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Social Housing in Social Policy focusing on Prague 7 City District
Junková, Kateřina ; Kurtinová, Olga (advisor) ; Kraus, Jaroslav (referee)
Social Housing in Social Policy focusing on Prague 7 City District Abstract This diploma thesis focuses on the current system of social housing in the context of the social policy of the Czech Republic. It deals with individual problem groups using social housing, involves the research of social housing situation in other European countries and the overall historical context that has led to the current social housing situation in the Czech Republic. The theoretical framework aims to the housing itself it closely associated with the main topic. Since the subject is complex and broad, the analytical framework concentrates on social housing issues of the Prague 7 district. Current population in this particular territory is largely influenced by increased number of immigration of people mostly aged 20−45. As a result, the overall population is younger than in other parts and the number of seniors living in Prague 7 municipal district has been continuously decreasing. The outcomes of the population projection to the year 2050 suggest the proportion of age groups will probably change, and a high population growth is likely to happen under given assumptions. The life expectancy at birth and mean age of mothers at first childbirth increase, respecting nationwide trend. One of the other important factors is the...
Impact of alcohol on health
Kohoutová, Iva ; Rychtaříková, Jitka (advisor) ; Kraus, Jaroslav (referee)
Impact of alcohol on health Abstract According to World Health Organisation about 3 % of all deaths in the world are alcohol- -related. The Czech Republic has continuously high per capita alcohol consumption which is conected not only to health risks possibly leading to disability, permanent disability or to premature death. But also has social and economic impacts. Problematic drinking can decrease work performance which can lead to unemployment, it also increases risk of criminality and causes serious problems in family life. First part of this work briefly describes history and development of perception of alcoholism and its possible consequences. It also contains an analysis of alcohol consumption in the Czech republic and its sociodemographic determinants. The second part focuses on effects of alcohol on health and quantification of its impact on mortality and morbidity. Key words: alcohol, mortality, morbidity, alcoholism, injury, pregnancy
Process of demographic transition and possible use of demographic dividend in selected countries of the MENA region
Vávrů, Tereza ; Hulíková Tesárková, Klára (advisor) ; Kraus, Jaroslav (referee)
Process of demographic transition and possible use of demographic dividend in selected countries of the MENA region Abstract The aim of this work is to evaluate the course of demographic transition in the MENA region, mainly in two selected countries - Iran and Iraq. The course of this demographic transition is evaluated based on the analysis of fertility and mortality. Another aim is to evaluate the possible use of the demographic dividend that may occur in these countries. This is mainly to evaluate the key factors which affect the demographic dividend. First, we analyze the development of the age structure which is crucial for defining the beginning and the length of the period of the demographic dividend. Then comes the analysis of other factors such as health, education and employment of the population.These factors determine whether a country is able to effectively exploit the potential of the demographic dividend. It is obvious that not only the favorable age structure but also properly directed government policy is necessary for the period of demographic dividend. In conclusion we summarize the findings of analysis by which we determine at which stages of demographic transition Iran and Iraq are located. In addition, we approximately define the period of the demographic dividend in these two...
Impact of Marital Dissolution on Fertility in the Czech Republic
Filasová, Alena ; Rychtaříková, Jitka (advisor) ; Kraus, Jaroslav (referee)
Impact of Marital Dissolution on Fertility in the Czech Republic Abstract The intention of this study is to analyze fertility of people who experience a divorce or husband/wife death in their reproductive age so it could be find out if these people have more or less children than people whose marriage persists until the age of 50. The conclusions are made based on the study of data from the second wave of Generations and Gender Survey which took place in the Czech Republic in 2008. The life table method (its output Survival Distribution Function) and Cox regression model are used for the analysis. Reproductive behavior of people who never enter into marriage, those who spend their reproductive age in the first marriage and those who experience the first marital dissolution before their 50th birthday is compared. The analysis of divorced and widowed people fertility is supplemented by evaluation of an effect that certain variables like age, number of children and age of the youngest child in the year of the first marital dissolution have on the follow-up reproductive behavior of these men and women. The situation about the partnership after the dissolution of the first marriage was identified as the most significant. People who find a new partner after their first marital dissolution have on average more...
