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Teaching of the topics "Protection of human beings for common risks and emergencies" at elementary and secondary schools
This diploma thesis deals with the topics of "protection of human beings for current risks and incidents", which are part of the individual subjects taught in primary and secondary schools. These topics are currently a very important component of primary and secondary education. Pupils or students need to improve their knowledge of these issues related to the protection of the population. In case of these emergencies, pupils or students are required to show responsible behavior, to be able to orientate themselves in the given situation, to help the affected people and to call the rescue forces to the site. Teachers at elementary and secondary schools who have education in the field of population protection and pass on information to pupils or students using teaching aids and aids. I asked the individual teachers about the subjects they are teaching. Themes are integrated into many subjects, such as education for health, man and the world of work, man and his world, civic education, but also primary education at elementary school, natural science or biology, chemistry or physics. Framework education programs for primary and secondary schools include topics related to the protection of the population. At the school level, they present school education programs issued by the individual school heads, and according to these programs, the education is carried out at individual schools.
Assessment of housing opportunities in Prague and Brno
Sýkorová, Dana ; Kocourková, Gabriela (referee) ; Vaňková, Lucie (advisor)
This thesis deals with possibilities of living in two biggest cities in the Czech republic, which are Prague and Brno. In the first part is stated definition of investment, structure of local self-government, regional policy and regional development. This serves as the background for better understanding of linkage between different regions, definition of territorial units, and means how regions are developed. In the next part of this thesis are mentioned basic indicators for the whole Czech republic, including trend in prices of properties, which is important for assessment of living possibilities. This is the background for evaluation of chosen locations against Czech Republic. In the next chapter is analysis focused on chosen locations, based on data of whole Czech Republic as well as data focused only on these two locations and its surroundings. The conclusion is that Prague has special position in Czech Republic. There are broad working opportunities, high incomes, but also high living expense. Brno is not as high as Prague in evaluated indicators, but in comparison of whole Czech Republic is still on the top. It is necessary to take into account higher living expenses in both Prague and Brno but on the other hand compared to other regions, offered possibilities and services are on high level.
Social changes of the town Svoboda nad Úpou on the background of the census of 1910 and 1921
Týfová, Markéta ; Štemberk, Jan (advisor) ; Šalanda, Bohuslav (referee)
Diploma thesis "Social changes of the town Svoboda nad Úpou on the background of the census of 1910 and 1921" deals with the analysis and comparison of the census of 1910 and 1921 for the town Svoboda nad Úpou, which is located in Giant Mountains. The content and aim of the thesis is to describe particular censuses and compare their changes, especially from the point of view of the census in the times of Austria-Hungary, concretely the last census within the monarchy and thus at the beginning of the independent Czechoslovak Republic. The work then analyzes the census of both years and interprets their results. Consequently, the census compares and tracks how the city changed between the censuses and how the census results were reflected. Attention is primarily paid to the number, sex and age of the inhabitans, furthermore to the national structure, religion or economic activities and the occupation of the city's inhabitants. The work also focuses on the possible impact of World War I. Then also how the town was influenced by the creation of the Czechoslovak Republic and how the national situation evolved. In the thesis are used methods of historical work, namely direct, statistical and comparative methods. Key words: Svoboda nad Úpou, census, town, population
Analysis of knowledge of school young at second grade at primary school about inhabitant protection
Katolická, Zuzana ; Fiala, Miloš (advisor) ; Vilášek, Josef (referee)
Title: Analysis of knowledge of school young at second grade at primary school about inhabitant protection Objectives: The aim of this bachelor thesis is to discover the knowledge of pupils of last years of primary school about inhabitant protection. Methods: A knowledge test consisting of 9 questions was created and used to discover the knowledge of the pupils. This questionnaire was distributed in two primary schools in Žďár nad Sázavou. The target group was 9th grade pupils. A total of 55 respondents filled in the questionnaire. The data was converted to electronic form and was edited and graphically processed using Microsoft Office Excel. Results: The pupils of the ninth grade proved overall 78% knowledge of the subject of inhabitant protection. The pupils were most successful in the area of traffic safety education. The lowest level of education was detected in the area of health education. Keywords: knowledge, young, protection, inhabitants, school
Acive ageing of the Czech Republic population in European context
Votrubec, Matěj ; Kučera, Tomáš (advisor) ; Šídlo, Luděk (referee)
Active ageing of the Czech Republic population in European context Abstract Population ageing is a global process. The active ageing concept aims to enhance life quality and expand participation in society. Active ageing index is a tool for policymakers. The purpose of index is obtaining evidences for public policies planning for older people. The first goal of this thesis is to explore the current situation of active ageing in the Czech Republic, and the second goal is to provide information of domains which do not reach their potential and to improve situation in these domains, that would enhance the life quality of elders. An alternative methodology of Active ageing index scores interpreting is presented in the thesis to support the second goal. The author considers Active ageing index to be an adequate tool for active ageing evaluation, however it does not provide sufficient information on what actions need to be taken to improve active ageing conditions. For this reason an alternative interpretation methodology is presented. The Czech Republic Active Ageing Index value is 34.4 point. It ranks the Czech Republic among slightly above average countries. Actions on volunteering, physical activity, lifelong learning and computer skills need to be taken to improve active ageing conditions. Keywords:...
Sociologie obce Podolí
Jež, Jan
This diploma theses deals with rural sociology. It studies Podolí, a village situated in the neighbourhood of the City of Brno, the capital of South Moravia, Czech republic. The theoretical part focuses on the beginning and development of sociology, sets up the characteristics and definition of rural areas and finally, deals with the changes of rural society. The practical part looks into the complex characteristics of Podolí, based on own empirical research. Using the instruments of survey and interview, the village life satisfaction was researched. The results are shown in tables and charts. The research shows that except for a few drawbacks, Podolí is a place allowing satisfactory living of good quality. The main assets include infrastructure, public facilities and a convenient location close to Brno.
Development of Population Census in the Czech Republic
Houdková, Veronika ; Antovová, Michaela (advisor) ; Cséfalvaiová, Kornélia (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to complete and assess of available information about the population census in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part deals with the development and history of population censuses in our territory. There is also briefly described the importance of the census and the utilization of data and results. Another part of this work is devoted to the last population census, which took place in 2011. Here are described especially major changes and innovations in comparison with some previous censuses. The last practical part of the work is aimed at working time series of the selected indicators based on result from the census of population and households and their subsequent analysis.

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