaches are compared. Based on the evaluation of the experiments, measures suitable for implementation are recommended.
Visual Composition in Time
Kaláb, Jaroslav ; Baloun, Vít (referee) ; Šrámek, Jan (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis is a short subjective document, that is made up of my own footage, which I have been collecting for a long time until now. It captures the physical and social environment in which I have been moving in recent years. Through them, I try to portray my feelings about these environments, about constant movement through them and in general about neverending traveling in space-time. It is my way of thinking about where my safe space is, if it is one place or if there are more of them, or if I feel the best at the moment, when I travel and I am not grounded in any place.
The Book
Novotná, Barbora ; Šrámek, Jan (referee) ; Vaněk, Vojtěch (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with creating an author's book, which, thanks to the absence of any text or illustration, balances the border between an object, a toy and its book form. Thematically, it deals with the play of light and shadow, fragility, delicacy and interactivity, which are processed using spiderwebs, and presented in an atlas format. The individual webs are sewn into the paper. When opened, a three-dimensional (pop-up) effect emerges, which in a light source forms another web of thin shadows that change when the book is being manipulated.
4 Elements
Špundová, Veronika ; Trhoň, Ondřej (referee) ; Šrámek, Jan (advisor)
Through two textile objects, which are performatively brought and installed in Lužánky Park in Brno for the purposes of its defense, the diploma thesis 4 Elements reveals and further develops the designed reality and mythology of four colorful elements – principles – roles – identities – anti-heroic demons – avatars: #ccff00, #000000, #c0c0c0 and #cc99ff, as actors with symbolic potential, with whom it experiments as a form of visual scenario for a future LARP game. Part of the work is a circular object, which is a transport case for the second spherical object, with the fact that both of them function as interconnected works as well as independently. The circle is a camping blanket, map or gateway to the designed reality of the 4 elements, and the sphere concentrates their collage-like imaginative memetic picture medallions around its axis. Textile rhizomes or long fibers leading from both objects connect the objects with the landscape, with other planetary actors. The work is based on schools of thought such as posthumanism, new materialism, material feminism, climate crisis and post-anthropocentric contemporary philosophy or media theory and visual studies.
Ščudla, Marek ; Veselý, Karel (referee) ; Šrámek, Jan (advisor)
I have been engaged in creating music as an artist for a long time, which is also the subject of my thesis titled Demo(s). However, unlike my previous works that I have presented in school, this project will not feature a music video or the music itself. The thesis aims to observe and record the progress and events surrounding the creation of my debut album. The documentation and outputs will be presented in the form of a video installation, which will consist of time-lapse videos. These videos will showcase the creative, inspirational, and technical processes associated with rap music production. Additionally, the installation will also include a standalone object.
Smrekovský, Adam ; Šplíchal, Pavel (referee) ; Šrámek, Jan (advisor)
The central theme of my diploma thesis is the functioning representatives of the generation Z in the periphery of the global metropolis of the 21st century. I have already dealt with the theme in the bachelor thesis, where together with the fictitious character of Breck Coleman, we "naively" escaped from the city environment to the unspecified countryside. The characters around which the action of the thesis is built is also thinking about leaving the place where they live, but not in the countryside, but to another country and another city… They perceive the move as a necessity, but at the same time realize that they do not solve anything. In the end, they come to the fact that the problem is not resolved by changing the environment-there must be a complete change in the ruling ideology, but it is not impossible in any conventional way… The scene comes with various conspiracy theories and post-truths that should make the way to change the ruling ideology.
Creation of a standard for calibration of a portable measuring arm
Murín, Milan ; Jankových, Róbert (referee) ; Šrámek, Jan (advisor)
This final thesis is dealing with stating uncertainty of optical measuring device Hexagon Absolute Arm Compact, which is located at Faculty of mechanical engineering in Brno. Overview of poratble coordinate measuring machines and analyzed present status of portable coordinate measuring machines is in summation. This part also includes basic metrology concepts and methodology of determination of uncertainty of measuring instrument. Content of following parts of thesis is detailed description of Hexagon Absolute Arm Compact machine and creation of etalon, which was used to determine the uncertainity of measurment. Last part of this thesis includes summary of achieved results and recommendations for practice.

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