Population register and its design for Kazakhstan
Kozhakhmetov, Bakhtiyar ; Kraus, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Hulíková Tesárková, Klára (referee)
Population register and its design for Kazakhstan Abstract This project primarily affects the process of creating/ building of population register in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The international experiences of population registration in European countries were used in the process of writing this thesis. Current data collection processing, their legal basis in the registers were also was analyzed. The diploma thesis also described the positive and negative sides of building population registers and usage this approach in Kazakhstan's reality. A census was carried out in Kazakhstan during the writing master thesis. The results of the census can contribute further to improve information base for the establishment of a register of the population based on census. Keywords: Register, Register-Based Census, The Republic of Kazakhstan, Statistics
Demographic dividend - possible relationship between age structure and economic growth
Ruml, Jiří ; Hulíková Tesárková, Klára (advisor) ; Kraus, Jaroslav (referee)
Demografická dividenda - možné souvislosti věkové struktury a ekonomického růstu Abstract The goal of this paper is to describe the demographic dividend as a possibility of using changes in the age structure of the population for economic growth and to list the most important conditi- ons and measures which are necessary for the successful use of demographic dividend. The paper first presents the basic thoughts how the changes in population impact economic growth. Followed by a brief description of the demographic revolution and changes in the age structure of the popu- lation, which cause this process. The study also includes the basic characteristic of the demogra- phic dividend and its individual components affecting economic growth. To conclude, the work deals with the significance of the political environment to realizing the demographic dividend. The analysis is done on three groups of countries, Eastern Asia, Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa. Keywords: demographic dividend, demographic revolution, age structure of the population, economic growth 1
Demographic development of large Czech cities in terms of population
Jalovcová, Karolína ; Šídlo, Luděk (advisor) ; Kraus, Jaroslav (referee)
Demopraphic development of large czech cities in terms of population Abstract The aim of the presented thesis is to describe and evaluate the demographic development of selected Czech cities (Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Plzeň, Liberec, Olomouc). The thesis focuses on the period in years 1996-2012. In the theoretical part, the population development of the Czech Republic from the beginning of the 1990's and the changes in the demographic behaviour of residents are described, the impact of the demographic revolution on this evolution is clarified, the criteria for determining large cities in terms of population and their brief socioeconomic characteristics are explained. In the second part, the development of these cities, based on available data, is analysed by chosen demographic indicators and the differences in their development are compared. From the analysis, we can see, that all of the cities develop demographically in a similar way. Only Ostrava and partly Prague vary significantly by its development. Keywords: demographic development, large Czech cities, city development, population
Impact of overweight and obesity on life quality
Nová, Kateřina ; Rychtaříková, Jitka (advisor) ; Kraus, Jaroslav (referee)
This diploma thesis addresses overweight and obesity worldwide and in the Czech Republic. It deals primarily with child obesity and investigates obesity impact on life quality of individuals. The aim of this work was to manifest a negative effect of obesity and overweight on health of the population. The theoretic part of the thesis deals with obesity definition, methods of measurement, treatment options and time trends with an emphasis on the situation in the Czech Republic. Effects of overweight and obesity on humans are analysed on the basis of expert studies. The obesity increases mortality and morbidity levels and the risk may increase if the prevalence grows. The analytical part of the work deals with the examination of survey data for children and adults. Statistical methods of correlation and regression were used for the analytical purpose. Powered by TCPDF (
Planning of school capacity in the Central Bohemia Region
Šornová, Martina ; Hulíková Tesárková, Klára (advisor) ; Kraus, Jaroslav (referee)
Planning of school capacity in the Central Bohemia Region Abstract The objective of this thesis is to show the connection among demographic trends and the development of the educational system in the Central Bohemia Region from a quantitative point of view. This thesis focuses on repletion of school facilities, availability of education at pre-primary and basic levels and the possibility to estimate the basic parameters of the education system in future years. The first part addresses issues of methodology and the education system in general and theoretical level. It focused on the literature and data sources on the subject, describing the educational system in the Czech Republic and the development of educational legislation, explaining the methodology used in the second part of the thesis. The second part deals with specific application to data from the Central Bohemia Region. This section shows the numbers of children in nursery schools, pupils in basic schools and repletion of school facilities found in the districts of the Central Bohemia Region. The spatial distribution of school facilities is shown by proportional symbol technique. Furthermore, differences were found within the districts of Central Bohemia Region in relation to early childhood education by statistic methods. In conclusion the numbers...
Fertility development in district Most in 1990-2008 period
Pečený, Michal ; Kraus, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Bartoňová, Dagmar (referee)
The objective of this study is to analyse the development of fertility in the district of Most in the period from 1990 to 2008 and compare it with the development of the Usti region and national level. On the basis the indicators of fertility the objective is to find social context this demographic development. There were calculated indicators of fertility in demographic part and next it was compared between Czech republic, Ústí region and district of Most. The result of study is the development in the region and in the district is different (total fertility rate, age specific rates, average age of mother at birth and extramarital fertility). The second part examined the influence of socioeconomic aspects of different development in the district compared to Czech republic. Conclusion is the different development of fertility in the district relate with selected socio-economic aspects.

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